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Types of Spiritual Energy

The existence of spiritual and subtle energy was well known to the ancient traditions. For example, with acupuncture the Chinese built their entire healthcare around it. Many native traditions use the body’s natural energies for different types of healing. Also, the different types of spiritual energies are used for shamanic journeys as well as other cats of power. 

Types of Spiritual Energy 

The existence of spiritual and subtle energy was well known to the ancient traditions. For example, with acupuncture the Chinese built their entire healthcare around it. Many native traditions use the body’s natural energies for different types of healing. Also, the different types of spiritual energies are used for shamanic journeys as well as other cats of power. 

What is Spiritual Energy? 

Spiritual energy refers to a widespread belief in a non-physical, interpersonal force or essence. Spiritual energy is considered by believers to be different from those known to science and therapies involved in this practice are sometimes classed as alternative medicine. Different ideas regarding spiritual energy have been inferred in different cultures. Although the approaches vary, typically energy therapies are based on the fact that everything in the entire universe is made of energy on a fundamental level. From this perspective, humans are fundamentally energy. 

A peaceful presence is akin to the quality of this energy. Therefore, you can only develop spiritual energy by having a balanced mind and body. It comes to you automatically as you become closer and wiser to the spiritual. You can’t have a strong mind without a healthy body. Also, you can’t have a strong spirit without a strong mind. Spiritual energy gives you a sense of peace, happiness, integrity, and purpose in your life. It makes you feel more integrated and wholesome. 

Types of Spiritual Energy 

There is a wide range of spiritual energy but here are the most commonly understood types. 

Chi Energy 

Chi/Ki/Qi can be described as vital life force energy, Universal Energy, or simply energy. In human beings, energy flows from both the physical nourishment and through the body in energy centers called chakras and in pathways known as meridians. Chi is the energy of life itself, a balance of positive and negative, Yin and Yang, electromagnetic energy flowing through everything in creation. So we can possibly describe Chi as a form of light energy, as an electromagnetic phenomenon, as a form of electricity or bio-electromagnetic energy. 

Qigong (Chi Kung) means “energy cultivation” or “energy work”. There is work to be done to become energetically vitalized, spiritually aligned, mentally focused, emotionally connected, and physically strengthened. Energetic, spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical work that enables us to grow and manifest an open creative mind, a pure loving heart, and a vital physical body. To become a happy, healthy, and joyous human being, we need to become a harmonious and dynamic mixture of all aspects of Chi. 

Many kinds of chi have been identified by Chi Kung practitioners. There is the chi we are born with and inherited in our bodies. This is our king chi, essence chi, or original chi. It is the root source of metabolism and the fundamental chi of the human body. Yang Chi and Yin Chi are the most fundamental forms of chi. They are the primordial masculine and feminine energies. 

Divine Energy 

Divine energy is the attribute ingrained in every object, which doesn’t exist independent of it but necessary for its functioning. For instance, fire possesses heat energy. So heat can exist without fire. This means each object has its own inseparable energy coexisting together with it. Energies are infinite since objects are too. Judaism, Christianity, and other religions in the world also fall under this type of spiritual energy. 

Prana Energy 

Prana or life force can refer to breathe, life, or energy. There’s a practice in the yogic tradition called pranayama where you learn to control your breaths in certain ways and to breathe in the prana from all around you. So prana is essentially the medium for consciousness. It’s this pervading energy that runs from Brahman or source and it allows consciousness to unfold in existence. Consciousness needs a medium to come through and that medium is prana. For life to exist, we both need prana and consciousness. 

In the Hindu tradition, the goddess Kali represents prana or is symbolic of prana and consciousness. In order for consciousness to lay its ground or to come into the physical dimension or into the interactive universe, it needs a fertile ground which is prana. Essentially, this means the more prana you have the more consciousness you have and the more conscious you are the more awareness you have of everything around you. Prana moves through the nostrils where there are 3 nadis. The right nostril is the sun nadi. The left nostril is the moon nadi. The fire nadi can be found in-between both of them and it is called the Sushumna nadi. 

