How To Use Orgone Energy and Schumann Frequency Generators

  • Locate an one near your Smart Meter, Digital TV, computers and wireless modem or on a flat metal surface area to harmonize and neutralize all forms of harmful energy throughout your home
  • Place an one under your drinking water filter, a jug or glass of water to energize and ionizer it before drinking as this will enhance hydration of your cells
  • Put one inside your fridge to neutralize the electromagnetic radiation from the motor, ionizing your food, keeping it fresh for longer
  • Energize all your meals by placing them on one for a few minutes prior to consumption, will improve the assimilation of minerals and vitamins
  • Stand a bottle of wine (or any drink of your choice) on top of  one for 10 minutes prior to consumption, to neutralize the preservatives, to enhance its flavour
  • Put one underneath the bottom of a vase of flowers or floral bouquet and keep them fresh for longer
  • Place one on your desk or work station and stand your tea, coffee, drinks or water on it while you are working to ionize them before consumption
  • Carry an Aircraft Harmonizer inside your backpack, purse, handbag or briefcase to ensure that you retain a pleasant energy field around you, keeping yourself totally protected everywhere you go
  • Have one on your child’s bedside table for a better night's sleep (this especially good if anyone is experiencing nightmares, anxiety or panic attacks)
  • Take one with you whenever you travel and place it on the bedside table before you go to bed, to provide protection from harmful energy whilst away from home
  • Have one placed within any location where you feel or find there are hazardous energies require harmonization
  • Rejuvenate all of your skincare, hair care, beauty and shaving products on one a few minutes and increase their effectiveness
  • Place one under any indoor plants or place it in your vegetable garden and improve the growth of your garden to increase growth - these not cause plants to grow spindly like Orgonite
  • Place one in or on top of your compost bin to break it down faster and improve it
  • Place one in your toilet, sewerage outlet and drainage pipes to harmonize and neutralize the black water energy and water veins that these create 
  • Use one as a Rainmaker (you get a Free set of specific Rainmaking instructions to do this at the end of your receipt page)
  • Locate one anywhere you feel the need for an improve in the energy of the surrounding environment such as in your Baby's room, Meditation Room, Healing, Room, Clinic Room or Health Centre

Orgone Generator Reviews

These Generators are very good.  Much, much better than any of that Orgonite for sale that I bought in the pass.  I really like the Dome Orgone Energy Generator particularly. When I place them on my abdomen, I can literally feel that they neutralize negative energy and charge all of me up with magnificent life giving healing energy. I believe your Orgonium energy tools may well be of very great health giving value. I am really excited about continuing to use them. Please continue with your revolutionary work! All my best wishes, Andreas, Norway Friday, 28th December 2012

You really have the most amazing product!  The parcel when it arrive changed the energy of the house and my teething baby has stopped complaining. These are a vast improvement on any Orgonite.  Thanks again, Karen, Sydney, Australia Tue, 4 Sep 2012

I am a natural therapist and your wonderful Generators are great for protection in our clinic. I purchased some for a friend, after my mother bought them for the whole family recently. She doesn't get affected by harmful radiation at the shopping centre now and everyone feels much calmer! Kind regards, Sheree S. QLD, Australia Mon, 27 Aug 2012