Orgone Pendants Frequently Asked Questions

Placing My Quantum Orgone Pendant On Another Chain Or Necklace

There is absolutely no issue at all with taking the cord off your Orgone Pendant and placing it onto any gold, silver or platinum chain or necklace of your choice.  

Whatever type of necklace you place your Orgone Pendant on, it will automatically become infused with the Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance frequencies that your Orgone Pendant has been infused with.

Difference Between The Different Orgone Pendants

All of our Quantum Orgone Energy Pendants provide you with exactly the same protection.

The difference between our Quantum Orgone Pendantsis the materials they are made from, which is described in detail in all of our Orgone Pendant product descriptions.  Or standard Quantum Orgone Pendants are made from biocompatible resin which is an amazing substance for holding the Orgone Energy and Schumann Waves frequencies and are designed to be worn 24/7.

More recently, our research showed us that Glass and Shell has the same abilities to hold the Orgone Energy and Schumann Waves frequencies well too.  


Difference Between Quantum Sports Orgone Pendants, Sports Wristband And The Coloured Quantum Orgone Pendants

The Quantum Sports Orgone Pendant works exactly the same way as the rest of our coloured Quantum Orgone Pendants. The highly protective Orgone Pendant has also been especially programmed to improve your performance to increase your strength, endurance, stamina, flexibility, concentration, co-ordination, intuition and strategy skills.

Can Quantum Orgone Pendants Get Affected By Anything?

Sweat, heat, water or anything else does not affect our Orgone Energy Pendants.  It is simply a choice as to whether you wish to take your Orgone Pendant off when you bath, shower or swim.   However, if you wish, you may also leave your Orgone Energy Pendant on all times if you wish to.

Can I Carry My Orgone Pendant Instead Of Wearing It?

You may carry your Orgone Pendant in your pocket, handbag or purse if you wish, however, you are more at risk of losing it. It will provide you with 10 metres of protection no matter wear it is.Another way to wear it, if you do not wish to have it seen, is to wear it over your shoulder by putting one arm through the necklace so that it is on your side when you get dressed.

Another option, if you would prefer not to wear something, would be to carry an Aircraft Harmonizer Personal Space Protector with you everywhere you go, which will provide you with 30 metes of personal space protection which will also harmonize all vehicles while you are in them including buses, train carriages, trucks and recreational vehicles.

Quantum Orgone Pendants Improve Sleep And Dreaming

They are the best protection for people who do not sleep well, would be to have a Geoclense plugged into your home and switched on at all times, as there may be other energies that are affecting her.  This will greatly improve her sleep.  See our Orgone Energy Reviews and Testimonials page at Orgone Energy Reviews and Customer Testimonials

It would also be highly recommended that you wear an Orgone Pendant, if you do not sleep well, at all times to strengthen and heal your Aura as well as you physical body, and to protect you when you are away from the home, and away from the Geoclense Orgone Generator.

Quantum Orgone Pendants Can Be Worn All Day Every Day And All Night

Yes, you can wear your Quantum Orgone Energy Healing Pendant every day and you can wear your Quantum Orgone Pendant whilst you sleep for extra protection, if you wish.  Many people with Sleep Disorders find they actually sleep much better when they wear their Orgone Pendant. 

You do not need to take a break from wearing your Orgone Pendant at all, as your amazingly protective Pendant will constantly work to keep your Aura sealed and you protected at all times, as well as do healing and repair work of your energy fields, while at the same time improving your health, well-being and energy levels.  Some people prefer to take their Quantum Pendant off whilst showering, bathing or swimming, but this is not necessary to do this and is up to the individual.

What Is The Life Expectancy Of My Quantum Orgone Pendant?

The life expectancy of your Quantum Orgone Pendant is that they will last you for your entire lifetime.  You do not need to be concerned about them becoming ineffective, as they will not do this.

When wearing an Orgonium Orgone Pendant, is it necessary to have Phone Protectors and a Geoclense too?

You would not require to wear Quantum Orgone Pendant where your Geoclense plugged into your home, workplace or office providing protection, only when your are away from those locations. 

If you do not have a Geoclense nor Phone Computer WiFi Radiation Protectors, then your Orgone Pendant will be required to protect you whilst using your phone, WiFi or computer.

The Geoclense provides a far greater scope and far better protection; by protecting your entire property to your boundary fences, and cannot be compared to an Orgone Pendant which has a completely different purpose. 

Quantum Orgone Pendant Is Made Using Our Unique Orgonium Orgone Technology

Orgonite pendants are made using metals, crystals and coil that produce a Negative Energy, which is harmful to the body and interferes with our chakra system, causing them to go out of balance. 

