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For those unfamiliar with orgone pucks, they are considered a useful device, especially for those sensitive to electromagnetic fields, as well as an esoteric form of energy healing. These tools are carefully crafted from resin, crystal, and metals. They help remove negative energy types (DOR) and convert them into positive energy types (POR) in the area where they are. In this article, you will learn what orgone pucks are, what they are made of, and their benefits.

What are Orgone Pucks?

The pucks are among the most popular orgone energy tools said to offer healing and protection. Their flat shape allows them to be placed over the body and chakras for healing. They emit very harmonic frequencies that help calm and neutralize negative emotions and help calm your mind so you can focus on the positive aspects of your life.

The pucks can be used to cleanse the chakras, reduce unwanted frequencies and magnetism, and increase positive frequencies. It is said to help maintain a calm and positive attitude at work and in healing environments. It is also believed to protect your family and home from harmful electromagnetic fields (EMF).

What are Orgone Pucks Made of?

Orgone pucks are crystalline objects that are a mixture of quartz crystal, metals, and resin. This blend of compounds creates a unique material that creates a self-driven, self-cleaning bio-energy generator.

In simpler terms, this particular item is capable of transforming negative energies in the environment into positive ones. The inner crystalline matrix has the power to attract surrounding negative energies and then generate positive orgone energy that has a positive impact on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual areas of your life.

Biologically, it can be described as an internal detoxifier that cleanses you from the inside. It can be used at home, in the office, or anywhere for protection and general well-being. In several cases, it also helps to heal faster by keeping an environment full of positive energy.

How do Orgone Pucks Work?

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Well, there’s no rocket science behind how an orgone puck works. Some suggest that orgone energy is created by pressurizing the crystal, creating a small electrical charge. The resin shrinks after curing, so the quartz crystal is under constant pressure. Some manufacturers claim that it is not known exactly how the piezoelectric effect affects orgone energy (although theories abound), but suffice it to say that without quartz, orgone pucks can eventually become clogged (with DOR). They say the crystal is essential to convert DOR to POR, otherwise, the orgone puck just becomes an orgone accumulator. Interestingly, the original orgonites didn’t even have a quartz crystal.

Wilhelm Reich (often credited as the inventor), but it is important to note that Reich’s device was an orgone accumulator, different from orgonite. Reich didn’t make Orgonite. Same family, but not in the same matrix and very different effects. While his accumulator was clearing (accumulating) and storing DOR (deadly orgone radiation), it was not regenerating/converting it into healthy, positive life energy POR (positive orgone radiation).

According to Reich, the organic materials (resin) of his device retain the orgone charge, while the metallic ones attract and reflect it like an antenna (a kind of trap 22). The crystals attune the orgone for various uses, modulating or aromatizing it for bioenergetic purposes. The crystals do not have to come into contact with the metal, because the resin forms a kind of organic crystal (carbon) when it hardens.

In fact, Don Croft is credited with creating the original Orgonite as we know it, and he was one of the first pioneers to fix the bugs a long time ago. Orgone pucks like Orgonites actually operate in a different matrix than orgone accumulators, which some manufacturers continue to refer to erroneously.

How to Use Orgone Pucks?


Orgone Pucks were designed with the intention that you can create a protective bubble around your living space. Simply place one in each corner of your house or apartment and if you have a garden, you can bury them in all four corners of your property. When buried, the energy field produced is exponentially stronger. You are creating an energy network to balance and harmonize the energy in your living environment. You can imagine them “removing” all negative frequencies.

You can place crystals on the orgone pucks to increase the effect, such as amethyst or Apophyllite garnets. You can even try coating them with a blend of essential oils. They will then also vibrate at these frequencies.

Orgone pucks can also be used for gifts, which is a way to clear negative energy by burying it in areas you think might need some help. They are wonderful tools for healing our environment.

They are also perfect to place in all four corners of your garden to encourage plant growth. Some claim they are good at removing EMF pollution. Place one next to your computer, in front of your computer monitor or TV. You can even bury them under nearby transformers and cell towers to neutralize negative fields. For negative energy vortices, simply place one of the vortices to erase. For healing, you can try putting them on your body and letting your energy heal.

Should I Purchase an Orgone Pucks?


Orgonite devices like orgone pucks with little metal and large surfaces made of transparent resin, where the minerals, crystals, wires, etc. are visible, have remarkably reduced energetic qualities. Genuine Orgone devices are made up of equal parts of metal and resin. Anyone who is energy sensitive can attest to this.

Another potential hazard of using orgonite pieces like orgone pucks is the inability to find a ‘clean’ environment in which to use them. Orgone energy is sensitive to its environment, particularly certain types of agitations and disturbances. Unfortunately, many of these disturbances are common in many areas.

The presence of these disturbances can energize or irritate the orgone energy and drive it towards toxicity. Orgone accumulators, particularly those intended for biological experiments (for example, improving plant growth) or human use, should never be used in rooms with the following orgone-irritating devices:

  • Fluorescent lights
  • Television sets
  • Computer or microcomputer
  • Microwave ovens
  • Electric blankets
  • X-ray machines
  • Clocks, wristwatches, or other devices containing radioactive

We are not sure about you, but we have at least one of these devices in almost every room of our home or office. This means that an orgonite piece like an orgone blaster could actually cause more harm than benefit for many people.

Orgonium Devices – The Best Alternative to Orgone Pucks

Fortunately, there is an option for those who want to experience the potential mental and physical benefits of Orgone energy without the toxicity – Orgonium.

Orgonium and Orgonite may sound similar, but they actually aren’t. While they are both sources of Orgone Energy, orgonium is seen as superior because of the effects it has.

