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Have you become trapped in your armor? Orgone therapy can help you!

Many people literally go through life encased in armor. Initially, it offered protection, but later it can manifest as being defensive and cautious, appearing overly unemotional and calm, holding back and waiting passively, avoiding relationships and social situations, being overly friendly and assertive, taking control, and being too dogmatic. And this list is just the beginning.

A basic principle is found in many ancient cultures, spiritual traditions, and indigenous practices: body and mind, soma and psyche, cannot be separated artificially. Modern medicine and science are increasingly coming to the same conclusion. Have you tried traditional talk therapy but didn’t get the results you expected? Do you take medication and are you fed up with the side effects? Wondering if there is another way?

There is another way. Orgone therapy, also known as orgonomic therapy or reichian therapy, is a form of somatic therapy that treats you as a whole person in an integrated and holistic way. It is a true body-mind therapy as discovered and designed by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, the father of somatic therapy.

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What is Orgone Therapy?


Orgone therapy is a therapeutic approach that addresses both the physiological and psychological underpinnings of chronic emotional distress. It was founded by Wilhelm Reich, M.D. (1897 to 1957), based on his scientific and clinical research in the areas of sexual functioning, character formation, the biological basis of emotional expression and blocking, psychosomatic conditions, and the nature of life force energy (which Reich called “Orgone”).

Sigmund Freud recognized that as we age, we learn to deal with unbearable emotional stress through unconscious defense mechanisms. As a student of Freud, Wilhelm Reich worked on Freud’s mental defense mechanisms to include how defenses are expressed in the body and behavior.

By pursuing this, Reich became the first Western scientist to fully demonstrate that mind and body are not separate, but one and the same, inseparable. Reich found that blocked breathing, chronic muscle tension, and rigid thought and behavior patterns were all a reflection of the same defense mechanism. Reich referred to these somatic and psychological coping mechanisms as “armoring”.

Orgone therapy dissolves protective blockages and releases stuck emotions, reducing painful symptoms such as anxiety, depression, confusion, inappropriate anger, and various self-destructive behaviors. At the same time, orgone therapy promotes a deeper ability to confidently achieve desired goals, such as deeply loving sexual expression, joyful work, creative pleasures, and the ability to think clearly, feel deeply, and realistically see the world.

The Nature of Armor:

Armoring is beneficial the moment it is created. By protecting us from extremely painful emotions and thoughts, armor allows us to temporarily continue to function. These reactions should be short-lived in nature: face the threat and get to safety, then drop the armor. However, when the negative stimuli are strong enough or last for a long time, the psychological, emotional, and physical defenses become chronic. This is about armoring: chronic patterns of blocked breathing, blocked emotions, muscle tension, and rigid thought and behavior patterns.

Over time, the armor can become chronic or clogged, disrupting the free flow of our life-force energy and trapping us in unsatisfying or even destructive patterns of life. The result of these unresolved defenses is that we feel or exhibit many symptoms of emotional distress. We become trapped in unfulfilling lifestyles when our body is encased in armor.

Armor can be a temporary template for defending against emotionally distressing events; behaviors and responses designed to protect us. But when the armor is chronic, it limits over time our ability to flex our behaviors and emotions, a necessary tool for developing a full and satisfying life. Our life force energy (orgone energy) is blocked, and we feel blocked as a result.

Saying that our life force energy gets stuck in our body is more than just a metaphor. Throughout his career, Reich strove to demonstrate the existence of an energetic life force. Reich demonstrated how obstruction of the flow and pulsation of life force energy in our bodies leads to many psychological and somatic problems, a conceptualization similar (but not identical) to that underlying many forms of non-Western medicine.

Physical or “somatic” armor can potentially encompass any part of the body; muscles, eyes, skin, bones, cardiovascular, exocrine, endocrine, respiratory, immune, nervous systems, and all visceral organs. Reich believed that armored organ systems were more susceptible to disease.

