Men’s Hematite Bracelet
Men’s Hematite Bracelet
Men’s Hematite Bracelet
Men’s Hematite Bracelet
Men’s Hematite Bracelet
Men’s Hematite Bracelet
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Men’s Hematite Bracelet

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Hematite is a dark-colored natural gemstone made from iron oxide. Hematite contains areas or streaks of red throughout or underneath the dark-colored exterior, which is what gives hematite its name. Hematite is named after the Greek word haima, which means “blood.” Ironically, hematite has healing powers often time associated with blood, such as stopping blood flow from an injury, lowering blood pressure, and regulating blood flow.

The use of hematite goes all the way back to ancient Egypt when Egyptians would use the gemstone for healing purposes and health benefits. Today, the hematite gemstone is used for healing, but it is also commonly seen adorning the body to prevent and protect the body from negative energy. Hematite can be used for the body, mind, and spirit.

Healing Properties of Hematite


Hematite is an iron-rich gemstone. Because of its richness in iron, the metaphysical properties of hematite make this stone extremely beneficial in healing blood issues directly related to levels of iron within the body, such as anemia. Other physical issues that hematite has the ability to treat are headaches, aches and pain, blood pressure, blood regulation, nerve pain, muscle cramps, and broken bones.


Hematite has strong grounding energy that is used to bring inner peace, clarity, and positivity to those who wear or hold the gemstone. It brings calmness, relieves stress, and balances your mind, body, and spirit. Hematite is related to the root chakra. The root chakra is closely related to the earth and the energy that is found within the body, which is why hematite is so beneficial to balancing the root chakra.


Hematite allows your mind to concentrate and focus, making hematite a beneficial gemstone to have while studying, meditating, or praying. Hematite also boosts confidence, self-esteem, and willpower. Hematite helps overcome addiction and over-indulgence. All of these areas of the mind can be improved by wearing or holding hematite.

Hematite Bracelet and Weight Loss

Because hematite aids in self-control, willpower, and preventing over-indulgence, hematite bracelets are an effective tool for weight loss. If blood circulation, blood flow, and lower blood pressure are not why you need a hematite bracelet, then consider the other health benefits that come from wearing a hematite bracelet.

Weight loss is a likely result of wearing a hematite bracelet because of the high energy the hematite emits. Hematite emits energy that will promote willpower. Willpower allows you to keep from overeating or over-consuming food and beverages that aid in weight gain, resulting in successful weight loss when wearing the gemstone.

Hematite Jewelry

Beginning in the 18th century, hematite was worn as jewelry to bring peace and dissolve negative energy, most often seen worn during mourning. Over time, hematite became a gemstone that would be worn daily to preserve positive energy and peace by dissolving negative energy and preventing it from entering the body.

Hematite jewelry is typically worn as a bracelet or necklace. As the gemstone comes in contact with your skin, you begin to receive the energy emitted from the hematite.

The Hematite Bracelet: Real vs. Fake

Hematite bracelets are extremely popular and easy to purchase, but you need to know what to look for before you purchase the first one you find. Today, it is common for some hematite bracelets to be classified as magnetic. While this may sound like an important feature to possess in your hematite bracelet, it is important to know what a magnetic hematite bracelet actually means.

Magnetic hematite bracelets are manmade and considered unnatural. Magnetic hematite bracelets are considered fake because it requires the hematite to be heated and cooled while the hematite is attached to a magnet. This makes the hematite magnetic and allows metals to be attracted to them. This is not considered natural hematite, as natural hematite does not have many, if any, magnetic properties within it. Further, magnetic hematite will exhibit dark colors when the hematite is scratched, while natural hematite will show a red color underneath when scratched.

If you find a hematite bracelet is labeled as magnetic, there is a high probability that the hematite has been altered from its original natural state. Therefore, it may not be as effective as a natural hematite bracelet.

