Abalone Shell for Smudging
Abalone Shell for Smudging
Abalone Shell for Smudging
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Abalone Shell for Smudging

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There are many reasons that abalone shells have been used in Native American cultures for generations. Within their culture, it was believed that when abalone shells are used in conjunction with sage the messages of the Native American people will be carried up to heaven. 



abalone shell for smudging


Our natural abalone shells are unique and beautiful.  The inner lining is made of Nacre (Mother of Pearl), with beautiful colors and iridescent markings. 

The abalone shell’s pastel rainbow colors enhance the feeling of peace, love, compassion, and beauty.

The abalone shell is oval in shape with natural imperfections like grooves and holes that are openings for breathing that allow the animal to drain water from its gills. 

These abalone shells are a great water element that can be used as a sage burning bowl or, if you prefer, in Feng Shui practice.

The Healing Properties of the Abalone Shell


Healing properties of abalone shells


It has been a long-held belief that abalone carries the healing energy of protection and emotional balance. It is believed that abalone healing is especially helpful for those experiencing emotional turmoil or having difficulties in a relationship. 

Abalone calms the nerves and helps to open our intuitive and psychological connections gently. It enhances the four Cs: compromise, commitment, collaboration, and communication. These are essential to balance and harmony.


The abalone shells have been turned and tossed in the flow and ebb of the ocean for several years, and it is by this process that their real beauty shines through.


The abalone shell physically strengthens the immune system, stimulates the body, and assists in protein assimilation. You can use it to bring the energy of the sage into your life. 

The Abalone shells catch the burning ashes of sage or palo santo and are incredibly beautiful.

You can use it to waft the energy of the sage welcomingly into your life. The abalone shells catch the sage or palo santo burning embers and are stunningly gorgeous.

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When you use the abalone shell to bring sage or Palo Santo energy into your home, it incorporates four elements of the earth: fire, earth, air, and water.


An abalone shell is a fantastic gift for those who have survived traumatic experiences to let them know that despite being thrown and flipped over, their true beauty is visible to all.

Why are Abalone Shells Used for Smudging?


abalone shell for smudging


Abalone shells are sometimes used in smudging ceremonies or rituals, not just because they trap the hot embers that fall from the smudge stick after they are burned, but also because they are just a beautiful gift from the ocean of Mother Earth. 


Abalone shells are a thick shell that sparkles with the beautiful iridescent colors of mother-of-pearl. They retain the energy of the ocean and provide powerful healing and calming energy so you can stay connected to the ocean, even when you are inland.


Including abalone shells in your smudging rituals means you are incorporating the four elements of the earth: the shell represents water, smoke represents air, unlit sticks or herbs represent earth, and when lit they represent fire. 


By incorporating the elements into your cleansing ritual, you are inviting Mother Earth to be the center of your ceremony. It’s here, in the space that Mama Gaia has created, manifestations and transformations can take place.


How to Conduct a Smudging Ritual with Abalone Shells


Abalone shell for smudging


To conduct a smudging ritual, you will need smudge herbs or sticks as well as an abalone shell. The variety of herbs that you can use to smudge has different energies. For instance, lavender promotes calm, white sage cleanses and releases energy, and mugwort is believed to stimulate dreams. Here is how to conduct a smudging ritual with abalone shells.

Things to Consider When Using an Abalone Shell

  • You may want to use a layer of sand in the abalone shell to protect the natural glow from embers or smoke.
  • Use a match to light your smudging sticks or herbs.
  • Let the sticks or herbs sit in the abalone shell and use it to collect any embers or ashes while the herbs or sticks burn.
  • To bless an object or a person, use a feather to waft the smoke around them.
  • You may want to walk around a room with herbs or sticks to allow smoke to penetrate ceilings and corners.
  • Abalone shells have holes in them, so make sure hot embers don’t fall on flammable materials like carpets or bedding.
  • If the sticks remain on the abalone shell for a while, the shell may get hot. So be careful when handling it.

Is it Safe to Use Abalone Shells When Smudging?

A shell isn’t fire-safe, particularly abalone shells, because they have a series of holes that run along their side. These holes allow the animal to breathe in the sea. However, if it is used as a bowl to hold the ashes from an “incense stick”, the ashes will most likely fall through these holes. 

Safety is important when smudging. Here are some tips for performing your smudging ritual:

  • To protect its gorgeous rainbow glow from the hot embers, add a layer of sand inside the shell.
  • In honor of nature, use a wooden earthen match to light the smudge sticks instead of an artificial lighter.
  • For different benefits, try smudging with various herbs, such as white sage (clear and release energy), lavender (calms), mugwort (stimulates dreams), flowers (meditation), rosemary (mental clarity), and cedar (protection).
  • For a long-lasting smudging session, use the abalone shell as the bowl and a hot charcoal tablet to ignite the herbs.
  • To enhance the energy of your smudge blend, add resins such as copal (connection to the spiritual realm), frankincense (cleansing), and amber (protection) to your smudge bowl.
  • Be careful when handling hot sand and embers, as abalone shells are inherently perforated.
  • Be careful when handling the bowl as heat can be transferred to the bowl.

Smudging is an excellent practice when your home or workspace needs to remove negative energy. Including an abalone shell in your smudging ceremony or ritual adds a piece of Mother Nature’s natural beauty to your session and recognizes the four elements of nature.

In Addition, they are also very handy bowls for the smudge sticks or herbs to rest during the smudging ceremony or ritual.