To literally get our “life” back, we must release blockages in the flow of energy, blockages that occur when we have not been able to develop the ability to fully feel, modulate, and express our emotions. According to Wilhelm Reich, emotions arise from movements of energy. When the energy is blocked, so are the emotions. And when the emotions are blocked, so is the energy.

What Happens During Orgone Therapy?

Orgone therapy works to break down armor by systematically helping an individual first recognize and then reduce chronic armor. The armor is expressed in all aspects of life: beliefs and attitudes, style of thinking, interpersonal behavior (the “armor of character”); breathing, and posture style. Gradual removal of armor is accomplished through a variety of means, including physical interventions, talk therapy, and clients’ daily efforts to make lifestyle changes.

Talk therapy consists of talking about the current and early life situation of the client and the feelings that arise in the interaction with the therapist. Using imagery and role-play, specific life events are examined in detail so that the often subtle and subconscious interplay between emotions, behavior, thoughts, beliefs and physical symptoms can be discovered and explored.

Through such explorations, automatic and rigid patterns of thought and behavior reveal their historical roots and how they deaden emotions and trap us in the illusion of safety. Bringing these patterns to light allows us to reassess old beliefs in the present and experience new ways of thinking and acting.

Physical intervention minimizes armor by promoting greater contact with emotions and reducing muscle tension. These interventions can include:

Helping the client take a deep breath and release the restrictions to breathe fully. Breathing is the engine that animates life. Fear and emotional reticence are always based on restricted breathing.

Helping the client hear and see, be heard and seen, be emotionally expressive and responsive, and think more clearly by engaging voice, ears, and eyes. Cutting off emotions is always associated with a blunting of sensory perceptions, particularly the eyes. Sight is literally essential to life, and the eyes are the key to seeing.

Helping the client become aware of their muscle tension and its relationship to blocked feelings and emotions. Because of the armor, we lose our ability to feel the connection between muscular holding patterns and the underlying blocked feelings and emotions.

Physical touch applies pressure to tense muscles to release bound energy and emotions, promoting energy flow and relaxation.

Physical interventions such as those listed above are used primarily when the client is lying on a mattress, and often elicit very powerful emotions and sensations that are critical to the healing process. To develop the ability to fully modulate, express, and feel our emotions, buried feelings of pain, anger, fear, shame, sadness, and longing must be surfaced, processed, and integrated.

Very often, it is these repressed painful emotions that lead to chronic somatic conditions that do not seem to respond fully to conventional treatments. On the other side of these painful emotions are feelings of deep pleasure, curiosity, excitement, and joy, emotions that become felt and accessible again when the energy related to the mastery of painful emotions is released and flows freely.

When one begins orgone therapy, the first sessions usually focus on a preliminary assessment of the nature of one’s character and muscle armor. This is done through discussions aimed at obtaining a general history of the client’s life history and current and past emotional difficulties that bring the client to therapy and through the assessment of the nature of the breath and the ability to feel, express, and modulate emotionally.

It is a collaborative process where the therapist and client openly discuss what has been uncovered and create an initial therapy plan. And since the success of orgone therapy often depends on the strength of the therapeutic relationship, the ability for open and ongoing collaboration between therapist and client from start to finish remains an essential part of therapy.

During therapy, the amount of time spent working on character or somatic armoring during a therapy session will vary depending on what is discovered regarding the nature of the issues and shielding patterns. For some people, little direct work with somatic armor is necessary. For some, much of the therapy will focus on the individual’s breath and the emotions and sensations it creates, while for others, working on both physical and character armor will work together. In any case, the balance between somatic work and character work will often change for each individual during therapy.

During therapy, it is important not only to remove the armor, not only to recognize the ineffectiveness of the old worldview but also to build a new one. A new reality is gradually being built that provides space for deep and true love, spontaneous laughter, meaningful work, compassion, and creative thinking. In-office orgone therapy is only a small part of the process. The most important thing is to learn to apply what you learn in therapy to life, to all the thousands of decisions we make daily. Therapy doesn’t end when you walk through the therapist’s door. It really starts here.