How to Wear a Hematite Bracelet

When wearing a hematite bracelet, you will want to alternate the wrist the bracelet is on because of the amount of energy the hematite possesses. For example, if you start by wearing the hematite bracelet on the left wrist, you will want to transfer it to the right wrist after a few days. After a few days of wearing the bracelet on the right wrist, you will want to transfer it back to the left, and so on.

While wearing the hematite bracelet, you will have an increase in blood circulation and iron levels, but there are also many additional health benefits of wearing a hematite bracelet. These health benefits include relaxation, calmness, focus, and concentration. If you feel that one side of your body is becoming overstimulated, you will want to immediately transfer the hematite bracelet to the opposite wrist.

What Happens if my Hematite Bracelet Breaks?

It is not uncommon for a hematite bracelet to break. If you find that your hematite bracelet has broken over time, it is important to evaluate the reason why the bracelet broke. Hematite bracelets break for one of two reasons: the bracelet has fulfilled its use in your life, or the bracelet absorbed so much negative energy that it cannot handle anymore.

1. The bracelet has fulfilled its use. If the bracelet has fulfilled its use in your life and you feel that you do not need to continue wearing a hematite bracelet, you should gift the hematite pieces to a person in your life that you feel would benefit from the hematite. You can do this by simply giving them the piece(s) of the hematite, or by making a bracelet of their own.

If you choose to make them a bracelet, all you need is a simple elastic string. The elastic string is the best way to ensure the bracelet provides the best fit for the person wearing it. Simply string the hematite pieces or beads onto the elastic string and then tie the ends together to make the bracelet.

2. The hematite has absorbed too much negative energy. If your hematite bracelet has broken and you feel like you need to continue wearing one because of negativity and chaotic energy in your life, then you should purchase another hematite bracelet to replace the one that has broken.

Order a Hematite Bracelet or Make your Own!

Whether you want to order a hematite bracelet or make your own, you will receive the many benefits of the hematite gemstone as soon as you begin wearing it.

Natural Tiger Eye Hematite Men’s Beaded Bracelet

natural tiger eye hematite men’s beaded bracelet

natural tiger eye mens bracelet

This natural hematite bracelet for men features black lava stone and tiger eye hematite gemstones and is 19cm long. Typically there are 12 total bracelets shipped in an order, but you can order a sample or trial order from the supplier if you only need one.

The supplier is a gold supplier and has a high approval rating of 4.9 out of 5.0. The supplier’s response rate is 94.4%, which means you can easily message the supplier and receive a quick response back.

How to Cleanse your Hematite Bracelet

The most important feature of your hematite bracelet is its healing power. A hematite bracelet that has not been properly cleansed will not promote the maximum health benefits that a cleansed hematite bracelet would.

Additionally, hematite stones that are not regularly cleansed will eventually reach the full capacity of negativity that it can hold. This means that your hematite bracelet will become more likely to break or be less effective.

Therefore, it is important to properly cleanse your hematite bracelet so that you can get the maximum healing and health benefits from the stone.

Cleansing the hematite bracelet and stones is easy to do, and there are many methods you can follow.

The first method is by using a running water supply, so you will need access to running water. A natural running water supply, such as a stream, is best for cleansing your stones. If you don’t have access to a natural running water supply, you can use a household faucet. Simply place the hematite bracelet under the running water for approximately one minute to cleanse the stones.

The next method is by using saltwater. If you have access to a natural saltwater supply, such as an ocean, sea, or bay, you can collect a container of saltwater to soak the hematite stones in. If you do not have access to natural saltwater, you can make your own by taking tap water and mixing in a teaspoon of salt. You will need to soak the hematite bracelet for 48 hours.

The last method you can use is natural sunlight. You will not want to place the stone in the sunlight for long periods of time or during the hottest part of the day. Additionally, natural moonlight will also cleanse the stone, so you should place the hematite outside on the earth at night and bring inside in the morning hours.