There are five types of prana in the body: Prana, Vyana, Samana. Udana, and Apana. Prana is the energy in the region above the heart. If it is imbalanced or too high, you can’t sleep. Apana Vayu can be found in the lower part of the body. If it is too high, then you feel dull, sleepy, and lethargic. Samana Vayu is the energy in the stomach region and it aids digestion. Udan Vayu is in the throat region and upper chest and is responsible for emotions. Vyana is all over our body, it is responsible for the circulation in the body and movements in the joints. 

How to Tap Into Your Spiritual Energy Field 

Energy, in all its forms – divine inspiration, youthfulness, wealth, and joy – is endless and abundant. But sometimes life sends us challenges and roadblocks that can make us feel disconnected, isolated, or even alone. Our energy can seem depleted or limited in those less than desirable times. We all can turn our energy vibration up or down based on our alignment with our soul, the actions we take, the emotions we feel, and the thoughts we choose. It is important we get this vibrational level right. 

So to harness spiritual energy effectively, your vibration must be raised diligently, consciously, and with wisdom, discernment, and understanding. Here are our top 5 tips for tapping into your spiritual energy field. 

Practice Self-Love Consciously 

With every nurturing and loving thought you give yourself, the closer you are to the truth, as the endless traps, patterns, and stories of your mind are never real. The funniest thing about illusion is that they are made to look, seem, and feel real enough that you never question it. Stop Feeding off negative self-talk because all of it is a lie. Never doubt how awesome you truly are. Once you give yourself more love, you are inching closer to tapping into the incredible energy your higher self holds. 

Crying and Laughing 

Two of the greatest gifts bestowed on us are crying and laughter. This is because they both enable us to purify, heal, and release blocks that may be lowering our vibration. This makes tapping into a higher level of spiritual energy much easier. 

Practice Yoga 

Yoga trains your nervous system and helps you to discipline your mind. This makes processing your spiritual energy easier. We strongly recommend you practice yoga at least twice a week. 

Meditate Daily 

Meditation equips you with the ability to master a wide range of energy fields. It makes the mind and energy stronger and will help prevent you from getting sucked into the negative energy of other people. When you make an effort to quiet the mind and its negative stories – the truth is the only thing left. From here, it is easier to tap into stronger spiritual energy fields, such as those that radiate from love and light. 


You can’t force a true connection with your spiritual energy. Your highest self uses the time to guide you because it is wise. Embrace time as a friend designed to protect you from straying off course or from doing too much in a short time. 

Healing Methods of Spiritual Energy 

Most cultures and religions have a practice or ceremony that delivers healing when spiritual energy is received. 


Reiki is a Japanese healing technique. The word Reiki is coined from Rei which means the Higher Power or God’s Wisdom and Ki which means life force energy. Reiki masters use the laying-on-of-hand method to heal a sick person. Also, Reiki can be used for long-distance healing since Reiki masters can direct the energy and manipulate it. 

Ayurvedic Medicine 

This healing method uses the chakras to bring the spirit, mind, and body back into balance, so the prana or life energy can easily flow throughout the human body. 


This is a whole-systems practice that realigns the body through different repetitive physical movements. Using Qigong can help open the chakras to let healing chi to enter and heal the body. Buddhism and Daoism (Taoism) are the parents of Qigong. 


Acupuncture is a centuries-old medical practice that quietens over-active chakras and energy channels or opens up blocked chakras within the energy/electrical system of the body. 

Activating Chakras 

Often, this involves activating your chakras to balance your spiritual energy. According to ancient writings, the body has various energy vortexes where the chi or prana flows. The human body has 7 main chakras. When all the main chakras are open, an individual’s chi flows up and out of the crown chakra to connect with the chi or spiritual energy.