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What is Scalar Energy

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Scalar EnergyWhat is Scalar Energy - Complete Guide

Scalar Energy was discovered in the 19th century by a Scottish Scientist, James Clerk Maxwell. Maxwell’s contributions in the field of mathematical physics include electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation. However, the existence of Scalar Energy was proven by Nikola Tesla who worked on Maxwell’s findings. Albert Einstein, the Nobel Prize winner also acknowledged the existence of Scalar Energy.

The rise of consumer electronics and the fast growth in technology has brought about significant health concerns that are now more prevalent. Scalar Energy pendants can protect you and your family from the harmful effects of ELFs (Extremely Low Frequency) and EMFs (Electromagnetic Frequencies). These products offer you maximum protection from electro-pollution, allowing the body to maintain proper energy balance while also staying healthy.

What is Scalar Energy?

Scalar Energy is a subtle energy that produces healing energy frequencies that can be harnessed. Conventional methods can’t measure it because they don’t stay in a measurable form. They tend to move out of the third dimension and when given a direction move through the fourth dimension. They are non-hertz and non-linear. Scalar Energy can carry information and doesn’t decay over space and time. Additionally, Scalar Energy doesn’t flow like transverse and normal electromagnetic waves, but instead increases in spatial mass as it occupies space. This space occupied is not a vacuum but alive with balanced and checked energies. Also, Scalar Energy is known as zero point energy.

Properties of Scalar Energy

  • Non-hertzian
  • Non-linear
  • Field-like circles of energy
  • Stationary/static form of energy
  • Fills the environment

History of Scalar Energy

Scalar energy was first discovered many years ago, but it has largely been forgotten since. Even today, scalar energy is still underused, undervalued, and misunderstood. To understand the future, it is important to take a look at the past. A Scottish scientist, James Clerk Maxwell, born in 1831 discovered scalar energy first. Maxwell formulated the theories of electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation.

Afterwards, a Yugoslavian mechanical and mathematical engineer, Nikola Tesla, advanced the findings of Maxwell and invented devices which proved scalar energy existence. Tesla found 2 energies existing in the universe – scalar energy and electromagnetic energy. While electromagnetic energy is broadly utilized and accepted, scalar energy is presently disregarded and poorly understood. He described scalar energy as universal waves or standing energy, which can be transmitted with no loss.

Tesla believed Scalar energy is a fundamental force in nature. It is renewable, free, and always available. He believed that if scalar energy was correctly harnessed, it can have limitless possibilities. Due to Nikola Tesla’s great work in scalar energy for the transfer of energy, he is considered as scalar electromagnetic father. Albert Einstein, who during the 1920s wrote some papers referring to scalar field also acknowledged the existence of scalar energy.

How Does Scalar Energy Work?

It is a known fact that our brain works with our nervous system to control the different functions of the body’s systems and organs. Our nervous system is very sensitive to EMF (electro-magnetic frequencies) from the environment. Most electrical appliances (microwave, mobile phones, computers, and microwave) radiate 60 Hertz frequencies and can interfere with the proper functioning of our nervous system. Also, high voltage cables emit EMF that can be harmful to the body.

There are now evidence in the medical field linking diseases like Alzheimer’s and cancer with these man-made EMF. Also, studies and medical investigations are pointing out that symptoms such as sleep disturbances, hyperactivity in children, depression, lack of concentration, headaches and more, could be caused by EMF. Scalar Energy’s circular and expansive movement provides a field of protective shield around our body. This protective shield cancels and removes the effects of these man-made frequencies on the body.

This is done by enhancing the natural defenses of the body against the harmful radiation coming from different industrial and household appliances surrounding us. The human uses its own vibrations to communicate with the body and within itself. There are four classifications of brainwaves – Delta, Theta, Alpha, and Beta. Scalar Energy can promote Alpha wave frequency in our brain.

The brain subsequently resonates at the same vibration as the energy field of the earth and can amplify these vibrations. If the frequency is transmitted all through the body, it can help the cells in our body achieve a resonance which is important to optimum health. Also, Scalar Energy promotes a mind that is sharp, focused, more coherent, and relaxed with improved clarity.

What do Scalar Waves do?

Scalar waves are created by a pair of replicant (or identical) waves that are spatially in phase but temporarily out of phase. This means the waves are identical physically but in terms of time they are out of phase. Typically, scalar waves are different from regular hertzian waves.

What is Scalar Healing? 

Scalar healing involves the use of quantum scalar energy pendants to achieve healing benefits in the human body. We are beings of vibration and energy. The body produces a wide variety of energies and frequencies, both negative and positive waves. The quantum scalar energy pendants tend to reflect and concentrate our healing energy back into the body. Scalar energy pendants have a coherent energy field and when it is worn, the coherency transfers to the energy field in the body.

How Does a Scalar Energy Pendant Work?

Some scalar energy pendants contain lava and more than 70 minerals integrated by volcanic heat. They subsequently go through a reheating process, which utilizes micro-fusion technology and leads to a stationary energy known as scalar energy. This energy field tends to fill in itself and doesn’t radiate like a waveform, but rather expands in circles of energy. The circular movement helps to create a protective shield around the body, thus protecting it from the damaging rays. 

