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Amethyst Tower

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Elevate your spiritual practices with our Amethyst Tower! This powerful stone aids in awakening the third eye, releasing tension and headaches and channeling energy. Experience a renewed sense of clarity and focus.

  • Awaken your third eye chakra

  • Channel your desires, dreams, and intentions into the universe

  • Relieve stress and tension easily


Each tower is 71-80 mm 

Reach new heights with the vibrant purple hues of Amethyst Tower. Crafted from a large Amethyst gem, and sculpted into a tranquil, layered tower, it captures the essence of divine healing and deeper discernment.


This tower is revered for its crown chakra vibrations, the ability to achieve emotional balance, and its nurturing spirit.


It becomes a beacon of calm and clarity, guiding you through turbulent water.

Amethyst unquestionably takes center stage in terms of spiritual well-being among the myriad minerals and crystals. This gentle lavender gemstone has endless healing properties: inviting you to experience deeper sleep, shake off the strands of tension and fog of headaches, awaken your third eye to its complex power, and leave you with a feeling of fortitude, regardless of circumstance.


Your Amethyst Tower


The Amethyst Tower is a harmonious union of unwavering stability and a powerful celestial connection. The shape of the tower remains solid, but its energy reaches a personalized point that channels all of your desires, dreams, intentions, and manifestations to flow into the universe.

This tower mirrors our condition: we must have deep roots to ascend, and we invoke our crown to connect to these higher realms.


Welcoming this tower into your space allows us to focus on transformative work, clearing the chakras, and channeling our energy in a way that serves us spiritually, physically, and mentally.


Just one gaze at this Amethyst Tower can swiftly calm the mind, guide you back to the calm of your inner space, and empower you to chart your cause. Decisions and courage don’t always demand grand gestures; at times, it’s the subtle transitions that occur with a deep breath.


Whether through mindful meditation or the awakening of serenity and uncomplicated joy, this tower unlocks the depths of your innate wisdom.


What Does an Amethyst Tower Do?

These Amethyst Towers are made from cut and polished crystal points with a flat base that enables them to stand upright and channel energy up and out of the crystal. Grade A designation means it has a splendid range of purple hues, from deep to light, with a degree of translucency, complemented by over 25% Matrix inclusion.

A tower, or its smaller counterpart known as a mini tower, is a meticulously shaped crystal, tapering to a pointed end and displaying a flat surface at the other. It’s designed to be placed with the tip pointing towards the heavens.

Such a configuration also channels energy through the tip of the crystal and is ideal for the centerpiece of a crystal grid or for infusing vitality into a space. Amethyst Towers serve versatile purposes, suitable for meditation or decorating your altar.

What Is Amethyst Tower Good For?

Amethyst Towers, also called generators or obelisks, are upright crystals that attract and channel energy to a single point. These towers can circulate energy throughout the body or as an integral component of your crystal grid. They also make great centerpieces for your home or office.

A crystal tower is invaluable for healing rituals and spiritual practice. Amethyst, a natural tranquilizer, offers relief from stress and tension, calms irritability, harmonizes mood swings and dissipates emotions like anger, fear, rage, and restlessness while relieving sadness, and grief and dispelling negativity.


Amethyst further awakens spiritual consciousness, unlocking intuition and strengthening psychic abilities. 


You can incorporate this healing crystal into meditation sessions, rituals, and practices. Amethyst is among the best gemstones for meditation and has calming properties, particularly in congested, stressed, and overwhelmed mental states.


Beyond its soothing nature, Amethyst has formidable protective properties, enhancing spiritual consciousness and stimulating intuition and inspiration.


It is useful in treating nervous and emotional disorders and for pain relief. During times of sorrow and loss, Amethyst is a steadfast companion, guiding towards inner peace and solace.


Amethyst has a powerful and purifying energy, acting as a shield against negative vibrations and energies while attracting positive energies.


It adeptly clears the upper chakras and is useful for purifying the mind and freeing it from negative thoughts. This crystal tower cultivates a tranquil yet invigorating mental state, helping you concentrate better, strengthening your memory, and increasing motivation. Moreover, Amethyst helps remember and understand dreams. It is ready to infuse you with a reservoir of positive energy!

What Is the Spiritual Meaning of Amethyst Tower?

Amethyst is a formidable and protective crystal and is often favored by metaphysicians. In ancient times, Amethyst was used for recovery from physical addictions and addictive relationships, earning it the moniker, the “stone of sobriety.”

Amethyst, a natural stress reliever, promotes and bolsters innate strength. The powerful healing energy of Amethyst can elevate lower vibrations into higher frequencies, transmuting negative energy into loving energy.


Amethyst is the bridge between the earthly and higher realms, making it an excellent option for working with your third eye chakra.


Also, Amethyst provides a tranquil energy which is conducive to meditation and helps cultivate psychic abilities and intuition.

Amethyst awakens and harmonizes the crown chakra, facilitating a more seamless connection with the divine. It increases spiritual awareness and wisdom and promotes an elevated state of consciousness.

