Testing Orgone Products And Harmful Energy

We are constantly been asked which is the best way for testing Orgone Products and if they are actually harmonizing and neutralizing the harmful energies that we say they do.  

We are often asked about devices that can read or measure electromagnetic radiation (EMR), electromagnetic fields (EMF) and other harmful energy. Unfortunately, there are neither any effective EMF Detectors nor EMR Meters that do more than just test EMF or EMR, and there is not any device available that can test and read ALL forms of harmful energy.  

There are some devices on the market, but they only read very limited range energies such as only EMF and or only Radio Frequencies (RF). After these are only two types of harmful energy that affects us and there are many other forms of them.



Testing Orgone products is best done medically or through Kinesiology (Biofeedback), Chinese Medicine Pulse Points, Medical Biofeedback machines (that doctors or naturopaths may have) with Divining or Dowsing,  Pendulum, with a Heart Rate Monitor or by simply taking your Resting pulse reading before you place your Orgone Products and then after you have placed them.

"Not All That Is Measured Matters. Not All That Matters Can Be Measured"
- Albert Einstein



How To Go About Testing Orgone Products

Here are some of the questions for testing Orgone Products and if they are correcting forms of harmful energy you may like to ask:

  • Is all electromagnetic radiation (EMR) being harmonized?
  • Is all Geopathic Stress being harmonized?
  • Are all Radio Frequencies being harmonized?
  • Is the Earth Magnetic Radiation being harmonized?
  • Are the Fault Lines being harmonized?
  • Are the Curry Lines, Hartmann Lines, Spirit Lines and the 400 grid crossing being harmonized?
  • Are all Malevolent and Paranormal energies being harmonized?
  • What is the Schumann Resonance being produced by these Orgonium Orgone Energy products
  • What resonance of Orgone Energy is being produced?
  • Are all the electromagnetic fields (EMF) from electrical appliances and wiring being harmonized?
  • Are the Radio Frequencies (RF) all being neutralized?
  • Is all underground water veins, sewerage and other plumbing harmonized?
  • Are all Microwave beams and fields from electrical appliances such as Mobile Phones, Cell Phones, Phone Towers, Cordless Phones, Hand Phones, iPods, your GSP Navigator being harmonized?
  • Are all the Wi-Fi Wireless Internet modem emissions and other wireless emissions being harmonized?
  • Is all Emotional distress imprints from the building or furnishings being harmonized?
  • Are all Death imprints, Spirit Lines, Entity attachments, and Ghost activity being harmonized?
  • Are all Satellite beams being harmonized?
  • Are the HAARP beams, Chemtrails and Contrails being harmonized?
  • Is all noxious radiation from Digital televisions from your entire neighbourhood being harmonized?
  • Is the Digital Radiation off all iPhone screens being harmonized?
  • Is any artificial heating and cooling in the building being transformed from noxious Positive Ions to harmonious Negative Ions?
  • Are any moulds, fungi or rising damp in your building being harmonized?
  • Is my Nervous System calmer now that all noxious energies are harmonized?
  • Is my Heartbeat and pulse rate calmer now that these noxious energies are not longer affecting me?
  • Is my health and well-being improving now that the Orgonium Orgone Energy products are protecting me?
  • Is my Medical Condition improving now that I have Orgonium Orgone Energy protection?
  • Am I feeling less stressed, more peaceful and calmer?
  • Any other questions you wish to ask?


Harmful Energy When Harmonized Does Not Vanish

One thing to note is that harmful energy does not just disappear and go away once you put Orgone Energy and Schumann Protection products in place. They harmonize and neutralize the effects of harmful energy removing the stress from you!  There when testing Orgone you have to ask the most appropriate questions.

You will find that once you place your Orgone Products around your home, office and/or workplace, and in your vehicle that harmful energies, radiation, and electromagnetic fields will still show when tested, as they are still there.  However, they will NO longer be affecting you - which is why the questions above are the most appropriate to ask.

When testing Orgone products, it is more appropriate to ask:  Have these Orgone Products stopped putting stress on my body, health and well-being?  Is ALL the harmful energy, radiation and EMF being harmonizer and neutralized?  Is the harmful energy, radiation and EMF no longer placing stress on my Organs, Nervous System, and Heart? Has the harmful energy, radiation and EMF stopped affecting my family?



The energy from these powerful Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance Products has the highest known output of Orgone or Negative Ion frequencies available. These Orgone products do not produce Orgonite (which are harmful Positive Ion generators).

Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance products are totally innovative, made using our proprietary Orgonium technology and will always consistently generate healthy Negative Ions for your entire lifetime, that of your next generation and beyond. Therefore when testing Orgone products this has to be done appropriately.