What is Orgonite? The Truth About This Harmful and Powerful Material

What is Orgonite? The Truth About This Harmful and Powerful Material

Orgonite is a popular topic on many forums and websites that discuss wellness and natural energy. However, if used improperly, it could actually prove to be detrimental to your health. Read on to protect yourself and your loved ones. 
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What is Orgonite?

The Truth About This Harmful and Powerful Material


Orgonite is a popular topic on many forums and websites that discuss wellness and natural energy. However, if used improperly, it could actually prove to be detrimental to your health. Read on to protect yourself and your loved ones. 


Simply put, orgone is energy. In fact, orgone is simply another name for the multi-named etheric energy that is everywhere and embodies all things.


Reiki energy, Prana, biomagnetic energy, Qi soft electrons, and life force energy are all orgone energy.


The origin of orgone energy goes all the way back to Wilhelm Reich who was a student under Freud. It was an conclusion based on the Freudian concept of the libido.


Reich thought that the libido essentially was a physical manifestation of energy that could be harnessed and measured. He viewed it as a life-affirming force.


These ideas were only generally respected among scientists in the early 20th century because the idea of molecular biology was still in its infancy.


What is an Orgone Device? 


What is an Orgone Device?


An orgone matrix or orgonite crystal device is a device that provides assistance with working with these etheric energies.


Orgonite both releases orgone energy when stimulated by other forms of energy and can change orgone energy from one state to another. It is especially suited for dissolving negative energy in an area and converting it to a balanced, healthy energy.



Where did Orgonite Come From?


Where did Orgonite Come From?


In the 1930s and 40s, Dr. Wilhelm Reich could detect and measure the existence of etheric energy which he called orgone using a modified Geiger counter.

He determined that by stacking alternating layers of fiberglass which is an organic substance and steel wool an inorganic substance you could attract and collect orgone energy of both positive and negative polarities.

He called the positive energy POR and the negative energy DOR, which stands for positive orgone and deadly orgone.


He began constructing a device that was able to successfully heal his patients of various ailments including various forms of cancer by having them sit inside the box for periods of time.


What Does the Research Say?  


Orgonite research


In 1986, scientists at the University of Marburg in Germany published the results of a blind study which showed that 30-minute orgone accumulator treatments caused a consistent psychological effect.


They published that their investigations displayed evidence for the assumption that the properties of orgone accumulators and its effect on humans actually exists.

Unseen Energies Exist All Around Us 


Orgone Energy


Reich’s work continued into the 60s by an open-minded Russian scientist named Dr. Nikkolai Kozyrev among others who also scientifically proved that such unseen energies exist all around us.

This work led to the Soviet military using torsion field sciences in their military defense applications. This shows that amazing discoveries can change the world and can both be used for the light as well as the dark.

The Introduction of Orgone Accumulators


Orgone Accumulators


In 2000, orgone accumulators came into being when Don and Carol Kroch discovered through much research that mixing organic fiberglass resin and metal chips poured into a small mold like paper cups and muffin pans would produce a substance which would attract etheric energy. Then by putting crystals into the mix you get something even more amazing.


Carol Kroch was incredibly gifted in sensing etheric energies. She discovered that quartz crystals would cause the orgonite to not just attract all kinds of energy but rebalance and transmute all the negative energy into a positive.


This is because the molecular structure of quartz is incredibly stable and harmonically aligned with the geometry of the universe.


Check out orgone vs orgonite energy.


How Does Orgonite Work? 


How does Orgonite Work?  


The answer is pretty simple. Organic substances attract and hold a scalar charge while metallic substances repel it.


Basically, orgonite pulls in bio-energy and while energy is inside the device metal particles and organic resin both push and pull on it in all directions at the same time.

This puts friction on the energy where the crystal will begin to create order from chaos by aligning the structure of the energy into a more positively aligned pattern. Crystals and gems all have their uses.


Orgonite is good for putting in an area that needs a transmutation of a lot of negative energy into positive energy. However, there have been reports of possible negative effects of these orgonites.


Possible Harmful Effects of Orgonites

A common problem with the use of orgonites is the difficulty in finding an energetically clean environment in which to use it.


The Orgone energy in the atmosphere is very sensitive to certain kinds of disturbances and agitation. Orgone energy can be excited or irritated and certain environmental influences can drive it towards a toxic condition.


If the energetic atmosphere in your home or neighborhood has been made toxic in this manner, use of an accumulator is disadvised or advised only with great caution as it will be very difficult to accumulate anything except a toxic charge.