What are the Results of Orgone Therapy?

A girl with orgone pyramid reflect the bright of healing with new sun

Everyone experiences the orgone therapy process differently. The more intense the armor, the more dramatic the results, the more moderate the armor, the more subtle the results. In general, as the therapy progresses, the armor gradually softens, and long-lasting emotional pain is expressed and replaced by experiences of pleasure, a feeling of energy flow, and emotional vitality. The breathing itself, which becomes deeper, more spontaneous, and freer throughout the therapy, then becomes a source of joy, peace, and security.

At the same time, once rigid patterns of feelings, thoughts, and behaviors become more flexible and responsive to the current situation. The physical symptoms of chronic stress lose their crippling control. Over time, one can expect to experience “the moment” with deeper feelings, greater capacity for sexual arousal and love, greater self-esteem, self-worth, and better access to healthy assertiveness. In general, the symptoms that caused someone to seek therapy will lessen and the general functioning of the world will improve; life is restored.

It’s important to keep in mind that the change process can be challenging and difficult. Orgone therapy is a powerful tool for change and, as such, can be difficult, frustrating, intense, or exciting at times. It is a way to become more alive and aware, but like all therapy, it does not guarantee happiness. Some days are better than others and often life is just hard. When life causes you pain, you are likely to feel the pain more consciously and intensely. Suffering tempts us to resort to old forms of armoring. On the other hand, if you remember what you learned (e.g. “Oh yeah, I’m holding my breath”), you’re more likely to get rid of that pain and move on, rather than persevere and squeeze.

Conditions Treated by Orgone Therapy

orgone therapy for depression, anxiety, phobias, OCD, bipolar disorder, PTSD and ADHD

Orgone therapy can effectively treat a variety of emotional disorders. These include depression, anxiety, phobias, OCD and bipolar disorder, PTSD, ADHD, and even schizophrenia.

Tools for Orgone Therapy


Now that you have an idea of ​​the healing powers of orgone therapy, you are probably wondering how you can use it in your daily life. Of course, you will not build an orgone accumulator, so what are your options? Luckily for you, there are orgone devices designed for home use.

Orgone crystals can be used in pyramid-shaped devices that can help transform the energy in your home. These pyramids are designed using the same science behind orgone energy, using materials that can attract energy. If you are wondering how these pyramids work, they actually convert negative energy into positive energy. The pyramid shape also plays a very important role in filtering out negative energy.

Those who want round-the-clock protection should opt for orgone jewelry. Wearing an orgone pendant or necklace means they are close to your skin, which is even more beneficial. As you already know, you can have deadly orgone energy in your body, so this jewelry can cleanse your body of this negative energy and replace it with positive energy. Orgone home devices and jewelry can protect your mental and physical health.

Orgone energy is all around us and must be harnessed in a way that allows it to move freely and not become stagnant. Just as orgone energy surrounds us, negative energy emitted by all the devices we have in our homes also surrounds us. Televisions, laptops, refrigerators, cell phones, Wi-Fi routers, and washing machines can cause symptoms such as anxiety, depression, headaches, and lower your energy levels.

Having a GeoClense EMF and Earth Radiation Harmonizer in your home allows you to shield yourself from the negative energy emitted by these devices and turn it into something positive. In addition, they also clean the electromagnetic fields that are causing these symptoms.

You’ve probably heard many people say that we’re surrounded by a lot of negativity, which is true. However, most of the negativity we experience results from negative energy within or around us. Some people are skeptical of crystal healing, but orgone energy crystals are different. Orgone energy results from extensive scientific research and experimentation, and the devices and crystals in use today are based on this science. If you are looking to heal your mind and body, you should consider trying orgone therapy.