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QuanThor EMF Protection Bracelet Review

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Wherever you go, you are always exposed to EMF radiation.

Because of this, manufacturers make different EMF protection products every day to reduce exposure. Some EMF protection products, like the QuanThor EMF Protection Bracelet, are ones you can take anywhere.

The QuanThor is an EMF shielding bracelet that increases the user’s mental performance while reducing the effects of stress.

Its descriptions are interspersed with the names of components and chemicals that claim to boost the body’s immune system. Its only redeeming quality is that some of its bracelets use magnets, and the magnets have scientifically proven benefits. We have written this article hoping to answer all of your questions about the QuanThor EMF Protective Bracelet so that you can make an informed decision.

In addition to EMF protection bracelets, there are other personal EMF protection products that you can use to protect yourself while on the go. For instance, you can surround yourself with protection with the Quantum Orgone Pendant. These Orgone Pendants generate healthy life-giving Negative Ions and work continuously to eliminate or cancel out hazardous Positive Ions, which makes these radiation protection pendants very effective and totally unique. These beautiful Quantum Orgone Pendants provide a ten-meter energy healing bubble of protection and security around you protecting everyone with healing Negative Ions, also known as scalar waves or scalar energy.

What are EMF Bracelets?

Before delving into their functionality, it is important to analyze what they are. In contrast to normal bracelets, which are worn because of fashion and sometimes help with anxiety and self-confidence, EMF bracelets are designed to block EMF radiation. EMF bracelets have been certified to block electrical and magnetic radiation. While there is still no need to prove it, people who use them report a dramatic reduction in symptoms from electromagnetic fields. In certain cases, they have been reported to help with EMF-induced depression, sleep disorders, and other related symptoms.

Most EMF bracelets are crafted from tourmaline. But you can find others crafted from zeolite, germanium, titanium, and silicon. These components have long been studied and used for their electromagnetic reflective properties. Just because they protect you doesn't mean they can’t be trendy either. They can serve as standard accessories and are available in different sizes, designs, and colors. Now that you know what they are, it’s time to check out the QuanThor EMF Protective Bracelet.

QuanThor EMF Bracelet Review

The entry-level bracelet is without a doubt one of QuanThor’s most popular products. They refer to this product as an “EMF Protection Product” but in reality, it has 4 different technologies to protect the body. Let’s talk about each one.

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Negative Ions: First, the bracelet produces negative ions. If you didn’t know that negative ions have a plethora of health benefits, just take a moment and Google “Health Benefits of Negative Ions” and read some of the articles. It’s safe to say that negative ions do many amazing things for the body and are even known to protect DNA from the damage of electromagnetic radiation. QuanThor claims it uses a mixture of powdered minerals to produce the negative ions. According to QuanThor, the bracelet itself gives off 1000 ions per cubic centimeter, which is a huge amount.

Unipolar Neodymium Magnets: Neodymium magnets are rare earth permanent magnets with remarkable strength. The health benefits of these magnets are still being researched, but many believe they can help focus the mind, relieve pain, reduce joint stiffness, improve blood circulation, and much more. The advantages of unipolar neodymium magnets, according to QuanThor, are that they “increase mental performance and reduce the harmful effects of stress”. They are also said to offer some EMF protection, but we haven’t seen that measured.

Far Infrared Technology: According to www.lifeextension.com, “far infrared”, “the safest segment of energy coming from the sun,” “offers a wide range of therapeutic benefits for different health conditions. Studies have shown that far-infrared improves blood flow to the skin, modulates sleep, relieves pain, protects against oxidative stress, and alleviates inflammation.” This far-infrared heat plays a big part in how the minerals in the bracelet produce as many negative ions as they do. This technology is also believed to help protect the body from electromagnetic radiation.

Germanium Components: All components of the bracelet are almost 100 percent germanium. The manufacturer claims that the germanium in the bracelet is known for its health benefits, such as boosting immunity and preventing migraines and headaches. It is also known to prevent disease and strengthen the immune system.