If you are sensitive to energy, you can feel great pain and discomfort in your body if you wear one of these.  Some are better than others are; however, even the better pendants seem to all have one side positive and one side negative.  I have seen Kinesiology clients over the years, whose entire muscles in the upper part of their body was completely jammed up and they were in excruciating pain, from wearing an Orgonite Pendant, after a very short time.

The Orgonium Quantum Orgone Pendant is not made with any such ingredients that are used to make Orgonite Pendants, and they get their double positive qualities from the energetic materials that they are made from.

Quantum Orgone Pendants increase the size and vibration of the aura, which compensates for lower vibration noxious energy fields such as Earth Magnetic Grid lines, Radio Frequencies, Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF) and Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF).

The Quantum Orgone Pendant are all solid-state Negative Ion generators (beneficial to health and well-being), whereas Orgonite products are solid-state Positive Ion generators (harmful energy). The unique Orgonium Orgone energy technology engineers this out.

Amazing Benefits Of Wearing A Quantum Orgone Pendant

Quantum Orgone Pendants not only protect you and your family from Electromagnetic Radiation but also from Radio Frequencies, Earth Magnetic Radiation, Geopathic Stress, Psychic Energies and Malevolent Paranormal energies where ever you whilst you are wearing one.  Harmful energy can be found everywhere, all of the time! 

The Quantum Orgone Pendant also prevent you from getting drained by Radon (from concrete) and from Fluorescent lights, which are in most schools, universities, offices, workplaces, shopping centres and supermarkets.

The Quantum Orgone Pendant And The Age Of Children, Toddlers And Babies

I have had lots of people purchase the Quantum Orgone Pendant for their children, with amazing results from these children wearing these effective Quantum Orgone Pendant, varying from increased confidence, less crying (especially when crying frequently), to better learning ability, to better overall health and well-being all around.

We have had children as young as two years old wearing your Quantum Orgone Pendant.  Mother’s often wear their Quantum Orgone Pendant for protection whilst breast-feeding, and some tuck your Quantum Orgone Pendant into their prams, pushers, bassinets and cots, so that their babies and toddlers are fully protection during sleep and wherever they go, increasing the depth and quality of sleep for their children.

What Orgone Products are suitable for children to wear, and what about for small children?

We have found that the best option for small is for them to wear one of the Orgone Ener-Band around their ankle.  To view the Orgone Ener-Bands see:

Children can wear an Orgone Pendant, and the best way for them to do this, is to shorten the length of the necklace that they come on, so that they do not loose it, which is less likely to occur with the Orgone Ener-Band around their ankle. You will find these

Another option for children, especially for school if they wear a school uniform is to iron an Orgone EMF Fabric Clothing protectors onto the backs uniforms, or onto their school clothing.  For more information please see:

Quantum Orgone Pendants Stop The Night Terrors

We have also found that the Quantum Orgone Pendant stops Night Terror for children and prevent the constant Nightmares that some children seem to experience. This is because the Quantum Orgone Pendants heal and strengthen the children’s’ aura and energy fields which are often not very strong, and this alone will certainly keep children more protected especially those that are sensitive. 

These Quantum Orgone Pendants protect children from exposure to electrical wiring in wall, electrical equipment, computers, Fluorescent lights, Wireless (Wi-Fi) technology, Digital televisions and much more.

For a free independent research report showing how the Quantum Orgone Pendant work by strengthening and healing our energy fields, please send subscribe to our EMF Radiation Protection Newsletters below.

Are The Natural Shell Pendants And The Sports Pendants Double Sided Positive?

The Shell Pendants are shell on both sides, and also come with two positive sides (and no negative side). The Shell Pendants provide exactly the same benefits as the Quantum Pendants and provide the same 10 metres of personal space protection. The Cream Orgone Pendant is the Sports Energizer Pendant and can be worn like any other Quantum Orgone Pendant, whilst providing maximum protection from electromagnetic fields, radiation and all forms of harmful energy.

Your Quantum Orgone Pendant Never Needs To Be Energetically Cleared

Your highly protective Orgone Pendant come with two double positive sides and will not ever require clearing. 

This is because the Orgonium Orgone Pendant is a solid-state "Orgone generators", therefore they do not ever accumulate harmful "positive ions", and will continually work by providing you with a very protective energy field of ten metres around you wherever you go.  Your Orgone Pendant works by healing and sealing your Aura, balancing and harmonizing your Chakras, and putting all your body's energy systems back into balance. 

