Aircraft Travel EMF Protector
Aircraft Travel EMF Protector - Orgone Energy Australia
Aircraft Travel EMF Protector - Orgone Energy Australia
Aircraft Travel EMF Protector - Orgone Energy Australia
Aircraft Travel EMF Protector - Orgone Energy Australia
Aircraft Travel EMF Protector - Orgone Energy Australia
Aircraft Travel EMF Protector - Orgone Energy Australia
Orgone Energy Australia

Aircraft Travel EMF Protector

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Aircraft Harmonizer EMF Protector


Just because you have a jet-setting lifestyle does not mean you need to expose yourself to EMF radiation. 


Many people recognize the importance of protecting themselves from EMF radiation while at home or work. However, they leave themselves vulnerable to potential health problems from exposure to EMF radiation while traveling. 

Hate to Fly? EMFs May be the Reason! 



Anyone who has traveled on passenger jet aircraft knows what an uncomfortable and unpleasant experience it is. Despite the fact that the airline makes every attempt to provide comfortable seating, and provide distractions such as movies, meals, and beverages. 

Can you Afford to Feel Jet-Lagged? 


Jet lag


In addition to the discomfort of travel, air travel often also includes a whole range of uncomfortable symptoms often referred to as 'jet lag'. 

The cause of jet lag is an overabundance of unhealthy, harmful positive ions created by the aircraft itself.  As the molecules in the air and moisture move over the surface area of the aircraft, this produces friction on its surface area.  

This results in more than an abundance of unhealthy positive Ions on the outside of the aircraft itself, and around the inside of the aircraft cabin which is why personal protective equipment is required when flying.  

The heated air circulating the inside of the plane comes straight from the jet engines, which are completely overloaded with positive ions.  These are what produce all the signs and symptoms of jet lag, fatigue, and discomfort.


Avoid Jet Lag and Travel Better with EMF Protection


The Aircraft Travel EMF Protector is the ultimate jet lag remedy and solution to these issues.  If you are searching for the very best in personal protective equipment, look no further for personal space protection everywhere you travel.

You can carry your Aircraft Travel EMF Protector in your handbag, purse, backpack, or briefcase at all times to provide 30 meters of protection everywhere you go on a daily basis. 

These are great as personal protective equipment especially when traveling on Public Transport such as trains, trams, and buses where everyone is using their wireless devices or iPhones. 

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

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The  Amazing Benefits Of Orgone Energy Generators

This Orgone Product provides you with 30 meters (approximately 99 Feet) as personal protective equipment.

Approximate Dimensions are 50 mm in diameter x 20mm high or 1 1/4 inches in diameter x 2/3 inches.  Weight: approximately 30 grams.






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