For example, orgone accumulators should never be used in rooms with the following orgone-irritating devices:

  • Fluorescent lights
  • Television sets
  • Computer or microcomputer
  • Microwave ovens
  • Electric blankets
  • X-ray machines
  • Clocks, wristwatches, or other devices containing radioactive materials.

Orgone accumulators should not be used even in the same buildings where the more powerful of the above kinds of devices (such as x-ray machines) are used or were recently used.


Experiments by Reich, and more recently by others in large German hospitals, have shown that x-ray equipment will destroy the life-enhancing effects of the orgone radiation.


Additionally, there is a persistence effect, wherein toxic energetic conditions remain for a time after the irritating devices are shut down and removed from a room or building.


Orgone accumulators should not be used in the immediate neighborhoods or vicinities where the following are located:

  • Airport radar systems
  • Cellular telephone or microwave relay towers
  • Very high tension power lines
  • AM, FM, or TV broadcast towers
  • Nuclear power plants, storage facilities, or nuclear waste pumps
  • Military installations with a nuclear bomb storage past or present nuclear bomb testing areas


Reich and others associated with him made warnings about these devices in the 1940s and 1950s, but only today do we see epidemiological studies corroborating their life negative effects.



Is Low Level Electromagentic Radiation Dangerous?


EMF Protection 

According to the some early calculations of the physical scientists, low-level radiation ought not to have a deleterious effect upon the living system.

The energy present in the low-level radiation, as detected with conventional radiation detection instruments, is simply not sufficient to do significant damage. And yet, the damage occurs.


However, it has been recognized by several studies that exposure to EMF results in oxidative stress in many tissues of the body. Exposure to EMF is known to increase free radical concentrations and traceability and can affect the radical couple recombination.



In addition, multiple studies have found a link between children living in close proximity to power lines and an increased risk of Leukemia in children. 



Orgone EMF protection



What is the Best Alternative to Orgonite? 

Orgonium is a great alternative to orgonite as has less long-term effects but offers protection from EMF and EMR exposure.

Although they have similar functions, orgonium differs from orgonite in its resin types and formulation. Orgonium is a resonance device developed to vibrate at high frequencies.


The orgone frequencies are tailored to be in harmony with the nervous system of the body as well as the energy and auric fields. The frequencies promote the balancing of energies and purely mimic natural earth resonance.


Orgonium works to produce negative ions and these ions contain many beneficial properties including being creating a more elevated mood, maintenance of alkaline pH levels, and help to relieve stress. Orgonium can also strengthen immune levels, encourage better sleeping habits, and improve feelings of relaxation.

Orgonium is a better alternative for modern homes that contain the modern conveniences that can interfere with orgonite. 



Can We Trust Modern Science? 

When orgonite encournters many modern conveniences, such as flourescent lights or mircowaves, it can create a negative impact on the people in the area. However, this impact cannot be easily measured.

The error here lies in the false assumption that their energy detection instruments must detect 100% of any disturbance. This unprovable assumption is, of course, challenged by biological or epidemiological evidence which demonstrates that an effect exists.


There is furthermore a great distrust of the body in the modern sciences, in that average people who are made sick by pit modern energy radiating devices often are not believed or are viewed suspiciously.


It is precisely here that Reich’s findings on the Orgone energy clarified that the life energy (and disturbances within it) cannot be detected with ordinary nuclear or electromagnetic sensing instruments. One has to modify the instruments to pick them up or use entirely different methods.


The Interconnecting Energy Contiunuum


Orgone Energy


The Orgone is also an interconnecting energy continuum, which provides a connection between the offending facility or appliance (nuclear plant, a microwave tower, fluorescent light, TV set) and the living creature that is affected.


As the local Orgone energy field of the Earth or the energy field of a home is badly disturbed and agitated by these devices, so too does the Orgone energy field of a person in that environment become disturbed.


The Nuclear Connection

Modern physics partly acknowledges these connections, in that all nuclear bombs, nuclear reactors, and related facilities are said to radiate unshieldable, undetectable, theoretical neutrinos in tremendous quantities.

These neutrinos race out from the facilities, penetrating all forms of radiation shielding, and impinge upon the bodies of everyone for miles around. Theoretically, they do not do any damage, but this is purely a speculative assumption.