The shield can help neutralize artificial frequencies of up to 60 Hertz, by enhancing the body’s natural defense system against radiation. Besides, a scalar energy pendant can also help balance our chakra, which assists us to heal faster.

What is the Scalar Energy Pendant Made From?

The Scalar energy pendant is made of natural minerals that are structurally bonded and fused together at a molecular level. The unique material has the ability to absorb heat and transform it instantly into bio-energy. It can instantly emit scalar energy, transforming bio-energy into the body to promote molecular activities of water in our organs. This benefits the body’s metabolic functions and elevates blood circulation systems. This result in holistic healthcare functions the most natural way. By restoring the body’s energy balance, the pendant helps to maintain well-being and health.

How Can a Scalar Energy Pendant Benefit me?

The Scalar Energy Pendant produce negative ions as well as beneficial earth related energies which has the ability to stimulate the energy in our body. These negative ions help to neutralize the positive ions in our body. Positive ions are associated with free radicals, so free radicals will flourish where there’s an abundance of positive ions. Free radicals are responsible for various issues in the human body, specifically aging and degeneration. Negative ions help to neutralize the positive ions, thus reducing the free radicals.

Healing Benefits of Scalar Energy

The Nervous System

There are four types of waves present in the brain – Delta, Theta, Alpha, and Beta. Scalar Energy can promote Alpha wave frequency in our brain. The brain subsequently resonates at the same vibration as the energy field of the earth and can amplify these vibrations. If the frequency is transmitted all through the body, it can help the cells in our body achieve a resonance which is important to optimum health.


Scalar energy can help increase the chemical bonds’ strength within the DNA as it increases the energy covalent level of every hydrogen atom in the body to its optimal energy potential, thus making the DNA more damage resistant.


One important mechanism of scalar energy in the body is to increase the energy levels of any cell. The energy level of cells tends to decrease to 15 millivolts in cancer, scalar waves can help bring the energy level up to the optimal level of 70 millivolts. Therefore, the increased energy level of cell helps to prevent the spread of cancer cells and aids cancer healing. Scalar energy can increase the energy levels of the cell.


The mitochondrion is responsible for the production of energy in the cells for optimal functioning of the body’s organs. When the mitochondrion can’t produce energy then scalar energy can help to maintain energy levels for normal functioning of all the body’s organs. This usually results in the regeneration of cell and therefore age-related diseases can be prevented as it slows down the aging process and helps in the maintenance of a healthy life.

Detoxification and Cellular Nutrition 

By improving cell permeability, scalar energy facilitates the intake of different nutrients into the cell while also helping to remove a wide range of toxic substances. So it helps to maintain cellular nutrition for cell growth.

Inflammation and Healing

Scalar waves improve the biofield radiating both within and outside the body by permeating the tissues of the body. This effect causes dilation and relaxation of the peripheral blood vessels in the body. The unclumping of cells causes an increase in circulation.


When scalar energy coil is used in a wrist watch, the proliferation of lymphocytes is increased to 75 percent than without the coil. These improvements in endocrine and immune systems from the study of scalars in vitro were found by Puharich.

Body’s Homeostasis

The Scalar Energy Pendant can help to restore the body’s harmonies regulating the ‘homeostasis’ of the body. Homeostasis is a condition of equilibrium, the dynamic range of balance where the body’s systems operate together while also resonating at their optimum. 

Benefits of Drinking Scalar Energized Water

Our body is 70 percent water. The brain even has more with 90 percent of water. We are a human and water being, therefore the quality of the water present in the body is very vital to our health. The quality of water in the body is indeed critical.

The scalar energy pendant can improve our water quality and improve the quality of the water in the body. The water will be nano-clustered, making it bio-active and energized. So the water can now penetrate our cells detoxifying and hydrating them. You can wear the pendant every day; this enables the scalar energy to continuously treat the body’s water.

You can use the scalar energy pendant to energize or charge your water by putting it under your tumbler or a glass of water. You can also charge inexpensive wine to taste better, like expensive wine. It will certainly be smoother. Simply place the wine or water over the pendant for about 10 to 15 minutes. The water will become nano-clustered and energized, and thus becoming good quality water for the body.

Studies have shown that when scalar energy imprints on water, it tends to transform it from unstructured to structured, nano-clustered water. When you consume scalar energized water, it restores the acid/alkaline balance of the body at the optimum level. Additionally, it can inhibit the growth of a wide range of infectious bacteria strains such as Candida albicans, Staphylococcus aureus, and E.coli.

It also promotes protein structure, reduces inflammation, increases nutrient absorption, improves intracellular water that consists of cell waste removal, repairs pancreatic cells, lowers blood sugar, and increases immune function. Beyond that, consuming scalar energized water can quicken the adjustment period on those using a scalar energy device.    

Scalar energy has been shown to have many healing properties. It has been applied to eliminate and reduce a wide range of diseases. Now that you better understand scalar energy, hopefully you can benefit from its magical effects.