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Orgone Energy Proof

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Orgone energy, or as the ancients called it, Chi, is the belief that all living things around us, such as animals, plants, or birds, have some sort of energetic life force. This life force can be harnessed to enhance your life. This may sound a bit unrealistic to some, but it’s actually based on scientific research. So you may want to ask what are the proofs that orgone energy works?

Orgone energy was in 1897 discovered by an Austrian scientist named Wilhelm Reich who, after several experiments, believed that this type of energy had healing powers. There are so many benefits of orgone energy that once you know and understand them, you may want to use them yourself. So read on to find out more. In this article, orgone energy proof is discussed in detail for your understanding!

What is Wilhelm Reich Known for?


Wilhelm Reich, a psychologist known as one of the most influential psychoanalysts, discovered orgone energy in the late 1930s and began his career with an interest in Freud’s ideas on neurosis.

According to Reich’s research, traumatic experiences can block the body’s natural energy flow. Consequently, you suffer from mental and physical illnesses. Wilhelm Reich introduced orgone energy to remove this blockage.

Reich was convinced that negative attitudes towards sex are at the root of many societal problems, such as sexual repression and fascism. His faith led him to the discovery of orgone after researching techniques to generate sexual energy. Dr. Wilhelm Reich used individual exercises and group activities to release this pent-up energy.

Wilhelm Reich’s work also indicates that libidinal energy is not just about sexuality. He called it the primordial energy of life.

Reich’s View of Libidinal Energy


Libidinal energy is a term coined by Freud (Reich’s professor). It refers to the psychic energy that drives all our interests and desires, which he believed were derived from sexual urges. However, libidinal energy can refer to many other things besides sex, including creativity or instinctual drives that originate in the subconscious. Libidinal energy was the idea behind Reich’s research. It is a psychoanalytical term that refers to the life force of the human being.

Essentially, libidinal energy drives us to do everything we do every day, from going to work and completing our homework to family commitments. Our libidinal instincts, which come from deep within us, a source that cannot be ignored or suppressed, guide us, but express itself openly in various forms.

Sexuality is just a small part of your libido. Libidinal energy can describe anything related to sensuality, emotion, desire, or love. It can even refer to a person who has powerful feelings towards religion or politics. Also, it refers to arousing things without being sexual, like spicy food!

Wilhelm Reich conducted several experiments with this “life energy”. After that, he discovered a whole new form of energy, orgone. He claimed it could penetrate living beings and focus sub-atomically. He even discovered that orgone was absorbed by certain materials referred to as orgone accumulators.

Who Invented the Orgone Accumulator?

Wilhelm Reich invented the orgone accumulator. The orgone accumulators are wooden cabinets to store, release, and accumulate vital energy. The orgone particles are stored in large cones made up of alternating layers of metal foil and organic material. When these devices are placed in the home, they can cleanse all the negative energies in your living space while building up positive energies.

This will make you feel alive when you spend time in your home environment. An orgone energy accumulator accumulates negative thoughts (restlessness, fear of failure, bad dreams) which in turn blocks setbacks and gives you a sense of calm and personal power.

What Was Wilhelm Reich Convicted of?

Reich moved to the United States in 1939, settling on Long Island. A year later, he invented the aforementioned Orgone Accumulator, which concentrates wasted energy around us. It was, as one of Reich’s colleagues put it, “the most important discovery in the history of medicine without exception,” a lofty claim that is perhaps immediately invalidated by the addition of “without exception.” For bedridden patients, there was even a cover version, a kind of dome with extra layers of fabric under the mattress.

The therapeutic effects of the orgone accumulator were nothing short of miraculous. “For severe burns, “experience showed the surprising fact that no blisters appeared and the initial redness slowly subsided”, claims a pamphlet on the unit. 

The wounds healed within a few hours, the more serious ones taking a day or two. The concentration of orgone in the accumulator can even sterilize wounds, treat colds, ulcers, arthritis, and, yes, even cure cancer if taken at an early stage.

“What to do now?” Someone asked the FDA in the 1950s. In his instructions for building an orgone accumulator, James DeMeo, who founded the Orgone Biophysical Research Library in 1978, notes: that Reich’s orgone energy drew hostile criticism from many in the medical community, and a smear campaign in the press prompted an investigation by the US Department of Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Instead of trying to replicate Reich’s experiments, the “bureaucrats relied on rumors and gossip.” And in a “unique court decision that I know of in the history of the United States, the FDA sought and obtained a federal court order that ruled that orgone energy” does not exist. As a result, books containing the word “orgone” were banned by the court, so the ACLU was not expected to be too pleased.

Also, Reich was warned against selling the orgone accumulators. The FDA ordered the destruction of all orgone literature and equipment and, according to DeMeo, attacked Reich’s lab with axes (whether or not they released large clouds of blue energy in the process is not known). However, Reich continued to benefit from accumulators and the court concluded that he did not take the injunction into account. He was sentenced to federal prison, where he died in 1957.

But the orgone theory did not die with him. DeMeo published his guide to building an orgone accumulator three decades later, in 1989, and today there is a “university” – If you want to be liberal with the term – known as the American College of Orgonomy that is somewhat small enough to fit in a PO Box in New Jersey.

