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Safe and Healthy Disinfecting UV Light Review

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With all of the focus on viruses and germs over the past few years, many of us are looking for safe alternatives to keep safe. Check out our Safe and Helathy Disinfecting UV Light review. 

Wouldn’t life be easier if you could wave a magic wand and eliminate all the germs, dirt, and disease-causing bacteria from your life forever? 

That is the kind of convenience that UV sanitizing light wands offer.


According to the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration), UV-C radiation is a “proven disinfectant for water, air, and non-porous surfaces”


In fact, the agency reports that UV-C radiation has been successfully used for decades to curb the spread of bacterial diseases such as tuberculosis. 


Although the viruses they studied are different from the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19, the researchers published an article recently in Scientific Reports indicating that UV-C radiation can inactivate at least two (2) types of coronavirus.


However, disinfecting surfaces by simply hovering over them with these little light-emitting devices might sound too good to be true. 


The Safe and Healthy Disinfecting UV Light Sanitizer is one of those products that claim to kill 99.9 percent of germs, bacteria, and viruses in seconds. Although the technology behind this product seems convenient, does it really work to kill germs? Here is the lowdown.

Safe and Healthy Disinfecting UV Light Review


Ontel claims its Safe and Healthy device uses UV-C light or UV-C radiation, which works by breaking the molecular bonds in DNA. 


The manufacturer claims the device can kill 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and viruses and can clean and disinfect what you can’t see in about 15-20 seconds.


However, some users have said that this device falls short of the disinfection level that they claim

Although the case is plastic, it seems durable for the price. It emits UV-C light and has safety features that set it apart from the competition. However, it has some drawbacks that make it less desirable and even potentially dangerous. 

For instance, the batteries must be placed in a particular way with no internal representation of the positive or negative path. So it can be hard to figure out because the springs that usually mean negative contact are at the 4 points. 


In addition, many reviews have reported this unit drains batteries extremely quickly, which can make an inexpensive purchase extremely expensive over time. 

Furthermore, many reviews also report the unit smoking during use. Others report the unit would not work at all. 


How Well Does the Safe and Healthy Disinfecting UV Light Work?



Although it emits UV-C light, it seems much dimmer than other alternatives on the market. 

While there are several safety features on this device, there is no locking switch to prevent the lamp from accidentally turning on when opened.

This makes it very easy for a child to pick it up, open it and press the button.

So are there better alternatives to the Safe and Healthy Disinfecting UV Light?


A Better UV Option



The Handheld UV Light Sanitizer from Orgone Energy is a better option than the Safe and Healthy Disinfecting UV Light as it is more effective and convenient to use.

What Makes Our Handheld UV Light Sanitizer Better?

The Handheld UV Light Sanitizer cleans all surfaces

This powerful UV-C light can disinfect many types of surfaces, from toilets, phones, and door handles to upholstery, high chairs, and pet beds. The device can disinfect smartwatches, wallets, children’s toys, pillows, and more. 

Some surfaces are not what someone would typically use a sanitary wipe for because they are delicate or soft, but with this unit, you can disinfect virtually any surface very quickly. Taking into account how often you touch your face, this device could considerably reduce the spread of disease within the family or the general population.

Health and Safety

Using our Handheld UV Light Sanitizer can help minimize the risk of illness, especially at home and with loved ones. It kills viruses, bacteria, and germs on multiple surfaces, the risk of getting unwanted illnesses could be greatly reduced by using this product. Its potential to keep you safe and healthy in today’s environment is very great.

A Great Way to Kill Germs



This product will kill not only germs and bacteria but also 99.9% of viruses, which is more than some sanitizers can do. 

Many sanitizers aren’t exactly known for their ability to kill viruses, but this device aims to do just that. Stopping the spread of germs from person to person or person to surface is a battle everyone is fighting, and it could be an easier battle with this product.

Easy to Transport

Our Handheld UV Light Sanitizer is compact and portable, allowing the user to take it anywhere. It is as portable as hand sanitizer and more effective because it can be used on multiple surfaces, unlike hand sanitizer.


Advanced Technology



With advanced UV-C virus-and-germ killing technology, this simple and easy-to-use product can effectively disinfect and clean without using potentially harmful chemicals. It is also reusable. Instead of using sprays or wipes, this device can replace them and leave no residue.

Positive Points of Our Handheld UV Light Sanitizer

Hospitals Use it

The Handheld UV Light Sanitizer is inspired by the same technology used in hospitals to disinfect and clean various surfaces and objects. Often, hospitals use the best technology to keep us healthy and this device is based on exactly that technology.

What Does it Destroy?

This product is designed to kill flu, staph, E. coli, mold, allergens, germs, as well as other harmful pathogens. It achieves this by destroying their ability to reproduce and survive.

 The secret to high-frequency UV-C light is that it destroys the DNA of viruses and bacteria, quickly killing them.

Take it and Use it Anywhere

If you buy it, remember to use it not only at home but also at your workplace, in restaurants and while traveling, in the park.

Take it with you and use it anywhere you might need to touch something someone else has handled. 


Remember that the surfaces of your devices (phones, computers) can trap germs transferred from your hands to the device.

The typical smartphone has 18 times more bacteria than a public restroom. 


It is important to regularly disinfect your devices, and our Handheld UV Light Sanitizer can make disinfection easier.

Never Run Out



This product is a disinfectant that never runs out. Using this device with its lighting function can help users save money on other sanitizers. Also, it can help you conserve wipes as well as other disinfectant sprays and cleaning supplies. It can even disinfect face masks. 

Unlike the Safe and Healthy UV Light that requires 4 AAA batteries, our Handheld UV Light Sanitizer is rechargeable, making it convenient to use.

Easy to Use

Click the easy-to-find button to activate it. The button is on the back of the device, just below the hinge that opens it. Hold the wand open with the light on the desired object and slowly move across the object, staying 2-3 inches from the surface. 

Shine the light on each area of ​​the item to be disinfected for about 15-20 seconds to kill up to 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, and germs. 

How it Works

As mentioned earlier, UV-C light destroys cells by damaging their DNA. 

This light initiates a reaction between two thymine molecules, one of DNA’s building blocks. Severe damage from ultraviolet light leads to the breakdown of thymine. 

Generally, the longer the exposure to ultraviolet light, the greater the damage to cells. But longer is the keyword: the Handheld UV Light Sanitizer only takes 15-20 seconds on a surface to sterilize and disinfect it.

Final Thoughts

With a handle on one end and a light on the other, this simple and compact product can be taken anywhere. It can disinfect virtually any surface (soft or hard), which is very important at this time when diseases can be an issue. 

Our Handheld UV Light Sanitizer has the potential to minimize the spread of germs and maximize your health, besides maximizing the preservation of other cleaning materials. By destroying common pathogens from flu to E. Coli, this device might make your family safer and healthier.