Dome Schumann Resonance Orgone Generators

Dome Schumann Resonance Orgone Generators

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Thank you so much for arranging the pick up for me. I feel so much better with the Geoclense Harmonizer in place. Within 10 minutes I felt the energy change in the house, it 'lifted', cleared, got lighter. My partner said he felt better, he had been feeling down, and suddenly wasn't. Even the cat came out of hiding and played on the couch with us. She has been much more herself since then, too.
Kaytie Wood

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Product Description

Dome Orgone Energy Generators

These highly protective Dome Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance Generator are powerful Orgone accumulators, beneficial for harmonizing and neutralizing Geopathic stress and Smart Meters, as well as all forms of electro-pollution, electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation.

Orgone Generator domes are geodesic domes which raise the vibrational healing energy of the magnetic grids and fault zones to a life giving status, reducing the physical stress and mental health problems in the home, school and work environment.

Protect Yourself Specially From Smart Meters, Digital TV's And Electromagnetic Fields

Dome Schumann Resonance Orgone Generators are ideal for as an energy balance for any electromagnetic fields in any room, harmonizing electrical wiring in your walls, dangerous Smart Meters, providing extra cover on your refrigerator which generators the most harmful electromagnetic fields in your home, your home or work office, your client or clinic room or providing protection for a small space. 


Benefits Of Orgone Chi Generators And What They Do


Place a Dome Schumann Resonance Orgone Generator where electromagnetic fields occur on your digital TVs, your smart meter, and your refrigerator; or near where there are overhead power lines, electricity transformers or any high voltage electromagnetic fields.


Energy field coverage for the Dome is 40-80 cubic metres depending on how hard the surface is that it is placed on.


Each Dome Orgone Generator is individually hand-made and may vary slightly in colour from the images shown.  

Approximate dimensions are 80mm x 80mm x 55mm high Weighs: 123 grams or 4.3 ounces (approximately)