Recent research has shown that Schumann Frequency or Schumann Resonance 7.83 Hz is vital to all life - and is vital to our health and wellness. 

Without Schumann Frequency or Schumann Resonance we would become unwell and would not survive. This frequency affects both our mental and physical health; synchronizes our circadian rhythms; and works by resonating healing frequencies to protect your organs and immune system, protecting our well-being.

Not only are we surrounded by amazing Schumann Frequency, our bodies are filled with it and require it to live.  All the cells in our body communicate using electromagnetic healing frequencies.  This includes our brain which provides DNA instructions using these healing frequencies which cannot replicate without this7.83 Hz frequency which is also the same frequency as Planet Earth!

Over the past 25 years, the harmony of these important electromagnetic frequencies has been vastly disturbed, as we have submerged ourselves in an ocean of artificial man-made frequencies, which are not in harmony with our bodies and nature, and are not beneficial.

This is severely affecting the entire bird, bee, insect and butterfly populations on our planet, and what is causing our bees to die due to a lack of this particular 7.83 Hz frequency.  Without bees we will not live long as we are dependent on them to pollinate our food. 

When you place a Schumann Resonance Generator about your home, office or workplace you will notice that Schumann Frequency benefits the birds and wildlife around you too, as the 7.83 Hz generator continually puts back the Schumann Frequencies into the air around you! 


This sensational "eye opening" documentary explaining the harmful ocean of man-made wireless frequencies that we are now living in and how Schumann Frequency brings back balance to our environment, is really worth watching (several times!).

Resonance - Beings Of Frequency Movie 

This amazing movie explains why these highly efficient Schumann Frequency 7.83 Hz works, and why we all require this frequency in our homes, to put back the healthy healing Negative Ion resonance that electronic devices and phone towers are removing from our environment: