"Here in Miami now ready to board the ship for the Bahamas’ and wanted to reach out to you regarding my Geoclense. Love it, we have one at home and I also have one I travel with. In fact, it is with me on this trip!

As you know, I travel around the world a couple of times each year and both at home and abroad I have always felt exposed to EMR from all variety of sources.
From the TV, blue tooth, lap tops, micro waves, not to mention the emotional energy associated with previous guests in the numerous hotels, cruise ships, etc.  Would not want to be without this product."

Mack, U.S.A.



"For as long as I can remember, I have always been sensitive to electromagnetic stress.  Since purchasing the Geoclense Home Harmonizer, I definitely feel less “fuzzy” and scattered and more calm and peaceful, with an inner sense of stillness and harmony I didn’t feel before.

Our home feels lighter and clearer. I feel the whole family sleeps more soundly and overall the children seem more calm and centred."

Rochelle Evenden, N.S.W.

"I very recently purchased 2 x mobile phone protectors for my husband and I. I have to admit I was very skeptical, and my husband thought I was crazy.  I was just sick of my phone always being so hot in my hand and on my ear.  My husband has his phone in his pocket all day long and uses it constantly for work. 

We are both utterly shocked and blown away by the immediate results.  Our phones are always cold, they don't get horribly hot.  We both feel better too, we always had headaches and felt fatigued and drained.  Since placing them in our phone cases we have noticed physical and emotional changes. 

We are so impressed I've just spent a small fortune buying more products and I'm sure it won't be the last order I place.  Thank you SO MUCH for your products."
Sammie Hogarth, Sydney, N.S.W.
"You must search for Gerard Bini and his amazing products: Orgone Effects Australia. Don’t waste time and money mucking around. Do it once, and do it properly. There are even personal EMR pendants my husband will actually wear. Love ours, have made a huge difference."
Alissa Pattrick
"I have been using Gerard’s Geoclense product ever since spending the night at my parent’s place they own a Bed & Breakfast (States Mines Hotel B & B, in Wonthaggi, Victoria), where the Geocleanse was installed the night Gerard was actually staying there. 

Overnight, I noticed a distinct change in my emotional state and an overall sense of well-being, and I immediately became curious about these products and the technology. Since then, I have purchased a Geoclense for my own home and began wearing his Ionic Pendant and they have both made significant improvements to my physical and mental health, and I have achieved goals that I had previously lacked the motivation and will-power to achieve.

I have also noticed an increase in my energy levels, particularly when coming home after working at my office all day in front of the computer.  In fact, after forgetting to wear my pendant one day, I was particularly moody, lethargic, and grumpy when I came home – I used to think this was normal!  Since being exposed to Gerard’s products, I can identify a very positive turning point in my life and I am extremely grateful for discovering this technology.

The guests regularly comment to my parents on the restful night’s sleep they had while staying at their B & B where the Geoclense remains installed."

Michael, Melbourne

"After understanding just how many EMR fields were in my home and how they were affecting my health, I purchased a Geoclense and the effects were felt very quickly.

One of the first things I noticed was my sleep had improved and I felt very refreshed on waking up. The energy in my home also changed to a much lighter and calmer feel. My children also were a lot calmer and my son’s health improved a lot.

When I go away, the Geoclense always comes with me as today we are surrounded by so many EMR fields, it pays to be protected."

Sheryl, South Brisbane

"I bought the Geoclense on a bit of a whim after attending a course to help with my son’s sensory processing and behavioural issues. They suggested that individuals with sensitivities often have an Electro Magnetic Frequency component so, I thought it was worth a try.

The results for us have been fantastic.  As soon as the Geoclense was plugged in, there was lightness to the atmosphere and I felt that the house even sounded different.  The buzzing in my head (which up until this point I was unaware of), lifted and cleared.  For my son I have seen a marked difference in his behaviour, he is much calmer with much fewer and less extreme aggressive outbursts.  I see him for the first time being able to make good decisions for himself, it’s like he has been able to move on from old restrictive patterns that were holding him back.  His sleep is much more consistent and he now no longer fights the natural need to sleep like he had always done before. In fact, there is a marked improvement in all of our sleep cycles. Overnight guests also comment on this, saying they sleep better here than at home.