Both offer protection from noxious energies such as electrical wirings, power poles, Wi-Fi and cell phone radiations, radio waves, electromagnetic radiations, earth energies, fault lines, and psychic energies.

However, their compositions and potential toxicities are very different.

Orgonite is made up of metal shavings such as brass or copper and suspended in polyester resin along with a range of various crystals, such as quartz sands or quartz points.

On the other hand, orgonium is a resonance device that has been developed to vibrate at high frequencies. Its frequencies are tailored to be in harmony with the nervous system of the human body as well as the energy fields.

The frequencies mimic purely natural earth resonance and promote the balancing of energies. As a result, stress is relieved as well as pressure, tension, and anxiety.

Orgonium works to produce negative ions, and these ions contain a lot of beneficial properties for both mental and physical health. Orgonium can help with stress relief, help the maintenance of alkaline pH levels of the blood, and create a more elevated mood. Orgonium can also improve feelings of relaxation, encourage better sleeping habits, and strengthen immune levels.

While both orgonium and orgonite have similar functions; orgonium differs from orgonite in its formulation, resin type, and other factors, including the possible long-term effects.

Instead of an Orgone puck, consider checking out our line of personal and home EMF protection devices. We have many options to protect what matters most.

Check out our Dome Schumann Resonance Orgone Generators. These highly protective and powerful Orgone accumulators can cover an area of 40-80 cubic meters and are beneficial for harmonizing and neutralizing geopathic stress and Smart Meters. They are also beneficial against all forms of electro-pollution, electromagnetic fields, and electromagnetic radiation. The dome acts to balance the unhealthy positive charge resonance created by 5G and all forms of EMR, RF, Wi-Fi, Earth Radiation, and human-generated Bioplasmic Radiation.

How to Use Orgonium Products?



Orgonium products can be used in any home, office, and outdoors, usually near EMF-emitting devices. They are also often used in meditation and sometimes in other natural, holistic, homeopathic, naturopathic, Reiki, massage therapy, and healing applications.

Places where people place their orgonium products:

While there are several places you can use orgonium, the best place is where you intuitively believe it will be most needed/beneficial for you. Not everyone can sense/feel the energy.

Close to Electronics. Examples include computers, Wi-Fi routers, game consoles, laptops, tablets, cell phones (and chargers), smart TVs, Bluetooth devices and printers, radios, satellite dishes, (anything that receives a signal remotely, and particularly smart meters).

The Phone Computer Bluetooth WiFi Radiation Protection can be attached to the back of cell phones (or cases), Bluetooth, computers, iPads, baby monitors, and other wireless devices. This product is more effective than any other product which acts as a "shield" as they harmonize and neutralize the harmful effect, rather than attempt to block - which only leads to generating more radiation.

If a family member suffers from night terrors, they can wrap themselves in protection with our Bamboo Orgone Blankets. These environmentally friendly bamboo Orgone Blankets are infused with octaves of frequencies which create and bring into being a powerful Negative Ion resonance used for energy healing or Orgone Therapy, making them the best in natural sleep aids. 

Orgonium products can also offer protection in your car/van. The Orgone Car EMF Harmonizer would be an easy way to have orgone energy with you at all times. Make car trips a better experience with the Car EMF Orgone Generator. This generator is a great tool to help improve motion sickness or a way to prevent car sickness for children as well as improve road rage.

Some orgonium users like to lattice their house and property (N, W, S, and E locations or 4 corners). Some will also square all 4 corners of their property. Others suggest placing six orgonium in a hexagonal configuration outside of your property (this is said to help mitigate the effects of chemtrails).

Over time, it is not uncommon for vegetation to improve when orgonium is nearby. Therefore, some people like to place them in or near their gardens or houseplants.

Some orgonium users put one in their refrigerator to extend the shelf life of vegetables and fruits.

Oxygen levels in the water are increased in the presence of orgonium. Some people like to use orgonite coasters or refill dishes for their food and water. They can be placed near water pipes, radiators, or toilet flushes.

Orgone pendants, necklaces, and bracelets are a protection option when away from your other protected areas. These jewelry pieces generate healthy life-giving Negative Ions and work continuously to eliminate or cancel out hazardous Positive Ions, which makes these radiation protection jewelry very effective and totally unique.

Bring an Aircraft Travel EMF Protector with you on your travels. There are often unknown energy realms that you will traverse. Also, to cleanse and harmonize the energies of the plane and to clear old stale energies in your hotel rooms, these tools are highly recommended.

If you live, work, or go to school near (within 2 miles) a cell tower, the Dome Schumann Resonance Orgone Generator is considered useful protection. If the tower is close to you, try placing a Dome Schumann Resonance Generator at each end of the sill/window sill closest to the towers.

Pets often feel relieved when near orgonium. So you can extend EMF protection to your favorite furry friends with our Orgone Energy Pet Pendants. When pets are surrounded by negative radiant energy (they are also often affected by the environment). 

Final Thoughts

Orgone generators come in a variety of shapes and types. Some of the common orgonium sources can include orgone pendants, orgone necklace, orgone pyramids, orgone bracelets, etc. Orgone jewelry is meant to be held close to the skin so it can detoxify your body by absorbing negative energies from the environment and radiating positive energies throughout the body.

Keeping an orgone pyramid in your bedroom, bathroom, garden, car, or workspace can detoxify the entire area around the room. If you have any smart devices in your home like TV, Wi-Fi routers, computer, fridge, etc., it is highly recommended to keep the Dome Schumann Orgone Generator close to these devices as these devices emit the maximum amount of EMF, Radiofrequency, and Extremely Low Frequency. Buy one today and stay away from negative energies