The major observed fact is that according to the best theories of classical physics, significant energy is constantly being lost from the heart of the nuclear reactor, through the heavy reactor shielding into the surrounding countryside, that cannot be detected with ordinary radiation detectors.


From the person Reich’s findings, it appears that his lost energy is not discharged as “particles”, but is discharged directly back into the cosmic Orgone energy continuum, which becomes greatly agitated and overcharged.

Given the ability of the Orgone energy to penetrate material substance, this energetic disturbance is quickly propagated outward, through the reactor shielding to affect living creatures and weather in the surrounding area.


Is Low-Level Ectromagnetism Making us Sick? 


Sickness from EMF


Likewise, the dilemma of illness provoked from low-level electromagnetism. Such radiation ought not to be making people sick, but it does.

The theoretical difficulty here is that physics says these electromagnetic waves are transmitted across the countryside and around the globe with no medium of transmission.

This position is like someone studying and working with sound waves, or water waves, but denying the existence of the air or water. But the nuclear and electromagnetic “particle waves” need a medium through which they can propagate. The big myth if modern physics is that this medium was never discovered.


Nuclear and electromagnetic devices and facilities have deleterious effects upon the health of their workers, and of people who live nearby, whether or not one accepts the bio-energetic point of view outlined here.


Are you Sensitive to EMFs? 

In general, the health hazards are not evenly distributed among a given population. Certain very high energy, or very low energy people, and in general the very young and very old are more sensitive to these toxic energies and will react to them more quickly and strongly.

Reich’s observations on the life-negative aspects of these devices and facilities cannot be explained according to conventional theories of physics and biology, but they have been corroborated to a greater or lesser extent.

The various electromagnetic and nuclear devices and materials listed above are known to irritate the orgone energy, driving it into a wild, frenzied state which Reich identified as the Oranur effect.

Oranur was inadvertently discovered after small amounts of nuclear material were introduced into a strong Orgone accumulator at his laboratory in rural Maine.


When the radioactive material was introduced into this highly charged environment, the orgone energy field of the entire mountain region of his laboratory was driven into a state of wild agitation, which could be readily felt and seen. Laboratory workers became quite ill and experimental mice kept in another building died in large numbers.


Reich found that the Oranur effect persisted long after the nuclear materials were removed from the laboratory accumulators, making the facilities unusable for several years.

Under such persisting Oranur agitation, the Orgone energy eventually becomes immobilized and “dead”. Reich identified this deadened energetic state as DOR, which was short for deadly orgone.

A room charged with DOR will feel unbearably stuffy, and it will be hard to get a good breath out of it. One also feels constantly dehydrated, given the water-hungry nature of DOR.


Some people react to DOR with edema, and a particularly extreme form of DOR-sickness was identified by Reich and his co-workers. The organism responds with lethargy, immobilization, and emotional contactlessness. These effects are quite tangible, sensible, and measurable.


The Oranur Experiment


what is orgonite

A great deal was learned about the atmospheric life energy from this experimental accident, and a 1951 work by Reich titled The Oranur Experiment describes the dramatic events. Reich later identified several other sources of mild to severe Oranur, which could disturb the Orgone energy within a home, office, building, neighborhood, or region.


In most people’s homes, the most common orgone irritants are the TV set, the microwave oven, and fluorescent lights of any kind (the full spectrum varieties reduce but do not eliminate this problem).


Some studies have even shown that depressed people can be agitated to greater activity or metabolism by exposure to fluorescent lights. Examples are wintertime emotional depression, depressed newborn infants, and even “depressed” office workers, all of whom are agitated to a temporary increase in activity under fluorescent Oranur.

Most times, the increased activity was linked to a light color or frequency, and this also has its influence. But the problem of fluorescent Oranur excitation is usually not addressed as a factor in those studies.


Oranur Exposures in a Typical Neighborhood


flourescent lights


Oranur is, however, produced by all types of fluorescent lights, TV sets, and microwave ovens. It can be objectively measured through the disturbed electrical potential of a house plant exposed to such devices, through use of Orgone charged Geiger counter, or by making extended measurements of accumulator functions, and observing the perturbation which occurs during Oranur and DOR conditions.


In any given city neighborhood, radio broadcast towers, airport radars, and microwave telephone communications towers also constitute hazards and producers of Oranur. Like microwave ovens and TV sets, they are allowed to leak relatively high levels of radiation into their local environments.


Infrared automatic foot opening sensors, or automatic light switches, also operate closer to the microwave end of the infrared spectrum, as do library or commercial inventory scanners, which are designed to stop petty larceny.


