Orgone Sports Wrist Band For Endurance And Strength

Sports Energizer Wristband

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Thank you so much for arranging the pick up for me. I feel so much better with the Geoclense Harmonizer in place. Within 10 minutes I felt the energy change in the house, it 'lifted', cleared, got lighter. My partner said he felt better, he had been feeling down, and suddenly wasn't. Even the cat came out of hiding and played on the couch with us. She has been much more herself since then, too.
Kaytie Wood

Product Description

Sports Energizer Wristband

The Quantum Energizer Sport Necklace is designed to improve your overall sporting performance, no matter what your sporting activity type is. These amazing Quantum Energizer Sport Necklaces provide you with the leading edge while playing or competing in any sports activities, even if it is just improving your personal best.

Orgone Energy Pendants increase the size and vibration of the aura, which then harmonizes and neutralizes all lower vibrational harmful energy fields such as Orgone Energy Pendant seals your aura and protects you from Geopathic stress, radio frequencies, electromagnetic fields, Wireless radiation and blue tooth, computer and iPhone radiation.

Increase Your Energy, Stamina And Endurance 

The highly powerful Quantum Energizer Sport Necklace will provide you with ten metres of protection from all forms of hazardous energies including magnetic fields, electromagnetic frequencies, radio frequencies, WiFi and radiation - no matter where you are performing - while at the same time balancing and strengthening your Aura and Chakras, and increasing your endurance, strength, stamina, energy levels, intuition and sustainability.

Each Quantum Energizer Sport Necklace is handmade making each item totally unique, therefore, each item will vary in shade and colour from the one shown.   

Do you have some questions regarding using our Quantum Orgone Pendants?  Orgone Pendant FAQ Page

Each Orgone Pendant weights approximate 7-8 grams

Large 105mm

Small 90mm

Laid Flat (double this to include the total circumference of each Orgone Energy Sports Ener-Band)

Giving you a total of ten metres protection all round you no matter where you are wearing this