Orgone Car EMF Harmonizer
Orgone Car EMF Harmonizer - Orgone Energy Australia
Orgone Car EMF Harmonizer
Orgone Car EMF Harmonizer
Orgone Car EMF Harmonizer
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Orgone Car EMF Harmonizer

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Car EMF Orgone Generator

Make car trips a better experience with the Car EMF Orgone Generator. This generator is a great tool to help improve motion sickness or a way to prevent car sickness for children as well as improve road rage

You may not be aware that cars generate an incredible amount of electromagnetic radiation from the dashboard. Unfortunately, this exposes both the driver and front-seat passenger to many times the recommended safe level of EMF.


Authorities say it is best to avoid long-term exposure to EMF levels between 1-3 milligauss. Yet our cars are expelling up to 70 times these levels.



It is no wonder that we get driver fatigue leading to road rage behind the wheel!


In addition to the EMF emanating from your car dashboard, static electricity can build up in your body from your clothes on the car seat which can also cause motion sickness or car sickness.


The Car Orgone Generator reduces driver fatigue by harmonizing and neutralizing EMF, EMR, ELF, and harmful energy everywhere you drive.

The amazing Car EMF Orgone Generator even protects you from the phone, computer, and WiFi radiation in your vehicle. It also protects you from the environment around you, providing you with total personal space protection.


The benefits of installing the Car EMF Orgone Generator are:

* Greatly reduces driver fatigue and road rage
* Reduces your Fuel Consumption
* Driver and occupants travel and arrive in a happier state of mind
* Increase in oxygen levels for the occupants
* Prevents motion sickness, car sickness, and travel sickness
* A more harmonious and energetic traveling environment


A Better Driving Experience

The Car EMF Orgone Generator will reduce the effects of radiation from your iPhone and wireless devices such as iPads, GPS devices, or other devices fitted with hands-free.

This Car EMF harmonizer neutralizes all the electromagnetic radiation from electrical wiring on your dashboard;  and neutralizes the effects of the fuel lines which often contribute to motion sickness or car sickness, especially in the back seat. 


You will feel a tangible difference in your driving experience when driving with your Car EMF Orgone Generator which prevents road rage and driver fatigue. 


How To Install Your Car EMR Harmonizer

The Car EMR Harmonizer is designed to fit all cars that have a USB port, therefore it is very easy to install.


The next best solution would be to carry an Aircraft Travel EMF Harmonizer in your vehicle, or better still keep one in your purse, handbag, backpack, or briefcase so that you have one with you for total protection where ever you go, or use Aircraft Travel EMF Harmonizer in the car, as it will work to protect your entire vehicle.




What Happens After I Place my Order? 

Once you place your order with Orgone Energy, you will get a confirmation email from us letting you know that we are working hard to get your items ready for shipment. 

Shipment of your order will originate either directly from our manufacturer in Australia, or from our warehouse in New York state depending on where you live in the world. 

Once your order is shipped, you will receive another email from us letting you know your Orgone Energy Car Harmonizer is on its way. 


Our Satisfaction Guarantee



If you are not completely satisfied with your Car Harmonizer, simply reach out to us and we will do everything we can to try and make it right. Any items in sellable condition can easily be returned for a full refund. For more information, see our Refund Policy. 


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