Durable Silicone: The QuanThor EMF Protection Bracelet features highly adjustable silicone that is the perfect solution for any situation. Watersports, swimming, bathing, everything is possible with this bracelet.

Overall, the QuanThor EMF Protection Bracelet seems to be a pretty solid product, but we can’t guarantee how well it will work. The metal components are made of stainless steel and the bracelet is designed to fit all wrist sizes. Reviews of the bracelet are mostly good, but some folks have found the build quality to be a bit bad.

Is the QuanThor EMF Protection Bracelet Worth it?

The QuanThor EMF Protection Bracelet is a fashionable and unique EMF neutralization bracelet for those that want to protect themselves from cell phone and laptop radiation. With this product, you can neutralize up to 90 percent of harmful radiation frequencies. It uses an aromatherapy essential oil diffuser to neutralize harmful frequencies of radiation that your body cannot detect. It offers double protection by neutralizing the negative effects of radiation on your body.

The 16 semi-precious crystals used in the manufacture of this type of bracelet make it one of the best EMF neutralizers. It also contains special oxides and rare metals that allow the bracelet to generate Schumann waves with frequencies of 7.83 Hz. The resonance waves create a healing energy that negates the harmful effects of your cell phone. They help restore an optimum balance in the body.

It uses eco-friendly, non-allergenic, and natural materials, which makes the product eco-friendly. The faux leather strap makes you feel comfortable with the bracelets. It comes with an EMF-heating pad that fits perfectly in the round case. You can twist the cover easily and add your essential oil to the felt pad and twist again to close the cover and it is low maintenance. You can clean the tampon in cold water and rinse the locket with an alcohol-based product.

Pros of QuanThor EMF Protection Bracelet

  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable
  • Radiation frequencies reduced by up to 90%
  • Easy to maintain
  • Germanium construction
  • Unisex design

Cons of QuanThor EMF Protection Bracelet

  • It is not comfortable for some people

What are Negative Ions Devices?

Negative ions devices are becoming increasingly popular because of their health benefits. Ions can be defined as electrically charged particles that form when an atom loses or gains an electron. Negative ions comprise atoms that have an additional negatively charged electron.

Negative ions are related to nature and mainly appear when molecules break down. For instance, when you watch the waves crash into the sand on the beach, you will feel an inexplicable calm. Negative ions are always produced in any environment where nature can be experienced, such as relaxing near windy mountains or running water.

The astonishing feeling ascribed to its natural surroundings actually comes from the negative ions in the atmosphere. Although you cannot see negative ions, you can breathe them in and absorb them into the body. Once absorbed into your body through the skin, they are soon absorbed into the bloodstream. When they get into the bloodstream, they have a biochemical reaction that causes the body to improve blood flow. Consequently, you’ll get several health benefits, such as:

  • Reduced stress
  • Improve your mood
  • Improved cognitive function
  • Improved sleep
  • Relieved depression


Advantages of Negative Ion Bracelets

Negative ion bracelets are crafted from a highly concentrated material that gives off negative ions. The negative ions given off help the body take in more oxygen while using the oxygen taken in. Negative ion bracelets can serve as an anti-stress or antidepressant, among other health benefits.

One reason negative ions are so important is that they increase the level of oxygen that enters our brains. Consequently, it will improve our mood, increase our cognitive function, and endurance, and sleep. Bracelets that generate negative ions have unique materials with distinct advantages when inhaled or absorbed through the skin.

Negative ion bracelets are made differently. Some emit more negative ions than others, depending on the mineral or material used. Black tourmaline is the most common, which has unique properties. Other materials used are germanium, zeolite, titanium, etc.

Tourmaline mineral bracelets produce an electrical charge and far-infrared radiation. However, in order for the mineral to give off negative ions, it must be pressurized or exposed to heat. Since tourmaline is quite sensitive, it means that your body heat is likely enough to produce more negative ions.

Additionally, bracelets with stones not only protect against EMF radiation but also strengthen and increase energy levels. Some of the EMF protection bracelets available on the market can compensate for some amount of EMF radiation, while others do not offer protection at all. Use caution when choosing an EMF protection bracelet.

Do EMF Bracelets Really Work?

It is certainly a tricky matter. Manufacturers of EMF bracelets claim that most are made of materials that can compensate for the EMF radiation the body receives. However, it is difficult for these manufacturers to provide accurate figures on the amount of electromagnetic radiation that these bracelets actually block. However, it is incorrect to say that EMF protection bracelets will not work. There are many cases of people who have benefited from it. A simple search for product reviews on these bracelets reveals many examples that some people trust. Their experiences seem like an excellent case to at least try them out.

If you want to test EMF protection bracelets yourself, using an EMF meter is a suitable method. It can be used to test EMF router guards, EMF blankets, and any other EMF protection products. The Trifield TF2 EMF meter is one of the best EMF meters on the market. With this measurement device, we tried to test the effectiveness of different EMF protection products. Now comes the problem: when testing EMF protection bracelets, TriField TF2 did not provide accurate readings. We tried three of them but got different results. However, that does not mean that EMF bracelets do not work. It is just difficult to test with EMF meters, and may not even be possible.


Nonetheless, it is important to note that there must be a reason EMF protection bracelets are becoming more and more popular these days. Those who are satisfied with them continue to highly recommend them.

Alternatives to the QuanThor EMF Protection Bracelet

Quantum Orgone Pendant

For instance, you can surround yourself with protection with the Quantum Orgone Pendant. These Orgone Pendants generate healthy life-giving Negative Ions and work continuously to eliminate or cancel out hazardous Positive Ions, which makes these radiation protection pendants very effective and totally unique. These beautiful Quantum Orgone Pendants provide a ten-meter energy healing bubble of protection and security around you protecting everyone with healing Negative Ions, also known as scalar waves or scalar energy.

These incredible Quantum Orgone Pendants provide you with powerful protection from hazardous Positive Ions coming from radiation, radio waves, microwave frequencies, and electromagnetic fields (EMF) created by our environment by wireless technology and electronic devices.

Black Tourmaline Necklace

Protect your energy with our stylish and elegant Black Tourmaline Necklace. Slipping our beautiful genuine tourmaline gemstone necklace around your neck is more than just a fashion statement. It is also a wonderful tool for protection and balance. This Black Tourmaline necklace is made from genuine black gemstones that have been polished and faceted into round beads. They are cut to brilliantly reflect the light. 

This necklace is 27 inches, so you can just slip it over your head or use the included lobster clasp. This subtle but sophisticated gemstone necklace can be dressed up or you can wear it every day for sophisticated healing. In crystal healing, tourmaline is known as a stone of protection. It is also great to calm the nerves.  

Harmony Wear Personal Protection Jewelry

Harmony Wear personal protection jewelry is a beautiful option for EMF protection when you are on the go. Protect yourself with our line of beautiful Harmony Wear Personal Protection Jewelry. The elegant Harmonywear collection creates a harmonizing field of negative charge around your body. These fields may support and balance the human energy fields and meridians, neutralizing the depleting positive charge energy influences from all sources of electromagnetic radiation.   

Orgone Sea Shell Necklace

Combine fashion and EMF protection with our Orgone Sea Shell Necklace. The Orgone Shell Necklace provides you with complete defense against electromagnetic pollution, electromagnetic radiation, and all varieties of dangerous and destructive energy. This amazing Orgone Seashell Necklace is made from a natural Kabibie shell; therefore, marks may appear on one side due to the shape of the shell where it has been compressed.  

Our Orgone Shell Necklace delivers you with ten meters (or thirty-two feet) of personal space and protection from electromagnetic fields (EMF), radiation, and all forms of detrimental Positive Ions. The Orgone Seashell Necklace works by generating Negative Ions which cancel out harmful Positive Ions.