Hypersensitive To EMF?

Are you hypersensitive to electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and why do I react to them?  EMF is an "electrostatic" field  or electromagnetic field that comes off any electronic device that emits energy, frequencies, radiation or field of energy of any type.  

Many of the new small electronic devices we use these days emit electromagnetic fields of varying degrees.  Many of us find that our body is under stress when exposed to these electromagnetic fields, and constant exposure to these is now making a lot of us very sensitive to these small electronic devices, and very unwell.


The reason you may develop electromagnetic hypersensitivity to EMR, EMF, digital iPhones, computers, Smart Meters,  the new style Digital televisions or other radiation emitting devices, is that it may be possible that you most likely have Systemic Health issues. 

These may include heavy metals and Mercury toxicity, a Candida yeast infection (moulds and fungi), bacterial or viral infections, bio-toxins or parasites.  This is because your Aura or energy fields around your body become weak, leaving you with less resistance to all forms of harmful radiation. 

Watch what happens when micro-organisms are exposed to harmful energy and what causes electromagnetic hypersensitivity


Pyroluria, Autism and Lyme's Disease Also Cause Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

What else causes Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity?

Did you know that the biggest source of Mercury and Heavy metals in the body come from the Placenta before you are born? 

Our parents carry Mercury and heavy metals in their bodies which we are born with. This then leads to a yeast infection called Candida, and many other underlying Systemic Health conditions. It is these that cause Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity.