Is Hematite Magnetic

Is Hematite Magnetic? 

Hematite is not magnetic and shouldn’t respond to a common magnet. However, there are many hematite specimens containing enough magnetite which makes them attracted to a common magnet. This usually leads to a wrong assumption that the piece is magnetite or pyrrhotite, which is weakly magnetic. So, it is important to check other properties to ensure an accurate identification. If the streak is checked, a reddish streak will rule out identification as pyrrhotite or magnetite. Instead, if the piece has a reddish streak and is magnetic, it is very likely a combination of magnetite and hematite. Is Hematite Magneticematite has a very variable appearance, so its luster can range from metallic to submetallic to earthy. Its color ranges include brown to red as well as black to gray to silver. It occurs in many forms, including oolitic, fibrous, botryoidal, crystalline, massive, micaceous, and others. Although hematite has an extremely variable appearance, it produces a reddish streak at all times. The most important clue for identifying this crystal is the reddish streak. 

  • Specularite is a flaky or micaceous crystal that is sparkling gray and often used as an ornamental crystal. 
  • Oolitic hematite is a sedimentary formation that has an earthy luster and a reddish brown color. 
  • Kidney Ore has a massive, botryoidal form and a lumpy kidney-like masses appearance
  • Tiger Iron is a sedimentary deposit of about two billion years that comprises alternating layers of chert, red jasper, silver gray hematite, or even tiger eye quartz.
  • Hematite Rose has a circular arrangement of bladed crystals which gives it the appearance of the flower of a rose. 

Chemical Composition of Hematite 

By weight, pure hematite has a composition of 30% oxygen and 70% iron. Like many natural materials, you will rarely find hematite with a pure composition. This is especially true of the sedimentary deposits where it forms by biological or inorganic precipitation in a water body. Minor clastic sedimentation helps to add clay minerals to the hematite. Episodic sedimentation might lead to the deposit having alternating bands of shale and iron oxide. Silica in the form of chalcedony, chert, or jasper can be added by clastic, biological, or chemical processes in significant episodes or small amounts. These layered deposits of shale and hematite or silica and hematite are now known as the “banded iron formations”. 

Physical Characteristics of Hematite 

  • Color is silver gray or steel to black in certain forms and brown to red in earthy forms. Often tarnished with iridescent colors when in a hydrated form (known as Turgite). 
  • Luster is dull or metallic in oolitic and earthy forms. 
  • Transparency: Hematite crystals are opaque
  • Crystal Habits: include tabular crystals of varying thickness sometimes botryoidal, micaceous (specular), and twinned. It can also be oolitic or earthy. 
  • Fracture is uneven 
  • Cleavage is absent; however, there is a parting on two planes. 
  • Hardness is 5 to 6
  • Streak is brownish red to blood-red for earthy forms. 
  • Associated minerals include pyrite, rutile, dipyramidal quartz, jasper in banded iron formations (Tiger Iron or BIF), among others.
  • Specific Gravity is 5.3 (slightly above average for metallic minerals) 
  • Best field indicators are hardness, streak, and crystal habit. 
  • Notable occurrences especially genuine specimens come from Australia, Brazil, Mexico, England, and the Lake Superior region. 

What Stone is Magnetic? 

There are several stones that are magnetic to some degree. Some gems such as Pyrrhotite are strongly and naturally magnetic. Other crystals such as Pyroxmangite only become magnetic after they are heated. It is unsurprising that all of these crystals contain varying amounts of iron. 

Magnetite is believed to be one of the most magnetic stones found in nature. When placed near some iron filings, you will see the filings clinging to the stones, which shows their magnetic attribute. Its structure is usually massive or it can form I octahedrons. The color of the magnetic ore is typically brownish gray or brown, black, and the octahedrons may be red-brown or black. This potent crystal for manifestation helps you attract what you desire the most, including desirable people and situations. 

Magnetite is also known as Lodestone – this form of the crystal is magnetic naturally. It has an amazing ability to balance the brain’s hemispheres. It may help you bring whatever you most desire into your life and its magnetic properties makes it a highly potent spiritual grounding stone. The vibration of this crystal will help attract into your current situation the opportunities or experiences that you want to experience in your life. Magnetite has been found in massive form in many locations, including the USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, India, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, Romania, and Italy. 

Magnetite is a strong spiritual grounding crystal that works by grounding you, from the base chakra to the earth star chakra as well as Mother Gaia. The magnetic qualities of this crystal allow you to have a more balanced view of life. So it may help with emotional problems, and it is an amazing stone to use if you are on a spiritual path. One of the best ways to use this stone is to keep on the body and ensure you wear it every day. 

You can also use it to meditate, as it is very helpful when you want to enter a deeper meditative state. Connecting with Mother Gaia and deeply appreciating the planet will happen easily and naturally at this time and it may as well help to create increased mental clarity. This unusual crystal is a strong help to visualization, and it may assist you to magnetize the things you want, to come into your life. The magnetism of these crystals makes them have a very strong attractive vibration. 

