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How to turn off Xfinity wifi at night

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How to Turn Off Xfinity WiFi at Night

WiFi routers are a major source of EMF radiation in many homes. And most people tend to keep their routers on throughout the day, resulting in significant and uninterrupted cumulative EMF exposure. Changing this habit is a great way to reduce your exposure to electromagnetic fields. Comcast Xfinity is one of the most widely available internet providers in the United States. This article will guide you through the steps to turn off Xfinity WiFi at night.

How Do I Turn Off my WiFi at Night?

Here are some options for turning off your WiFi at night.

Unplug the Power Plug

The most obvious and easiest way to turn off your WiFi at night is to simply unplug your WiFi router before bedtime. Then you can plug the router back in the morning. It’s simple and efficient, and you can get started right away for free without learning or buying any new technology. But that’s another thing you need to remember to do. And some people may not want to add this to their daily to-do list.

Use an Automatic WiFi Timer

If you prefer an automated solution, you can hook up your router to a timer. Then set the timer to turn on and off whenever you want. You don’t have to worry about this anymore. These timers are affordable, very easy to use, and they are mechanical, so they do not represent an additional source of radiation.

Use Your WiFi’s Built-in Timer

If you like the convenience of a timer, you may not need to buy anything new to get this feature. Many routers have an integrated timer function. However, you should feel comfortable going in and changing the router’s settings. If you want specific directions for your WiFi router, you can simply search “how to schedule my WiFi router [router name] on Google and you should get the information you need.

Turn Off Your WiFi Router with Your Phone

Another way to turn off your WiFi at night is to use your mobile phone. Here is how. Some companies such as Verizon FiOS and Asus have apps that allow you to turn off your WiFi. Installing these apps on your smartphone allows you to manage and control your WiFi router. This means you can always turn off your WiFi router with your phone. What if neither your WiFi router manufacturer nor ISP has an app? Don’t worry; there is still a way to go about this.

All wireless routers can be controlled and accessed via a web browser in the same network, and your mobile phone has a web browser. So all you need to do is open your phone’s web browser and navigate to the web address of your WiFi router (typically something like You will find an option to turn it off from there.

Use a Built-in Shutdown Button

Sometimes, it's problematic to turn off the wireless router by unplugging the power cord, using a timer, or using the router’s online control panel. If your router has a physical power switch, you can easily turn off your WiFi without turning off the Ethernet.

How Do I Turn Off Xfinity WiFi?

There are different ways you can go about turning off your Xfinity WiFi at night. Whether you want all the devices in your house not to be able to connect to the internet at night or maybe just specific devices that you can allocate to specific individuals in your home, you have all those different options.

How to Begin

Navigate to the and input your username and password. You will then be directed to the Overview page that will show you default information about your gateway.

Select People

Select People from the top menu. To turn off your WiFi at night, you need to create new profiles. You can create new profiles for specific family members, and you can assign the different devices that are connected to your Xfinity gateway to specific individuals. However, if you want your entire home not to have access to the internet at night, you can just create one profile and call it “Home” or something like that. Now you can put in those specific criteria that you want to set up.

Create a Profile

Once your profile is created, click on the arrow next to the “Home” profile you just created. 

It will redirect you to the settings page. In the upper right corner, there is a gear that will give you access to additional settings. So clicking on the gear will open up some more settings.

Create a Downtime Schedule

Now, create a downtime schedule for the particular schedule that you are in. Choose the icon you want to associate with the schedule. If you want to turn off your Xfinity WiFi at night, use the “moon” icon. You can name it “Night WiFi Off” and then click Next. Select the days you want the schedule to apply to and you can pause access at 10 pm and then resume access at 8 am. Now click on “apply” and then it will set up this downtime period for this particular profile.

You have now successfully created a downtime schedule for the Home profile. So your Xfinity WiFi will turn off automatically at night at the set time.

Can You Turn Off WiFi with Xfinity App?

Yes, users simply have to open the xFi app on their iOS or Android device. From there, you can turn off your Xfinity WiFi router by clicking on the “Create a Downtime Schedule” icon. Users can choose an icon like a bedtime mode to help identify their schedule. From there, they can choose the pause and resume period for scheduled offline time.


If you turn off your WiFi at night, it will significantly affect the EMF levels in your home. However, if you want to lower EMFs, you need to turn off WiFi on your computers and other devices as well. Although your WiFi emits much more radiation than your mobile phone WiFi, your mobile phone is still a source of EMF radiation. If you do not turn off the WiFi on your devices, they will stay on and search for a signal even if your WiFi router is turned off. So you need to make sure all your devices are in airplane mode or WiFi is off all night.

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