These smaller sensors are powerful enough to trigger your automobile police radar detector at several hundred yards, and may pose a danger to workers who sit near to them day after day; the actual risk here is simply unknown.


Like microwave ovens and TV sets, they are allowed to expose the “average” a person with an “average” dose, which is irrationally assumed to be harmless. Until more is known about them, you should err on the side of caution. Do not site an accumulator near any of these devices.



Orgone EMF protection




The Nuclear Danger


Nuclear plant danger


Nuclear plants likewise are permitted to vent (or rather dump) significant quantities of measurable radiation into the cooling water and ventilation air that passes through the facilities.


Aside from the fact that the local population breathes and often drinks this waste, it can accumulate in the food chain. In addition, there is the problem of Oranur and DOR.


Both are created by nuclear plants, and the atmospheric energy in these areas will be affected, with one qualitative state predominating over the other.


Sensitive people can literally feel the difference in a region after a nuclear reactor has been operating for a period, and careful observations will sometimes reveal changes in weather patterns.


The Atomic Bomb Link


atomic bomb link


Underground atomic bomb tests are perhaps the worst offenders, as they badly shock and agitate the orgone energy field of the entire planet.

There is some evidence suggesting that severe weather extremes, such as drought or severe storms, plus underground atomic bomb tests may trigger epidemics of “flu” symptoms, through a widespread disturbance of the earth’s energy field.

Some evidence, currently under review, has suggested that the entire earth is disturbed in its rotational dynamics, and the upper atmosphere overheated and perturbed by underground atomic bomb tests.

These kinds of effects make no sense whatsoever from the viewpoint of classical biology and physics, which denies the existence of any vital energy principle, and assumes that space is “empty”. From the standpoint of orgone biophysics, these effects make sense.

What Does the Ornaur Effect Feel Like? 

 The Oranur Effect


Biophysically, the Oranur effect can be felt by sensitive individuals as a jumpy, overexcited, possibly heated or slightly feverish feeling.


One may feel a constant agitation; some people may mildly contract when it is present, while tempers may flare among others. Severe oranur affects each person at their weakest point and tends to drive latent medical symptoms to the surface.


The palms of the hands may exhibit a mottled characteristic and sleep may be nearly impossible. There is a tendency towards the inability to maintain a coherent focus upon work or other activities.


What is the Atmospheric Expression of Oranur? 

The atmospheric expression of Oranur is also one of the overcharge. Skies may maintain a strong blue color, but significant haziness will appear on the horizon. Clouds do not increase or grow under Oranur conditions.

This is partly because the highly charged and agitated atmosphere cannot contract, and the charge within clouds cannot build beyond a certain point.

Winds may be chaotic under Oranur conditions, as if confused or agitated. Approaching rainstorms usually begin to fragment or dissipate as they approach an Oranur affected region.


The atmosphere may have a “tense” or “strained” quality, reflecting the generally overcharged conditions. Rains will decrease, particularly as Oranur is eventually replaced by deadened, immobilized DOR conditions.


What is the Atmospheric Expression of DOR?

DOR has an atmospheric expression as well, and when sufficiently widespread, is associated with drought or desert conditions. It appears on the landscape as a steel grey haze that reduces visibility, gives sunlight a burning or scorching quality, turns rains acidic, or completely blocks the rainfall.

Clouds are rendered into a tattered state, similar to slightly dirty, shredded cotton, and never grow beyond a certain small size. Unusual small clouds with a black or dark grey coloration sometimes appear; in contrast to other small clouds in the area, these darkish clouds maintain their dull coloration even when directly illuminated by sunlight.

These are what Reich called DOR clouds. They often form and reform continually over certain locations on the landscape, as if energetically attaches to that spot.


Is Your Region Ornaur or DOR? 

While Oranur and DOR often exist together within a given region, one expression will generally predominate over the other. Being energetic phenomena, Oranur and DOR cannot be “blown away” by winds, though a good rainstorm may sequester and clean them out.

Under exceptionally strong Oranur and DOR conditions, rainstorms are blocked and diverted, giving rise to prolonged drought. Desert locations are generally charged with great quantities of DOR, particularly on the lower-lying portions of the topography. Regions with multiple nuclear power, refining, and waste storage facilities are very highly charged with DOR and Oranur.

Sequential episodes often occur in those areas, given that life energy is rarely in a natural state, and is periodically overexcited or deadened.

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