How Can You Tell if a Crystal is Real? 

Sadly, the market is now flooded with fake crystals. We love crystals for their perfectness and their energy – this is something that can’t be replicated. Educating yourself is the best way to handle this situation. Before trying to spot fake crystals, it is essential to know that natural and real crystals can change in appearance. These crystals can change in color, fade or develop veins and fractures. This is because of the energy exchange between your crystal and you. For instance, rose quartz can become cloudy and clear quartz can change color – this means the crystal is working. Crystals help us heal while also absorbing our negativity and pain. 

The fake crystals look as good as the real ones, making it difficult to spot the genuine ones. Natural crystals are those found in nature – they are found deep in the earth and form over a long period. Specific types of stones and crystals are found in particular locations. For instance, turquoise is formed when water interacts with a rock containing phosphorus, aluminum, and copper. On the other hand, synthetic crystals has the same physical, chemical, and visual properties of the natural crystal, however, they are created in the lab.


One of the ways to differentiate between a synthetic gem and a natural gem is the flaws you will find in the natural gem. The color is not pure all the way. If the color is unnatural, there is every possibility the gem is a fake. Also, if you notice some paint at the tip or base, it shows the crystal is a fake. If there are bubbles in the gem, then the gem is not genuine, it is glass. 

Magnification is another test that can tell you whether the gem is a glass or quartz. If it is a glass, the words will become magnified when placed on top of books. If the crystal is real, then the words will remain the same. 

Which Crystals is the Most Powerful? 

Energy and healing crystals are a critical part of spiritual life. For beginners, it can be a very confusing experience to see the variety of energy gems and not know what they can be used for. Here is a list of some of the most powerful crystals for spiritual practice. 

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is undoubtedly the most powerful gem for clearing negative energies, the crystal is ideal to place around your house and perhaps even your workplace desk. You can use clear quartz when you sense negative and dark energies seeping into your aura. The energies might originate from within ourselves or from others. Either way, when clear quartz is strategically placed it can help us deal with this situation. Also, clear quartz helps to amplify other nearby energy crystals effects and is always great for any spiritual practice. 

Rose Quartz 

Rose quartz is a love crystal that amplifies and resonates love energies and can be very useful when you are in search of some romance. However, there are other uses for rose quartz. This rose-colored quartz can also be used to inspire feelings of kindness, self-love, and to foster spiritual connections. 


Turquoise is a potent gemstone to have for a spiritually driven life. The energetic properties of this beautiful gemstone foster clarity and honesty, making it very useful for spiritual practice. When you are soul searching or examining yourself, you can keep this gemstone nearby to help in your ability to be honest about your flaws. Also, it is a crystal of abundance as it brings good luck in our financial dealings. 


This a powerful healing crystal that is particularly useful when one is feeling down. Keeping some sunstones in our breast pocket or wearing the crystal around our neck can help us feel energetic and motivated when our mood is blue. It is also excellent for personal skills as many people use sunstone when preparing for an important event or work meeting. It helps them to be in a networking mode. 

Tiger Eye 

Tiger eye is a protection crystal that shields us from negative energies and harm. It is often smart to have one of these on you when entering a difficult situation or treading new ground. This stunning crystal can boost us with the self-assurance and confidence we need to deal with plausible harmful situations. 

How Can You Tell if a Piece of Clear Stone is Phenacite? 

Typically, phenacite is milky or transparent. Furthermore, it comes in varying colors, including light red, brown, pink, white, and yellow. It is usually mistaken as a quartz, tourmaline, or topaz. Phenacite is a crystal of light, a powerful high vibration stone, which may generate pure, clear white light. The light can clear the energy pathways throughout the body. Additionally, they stimulate and activate the inner vision, pineal gland, crown chakra, and the third eye chakra. Beyond that, it helps to enhance your telepathic ability and boost the intuition. Moreover, they are powerful crystals to possess, since they can clear and heal the chakra. If used consistently, they can lead you in a new direction, and may bring you to new advancement and spiritual levels. 

Metaphysical Uses of Hematite 

Hematite helps to calm you in times of worry or stress while also absorbing negative energy. Hematite is a very protective crystal, making it great to carry around to help you stay grounded in different situations. Also, hematite is great for working with the Root Chakra and can help boost confidence. Hematite can help to release self-imposed limitations and to find you find your own gifts. It can assist with the ascension process as it facilitates higher spiritual energies integration into our physical 3D existence. 

Additionally, hematite is used to protect against electromagnetic smog and geopathic stress, and is believed to be an excellent detoxifying stone as it is helpful for the blood and the liver. Considered the symbol of life energy, hematite allows for more boldness, will power, and confidence. This protective stone also helps to bolster low self-esteem. Hematite is known to help deflect negativity. It restores stability, equilibrium and is great for astral protection. It helps bring our awareness back to our body and helps an individual to maintain their sense of self. If worn, place the hematite near the base of your spin