Orgone Energy Proof

So what are the proofs that orgone energy works? Orgone is an invisible, universal life force that permeates all inanimate objects and living things. It runs through anything and everything on earth, and you can harness it for different purposes through different crystals and devices.

Have you ever felt something mysterious or spiritual, such as an overwhelming sense of joy or an intense calm? It could be an aura around you or a consciousness that has deviated from your norm. This is what the orgone does.

Orgone energy differs from normal physical or mental activity. It is conceptually similar to how a spiritual individual works, but on a much higher level. For instance, when we discharge ourselves from deep meditation, normal conscious thought requires input from the senses. That is how we know we are thinking. But with orgone energy, you don’t have to direct your thoughts, they just emanate from you without you having to do anything.

What is Reichian Therapy?

Reichian therapy or orgone therapy focuses on releasing emotional and sexual energy. It can be used as a stand-alone treatment or in conjunction with other therapies to help you attain your full potential.

The basic premise behind this theory is that we have an orgasmic reflex (which Reich called “orgasmic potency”). This reflection must be expressed regularly so that we feel our best physically and emotionally.

If you don’t express these natural urges, they will build up within you and cause tension that will manifest as illness or pain in the body.

Dr. Wilhelm Reich believed that sexual repression could lead to mental illness. Therefore, he helped patients to get in touch with their emotional selves with certain breathing techniques and other physical movements such as touching toes or shaking hands. This theory can be therapeutic if you suffer from anxiety, depression, and other stress-related illnesses!

The idea behind Reichian therapy is that if you can harness your natural sexual energy, which Reich called orgone, you can lead a healthier life. We are conditioned to believe that orgasm is the pinnacle of sexual satisfaction. However, this may not be the case. Orgasm is not an end goal, but rather a way to regulate and support emotional energy so that it flows smoothly through your body.

What Does Orgone Energy Protect Against?

Orgone energy is a powerful natural force that protects you from negative energy and harmful EMFs from televisions, computers, cell phones, microwaves, and power lines. Also, orgone generators like the Dome Schumann Resonance Generator can cleanse your aura or cleanse your home.

How Does Orgone Energy Affect Your Body?

Using orgone is like taking a powerful dose of pure magic. Like a quartz lamp, it illuminates your body and mind with a wave of healing that can help you fight many types of ailments and improve your overall health. Dead Orgone energy is negative. It is lifeless and holds onto negativity. Positive orgone energy is the opposite; it creates happiness and life.

But what if you have a mix of both? Is dead orgone energy draining your positive energy? You must turn every dead orgone energy into a positive one! You can use an orgone energy accumulator or an orgone pyramid.

Have you ever had a weird feeling that just won’t go away? It’s because something is wrong. Dead orgone energy has harmful effects on humans and can cause many problems at home, at work, or wherever it is present.

On the contrary, positive energy can reduce stress, improve mood, and promote good sleep habits. When the orgone or life-force energy stagnates and dies out, it forms dead orgone energy. When this happens, it leaves behind a certain type of energy that you can detect with sensitive devices.

It has been speculated that the dead energy of the orgone could be the cause of many unexplained phenomena throughout history since it could alter the physical properties of matter. Also, it could interfere with electromagnetic fields depending on what’s around you.

How to Use Orgone for Protection against Negative Energies?


Now that you have an idea of ​​the healing powers of orgone energy, you are probably wondering how you can use it in your daily life. Of course, you will not build an orgone accumulator, so what are your options? Luckily for you, there are orgone devices designed for home use.

Orgone crystals can be used in pyramid-shaped devices that can help transform the energy in your home. These pyramids are designed using the same science behind orgone energy, using materials that can attract energy. If you are wondering how these pyramids work, they actually convert negative energy into positive energy. The pyramid shape also plays a very important role in filtering out negative energy.

Those who want round-the-clock protection should opt for orgone jewelry. Wearing an orgone pendant or necklace means they are close to your skin, which is even more beneficial. As you already know, you can have deadly orgone energy in your body, so this jewelry can cleanse your body of this negative energy and replace it with positive energy. Orgone home devices and jewelry can protect your mental and physical health.

Orgone energy is all around us and must be harnessed in a way that allows it to move freely and not become stagnant. Just as orgone energy surrounds us, negative energy emitted by all the devices we have in our homes also surrounds us. Televisions, laptops, refrigerators, cell phones, Wi-Fi routers, and washing machines can cause symptoms such as anxiety, depression, headaches, and lower your energy levels.

Having a GeoClense EMF and Earth Radiation Harmonizer in your home allows you to shield yourself from the negative energy emitted by these devices and turn it into something positive. In addition, they also clean the electromagnetic fields that are causing these symptoms.

You’ve probably heard many people say that we’re surrounded by a lot of negativity, which is true. However, most of the negativity we experience results from negative energy within or around us. Some people are skeptical of crystal healing, but orgone energy crystals are different. Orgone energy results from extensive scientific research and experimentation, and the devices and crystals in use today are based on this science. If you are looking to heal your mind and body, you should consider trying orgone energy.