Amethyst also works as a powerful tool in aura cleansing and restoration, drawing in divine energy while aligning and promoting synergy between the various energy bodies.


How Can You Tell If an Amethyst Tower Is Real?

While the most reliable approach to telling if an Amethyst Tower is real is to consult a professional jeweler, you can also discern authenticity at home by following some basic rules.

One is that a real Amethyst Tower will always have some imperfections, with varying shades of purple and even pink, white, brown, or blue depending on the natural shade of the stone.

If it’s a solid color, you’ll have to investigate further to see if it’s real. Also, look for bubbles beneath an Amethyst’s glassy surface under a magnifying glass or bright light. If you see them, it’s probably fake. Real Amethyst Towers feature fine threads, not bubbles. Some other testing methods include a gravity test or a measurement on the Mohs scale (an Amethyst is grade 7).

How To Charge Amethyst Towers

Charging an Amethyst Tower is a gradual process because this process gives new energy and strength to this wonderful crystal tower. Below are 6 powerful ways to boost your Amethyst Tower, enhancing its organic, calming, protective, and strengthening abilities. So, let’s move on to this incredible area that will help you realize the full potential of your cherished tower.

Reiki or Energy Healing

You can channel energies directly into your Amethyst Towery by employing Reiki and other energy healing techniques. To achieve this, take the tower in your hand and imbue it with positivity and healing energy, while also maintaining a steadfast intention to charge it.


Embracing natural light is a beneficial aspect of crystal care. Although it is ideal to use this method at the beginning and end of your day, specifically in the early morning and late afternoon. This preference is merely a preventive measure to avoid prolonged exposure to intense sunlight or high temperatures. During this designated period, position your tower in direct sunlight. This allows the energy of this sun to revitalize and elevate the vibrations of your tower.


With this method, you do the same thing as charging in sunlight. Except here, in this specific case, you have the option to allow your Amethyst Tower to rest overnight. Moonlight, being non-detrimental to the tower, actually proves beneficial, as it helps to amplify the spiritual and intuitive energies of Amethyst. Alternatively, you can choose to wait for the full moon to charge the tower.


For those with a vivid imagination, this method can be particularly effective. To do this, you will need to hold the Amethyst Tower and imagine a bright white light surrounding the tower, filling it with vibrant energies that will enhance the properties of your crystal.

Crystal Cluster

If you have a larger crystal cluster, such as Clear Quartz or another Amethyst crystal, these can be very useful for charging your Amethyst Tower. Simply position your tower within the crystal cluster, allowing its energy to naturally amplify and rejuvenate its properties.

Sound Vibrations

For those attuned to music, employing instruments like tuning forks, singing bowls, or even your voice can be a powerful method to charge your Amethyst Tower. By generating vibrations around your tower, you’ll create a harmonious vibration that will invariably infuse the Amethyst Tower with invigorating energies.

How Do I Activate the Amethyst Tower?

Now that you have learned how to charge your Amethyst Tower, you are probably curious about how to activate it. We would be happy to guide you! One of the most straightforward methods for activating this tower involves holding it, centering on your breath, and aligning yourself – it is quite effective.

Additionally, holding the tower throughout your day, expressing gratitude to the Amethyst Tower for its efforts, recognizing its properties and benefits, or imbuing your intentions when holding your tower are also great options. Overall, to activate it, it is crucial that you feel your tower and its energy, spend time with it, and envision both your intentions and the tower’s vibrations.

How to Use the Amethyst Tower:

Amethyst Towers can be placed in any corner of a room to establish a dynamic energy vortex. It is beneficial to hold the tower during your meditation practice as it helps disperse stagnant and blocked energy. These towers will help to invigorate and revitalize you. Placing them on your workspace or desk also enhances concentration and focus.

Elevate Your Energy with Amethyst Tower!

Amethyst Towers offers a rare opportunity to bring the power of crystal healing into our lives. Activating and energizing your spirit, they work to strengthen inner knowledge, creativity, and intuition.

Let their calming presence influence your daily life and help set a positive frequency for you and your surroundings. As Dorothy once said, "There's no place like home". With an Amethyst Tower in tow, let's make that home something truly magical! So don't wait any longer - purchase an Amethyst Tower today!

Experience its spiritual power and create a space with the highest level of peace, balance, and love. Embrace your journey into crystal healing with us today at Amethyst Tower!


At Orgone Energy we want you to love your products and feel confident with your order. If you are unhappy with your order for any reason, simply send it back in sellable condition* for a full refund.

*Personal items must be unworn in order to maintain proper hygiene.


At Orgone Energy we want you to love your products and feel confident with your order. If you are unhappy with your order for any reason, simply send it back in sellable condition* for a full refund.

*Personal items must be unworn in order to maintain proper hygiene.

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Fast Delivery

Our Orgone Energy line is shipped to our North American customers from our New York Warehouse and Worldwide directly from Australia.

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