Therefore, you do not need to clear your Quantum Orgone Pendant on a regular basis or ever. The QuantumOrgone Pendant never accumulates harmful energy, as they work by providing a protective energy frequency of Negative Ions around you, which is a solid state and will not ever change. 

The Quantum Orgone Pendant works by providing a 10-metre stand-along dome of Negative Ion Energy Protection around you whilst wearing one.  The Quantum Orgone Pendant seal your Aura, balance and harmonize your Chakras, which in turn will heal your physical body.

Cleaning Your Quantum Orgone Pendant

You may wish to wash your Orgone Pendant in warm soapy water if so desired.  This will not affect the way in which your protection products work.

Can The Quantum Orgone Healing Orgone Pendant be carried in a wallet rather than be worn?

Quantum Orgone Pendants are too thick to place inside a wallet, and would make the wallet too bulky.  These Quantum Orgone Pendants would be far better being worn (they can easily be placed underneath clothing) or even carried around in a pocket.   

For those who would not wish to wear an Orgone Energy Pendant, you may wish to carry an Aircraft Travel EMF Protector in your handbag, purse, backpack or briefcase.

How Do These Items Compare To Orgonite Pendants Or Tesla Plates?

They simply do not compare!  There is no comparison here even between the highly protective Orgonium Quantum Orgone Pendant as other Pendants such as Orgonite Pendants and Tesla plates are not protective at all, and often generator harmful Positive Ions instead of health beneficial ones. 

Please also read our article explaining the difference been Orgonium Orgone Technology and Orgonite 

Is it Possible To Have My Own Necklace Or Pendant Infused to Become An Orgone Pendant?

Yes you can send us any item you wish to have Orgone Energy infused.  

We recommend that you return your item(s) via Registered Post, you will require to pay for this at the time of placing your order.  We will then send you the address to post your item(s) to for infusing.

Orgone Pendants Will Not Harmonize Your Entire Car As The Car EMR Harmonizer Does That

The Car EMF Orgone Generator harmonizes the entire vehicle and reduces your fuel consumption.  Your Quantum Orgone Pendant will protect you for 10 metres so it will protect you from the EMF coming off your card dashboard, but would not actually harmonize your entire vehicle including the fuel lines nor will it reduce your fuel consumption.  

You would be better off carrying your Aircraft Harmonizer Personal Space Protector with you, if you wish protect your entire car, well as yourself and everyone in it, as well as reduce your fuel usage.

Can Orgone Pendants Be Used As iPhone Radiation Protectors?

Orgone Pendants can be used as Phone Radiation Protectors, as long as you remember to wear your Orgone Pendant on whilst using your iPhone, or that wear your Orgone Pendant all the time. The safest option would be to have a Phone Radiation Protection in or on your iPhone at all times.

Note that the Orgonium Orgone Pendant technology actually provides more protection than the Phone Radiation Protectors, due to their powerful and Orgonium Stand Alone Negative Ion Resonance Technology or S.A.N.I.T. technology that the Orgone Pendants are made with. Both the Phone Radiation Protectors and the Orgone Pendants provide 10 metres of personal space protection in all 10 directions.

Will wearing my Quantum Orgone Pendant wipe out my other Pendants?

These Quantum Pendants harmonize and neutralize whatever necklace or chain you place your Quantum Pendant on, as stated on our website. They are not designed to energy infuse other pendants that you may be wearing, but will harmonize and neutralize them all, as well as clear them of any negative energy.

Your Quantum Pendant would do not interfere with any other programming of any other pendants you also wear. The Quantum Pendant generates Negative Ions which is what you find when out in nature, providing you with total protection from harmful energy, therefore, would not interfere in any way.

Will Orgone Pendants Will Harmonize An Entire Vehicle Or Jumbo Jet When I Fly?

Your Quantum Orgone Pendant will protect you for 10 metres so it will provide you with some protection from the Electromagnetic Radiation coming from the dashboard of you automobile, but would not actually harmonize your entire vehicle including the fuel lines nor will it reduce your fuel consumption. The Car EMF Orgone Generator harmonizes the entire vehicle and reduces your fuel consumption.

You would be better off carrying an Aircraft Harmonizer Personal Space Protector with you if you wish protect you in an aircraft when you are flying. You will not only protect yourself and everyone in it, as well as reduce your fuel usage.

An Orgone Pendant is not designed to cover an entire Jumbo Jet, nor are they programmed in such a way. You would be far better off with an Aircraft Harmonizer Personal Space Protector, which has been designed for this purpose. These also work to protect your car or vehicle when driving, therefore you can carry one with you everywhere you go.