My sons birth was very traumatic and this trauma has kept playing out between us and has caused us a great deal of stress.  I have seen a marked improvement in our relationship since installing the Geoclense.  It feels like it has lifted the trauma field between us and allowed us to form a healthier relationship."
Thank you OEA!

Clara Collings, London, UK


"When people come to my home they say they feel a sense of peace and calm. I did notice the difference, too, when I took the Geoclense to the Seaway Tower where I work which as you can imagine is teeming with EMR with all the phone towers on the building. It seemed to make a difference to the energy in the building, and my co-workers even commented at the time of how peaceful they felt.

At times, the noise around my house can be very irritating with drills, jackhammers, lawn mowers, leaf blowers and edge trimmings going off outside. Thankfully I have the energy of the Geoclense to keep me calm."


Robbi, Broadbeach, Queensland

"We have had our Geoclense for around seven years now. We have actually become so accustomed to its balancing benefits that we cannot live without it!

We take our Geoclense with us when we go on holidays or to stay with family and friends. Our Geoclense allows us to stay in a state of natural balance without the interference of man-made electro currents. When we do not use our Geoclense we do not sleep soundly and can often suffer from insomnia.

The Geoclense makes our home feel like a sanctuary, a place where we can feel in harmony at all times, undisturbed by the outside world."

Kirsty Smith, Annette Daley Designs

"As I have had the Geoclense for so long, I had forgotten how I was before using it.  It works in a subtle way so one does not notice it.

I do recall when I was using the Geoclense at my parent’s place at a time of great stress, I remember how I started to feel like I could cope, so I do believe in its properties.

When I am at home with it quietly working its magic on me, I always sleep better and feel happy and at peace."

Marilyn, Toowoomba, Queensland

"I have had the Geoclense for some years now and I am very pleased it is there to protect my family from the various devices in our home which includes laptops, tablets, a printer using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, Smart TVs, smartphones. And not to mention, of course, being surrounded by Wi-Fi and goodness knows what else living in Sydney.

I would never want to be without it and I am very pleased someone took the time to tell me about the Geoclense. With so much radiation around us, it is so important to have a Geoclense in the home."

Dragana, Sydney

"I would like to give a testimonial about my Geoclense. My family and I are not big users of electronic products but we do have computers and mobile phones, and we wanted to be protected from harmful radiation, and after doing our due diligence we settled upon the Geoclense for our whole home protection.

We have owned one now for approximately 5 years and we certainly have maintained excellent health and I inherently believe a large part of that good health is due to being protected against the myriad of harmful EMR that is endemic in our society."
Thanking you.

Paul Pollock

"I have had my Geoclense for many years now. To test its effectiveness, I took it out of the wall outlet. I noticed I got tired using my laptop which stopped as soon as I plugged it back in. One other time I noticed I was getting tired on the computer so I plugged the Geoclense into a different power point and it worked immediately. That other power point had gone faulty."

Sandy Stevenson

"I work at a Health Food store where we have been selling and highly recommending the Geoclense and Mobile Phone Radiation Harmonizers and I have also personally been using these products for many years.

I love the Geoclense and never allow it to be turned off.  However, recently my girlfriend and her children came over for a visit and it was accidentally switched off at the power point.  I noticed it was off immediately, as I felt the difference in the house which felt suddenly heavy and very uncomfortable.  I was so relieved when we turned the Geoclense back on, and we all noticed the difference straight away, as the house felt lighter, clearer and calm again.

I have another friend who comes to visit us regularly and it’s interesting how he always comments on how “peaceful” our home is and how “good” it feels here."

Jos, Mt. Eliza Health Food StoreMt. Eliza, Victoria


"Since having had my house cleansed with the Geoclense installed in the electrical circuit, I have been waking up feeling awake for the first time in my life (55 years of waking up feeling as tired as when I went to bed is a good point of reference!). I can’t thank him enough.

I know that it is Gerard’s work that has made the difference because I have used many other methods of healing and protection, and nothing has made the astounding difference that I am now experiencing. All the phones in my house are also harmonized which is also helping."
Dr. Jessica Read, London, UK