Vehicle And Car EMR Harmonizer Orgone Generator

Orgone Car EMF Harmonizer

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Thank you so much for arranging the pick up for me. I feel so much better with the Geoclense Harmonizer in place. Within 10 minutes I felt the energy change in the house, it 'lifted', cleared, got lighter. My partner said he felt better, he had been feeling down, and suddenly wasn't. Even the cat came out of hiding and played on the couch with us. She has been much more herself since then, too.
Kaytie Wood

Product Description

Car EMF Orgone Generator

You will feel a tangible difference in your driving experience when driving with your Car EMF Orgone Generator which prevents road rage and driver fatigue.  Are you looking for an amazing motion sickness remedy or a way to prevent car sickness for children?  Look no further.  

You may not be aware that cars generate an incredible amount of electrical field from the dashboard, exposing both the driver and front seat passenger to many times the recommended safe level of EMF. Authorities say it is best to avoid long term exposure to EMF levels between 1-3 milligauss.

Are you aware that most cars throw out up to 70 times these levels? It is a small wonder that we get driver fatigue leading to Road Rage behind the wheel! In addition to the EMF emanating from your car dashboard, static electricity can build up in your body from your clothes on the car seat which a also cause  motion sickness or car sickness.

The Car Orgone Generator reduces driver fatigue by harmonizing and neutralizing EMF, EMR, ELF and harmful energy everywhere you drive. The amazing Car EMF Orgone Generator even protects you from phone, computer, and WiFi radiation in your vehicle and from the environment around you, providing you with total personal space protection.

Your Car EMF Orgone Generator is simply plugged into your vehicle's auxiliary power socket  (12 Volt adapter or cigarette lighter) on your dashboard, and now comes with two USB ports recharging or running your electronic devices.

The benefits of installing the Car EMF Orgone Generator are:
* Greatly reduces driver fatigue and road rage
* Reduces your Fuel Consumption
* Driver and occupants travel and arrive in a happier state of mind
* Increase in oxygen levels for the occupants
* Prevents motion sickness, car sickness and travel sickness
* A more harmonious and energetic travelling environment

The Car EMF Orgone Generator will reduce the effects of radiation from your iPhone and wireless devices such as iPads, GPS devices or other devices fitted with hands free;  as this will harmonizer all the electromagnetic radiation from electrical wiring on your dashboard;  and neutralizes the effects of the fuel lines which often contributes to motion sickness or car sickness, especially in the back seat, and is the ultimate remedy to prevent these.

May be used with any 12 volt system - car, caravan, boat, truck - just plug one into your 12 volt socket points. Totally portable product!

How To Install Your Car EMR Harmonizer

The Car EMR Harmonizer is designed to fit all cars that have a 12 volt "cigarette lighter" point, therefore is very easy to install. Some of the cigarette lighter or 12 volt DC points in some cars are slightly smaller than others.  

Because of this, the Car EMR Harmonizer comes with 'spring loaded' side arms to accommodate this.  There are the sliver clips on each side. You may need to push in it bit harder in order to get it to fit in some vehicles. If you do not have a cigarette lighter or 12 volt DC point in your car (we have only found two customers who have not), no problem!

The next best solution would be to carry an Aircraft Travel EMF Harmonizer in your vehicle, or better still keep one in your purse, hand bag, backpack or brief case so that you have one with you for total protection where ever you go, or use Aircraft Travel EMF Harmonizer in car, as it will work to protect your entire vehicle.

So What Devices Can I Plug Into My Car EMF Harmonizer?

These days, most iPhones, iPads, iPods GPS navigators and electronic devices now use a USB cable to recharge them; hence recently we updated the Car EMF Harmonizer to one that now has two USB Cable ports for this purpose. 

Note that your iPhone or cell phone does not have to be plugged into the Car EMF Harmonizer for it to be protected, unless you are actually recharging it. Your Car EMF Harmonizer will harmonize all harmful energy whilst is it operating when it is plugged into your 12 volt cigarette lighter and vehicle's ignition is on, and will continually harmonize all phone usage in the vehicle. 

If your car is stationary, and you have to use your iPhone or iPad whilst not driving, please ensure you turn your ignition on to engage your Car EMF Harmonizer, otherwise you will not be protected useless it is operating.

Please note that it is very dangerous to use your Cell phone or iPhone when it is plugged in and charging, as you risk it exploding!  Please ensure you do not ever use your phone while it is actually charging.