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Best 365nm UV Flashlight

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Our UV flashlight sterilizes hard and soft surfaces, detect animal messes, and safeguards currency. 



LONG RANGE and HIGH POWER Professional Grade Beam

Anyone who has used a 365nm flashlight knows that although they are portable, they often leave you wanting more. 

Well, problem solved.


Orgone Energy 365nm UV Flashlight has the performance upgrade that a 365nm flashlight needs.


The 365nm UV Flashlight has a filtered 365nm wavelength used by professionals and specialists.


Most of the excitation materializes at 365nm, meaning you'll get excellent results for many applications.


The integrated UV filter obstructs unwanted visible light but allows maximum transference of pure UV at 365 nm. That is pure ultraviolet light.


Orgone Energy 365nm UV Flashlight is a very smart investment for those who really want UV purity at 365nm for amazing results.



Highest Intensity

Most 365nm UV flashlights aren't intense, don't have the range, and don't have the power you need.

So with Orgone Energy 365nm UV Flashlight, we are giving you the next stage of performance. It is the upgrade to 365nm flashlights they desperately need. More range, more intensity, more benefit!

Solid Construction

We did not skimp on the build quality. Orgone Energy 365nm UV Flashlights are crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum alloy.

So these robust and lightweight flashlights will not corrode or rust. This will give you years of faithful service!

Long Range

Unlike other flashlights, this is a long-range 365nm UV flashlight.


It is difficult to find a high-intensity 365nm device that can transmit up to 50 meters. We have filled that gap with Orgone Energy 365nm UV Flashlights to be a game-changer for those who want long-range results with 365nm UV purity.


The Problem with Other 365nm UV Flashlights

The most common complaint with 365nm UV flashlights is that they leave users unsatisfied. Their small size doesn't produce a powerful enough 365nm UV beam for most of us, leaving us wanting more.

We are Different!

Orgone Energy 365nm UV Flashlight has a UV quality in a different category! UV type and intensity are what many users wanted, but there weren't many options on the market until now. We have stepped in to fill that need.

This UV flashlight emits at 365nm. This is the desired wavelength of UV flashlights. It is in demand and the choice of specialists and professionals.

In addition, it is filtered 365 nm UV. The results are impressive. Exactly what users have always wanted in a powerful handheld UV flashlight. Orgone Energy 365nm UV Flashlight is designed for users who expect more from a UV flashlight.


More intensity, more range, and high-quality 365nm filtered pure UV that will satisfy the most demanding users.


Professionals Use Orgone Energy UV Flashlights. If it is Good Enough for them, it will be great for you!

Superior Design for Superior Results

Orgone Energy 365nm UV Flashlights will bring seismic improvements to how you use UV.

Are you disappointed or worried about inferior (UV) results? Orgone Energy 365nm UV Flashlights are specially designed to directly eliminate this inferiority.

The more powerful UV rays will give you results that will amaze you. We only do powerful UV with higher intensity because of the superior performance it provides. 

What Ultraviolet Wavelength is this?

This is filtered ultraviolet light emitted at a wavelength of 365 nm (nanometers).

Note that visible light can start at 395 nm, which is the "violet" region, the first region of the rainbow.

Below this region is the "ultra" violet area that the human eye can’t see. Going back to what we just said, this light emits UV radiation at a wavelength of 365nm, which means that the maximum flux density peaks at 365nm, and the filter guarantees this compared to other 365 nm UV flashlights on the market.

The 365nm wavelength means you will see a lot more fluorescence at 365nm, and it will show things that longer wavelength UV light, like 395 nm, does not show.

You won't see a lot of unusable visible light. Orgone Energy 365nm UV Flashlight will seem "dim" to you; some will even think it is a scam, but that's exactly what you are looking for in an "ultraviolet light". Ultraviolet light, which is beyond the visible spectrum that you cannot see.

You will only be able to see the fluorescent effects that will amaze you. The test for this is the fluorescence of the targets rather than the "brightness" of the light source itself. The only way to find out is to test the fluorescence intensity of objects towards you. Experiment and see.

What are the Uses of 365nm UV Flashlight?

You may be surprised that a complete answer to this question is difficult.


There are the common uses that most people are familiar with, the less common ones, and even the ones that we learn from the users ourselves.


For the most part, the use of UV is a game-changer. With UV at 365nm, it gets even better!

The main advantage of Orgone Energy 365nm UV Flashlight is the intensity of the UV rays, which mainly means that they are more effective over longer distances with the long range of the beam.


Up close, that means you'll see more. High intensity also means being more effective in bright conditions.


Whether your needs are domestic or commercial, Orgone Energy 365nm UV Flashlight won't let you down. Among other applications that require ultraviolet light, our flashlights are specifically designed (but not limited to) to fluoresce the following:


  • Dog/Cat urine (Note: Urine should be dry as fresh/wet urine will not fluoresce under UV light, but a wet urine stain is easy to spot with the naked eye anyway)
  • Scorpions and their burrows (but freshly skinned adults and very young scorpions may not shine as brightly)
  • Mouse/Rat urine marks (appear as little dots since they defecate and urinate as they eat and travel - glad humans are not like that.)
  • Human bodily fluids (urine, semen - sorry but needed to be included for completeness)
  • Unhygienic and other stains
  • Ultraviolet curing. For applications requiring a wavelength of 365 nm
  • Leak detection. UV dyes can be used to detect leaks in almost all known machines (for example, oil rigs, aircraft engines, vehicles, AC units)
  • Compliance detection. Examples are adhesive coatings, paint applications, correct coatings against substrates
  • Examination of works of art and antiques, including luminous paint, uranium glass
  • Sanitation surveys of real estate, houses, hotels, rental properties
  • Ultraviolet photography
  • Ultraviolet paint charging and fluorescence. Charging of golf discs, charging of fishing lures
  • Food quality control. Fish, fruit, coffee beans
  • Identification of gemstones. Diamonds, rubies, amber, sodalite, and many more
  • Identification of caterpillars (including crop-destroying tomato hornworm)
  • Resin detection (such as wall paint, glue, etc.)
  • Fossil detection
  • Mold and moth detection
  • Security markings
  • Narcotic detection
  • Paper currency and ID verification
  • Identification and verification of wood (yes, wood!)

..and, in fact, the list goes on (if that was not enough).

If you have other (quirky) applications let us know and we will include them!


What is in the Orgone Energy 365nm UV Flashlight?

For users who want a more intense 365nm UV and longer range for better results, our design intentionally aims to fill these gaps.

(1) High-quality UV. The flashlight emits higher-quality UV radiation at a wavelength of 365 nm.

(2) More value for your money with filtered UV. This is not the cheaper unfiltered UV.

(3) Unmatched long-range (50 meters) and 365nm high-intensity beam, unlike others.

(4) Powered by rechargeable 18650 Li-ion batteries. Two cells with a HUGE 7.4-volt payload.


Is 365nm UV Flashlight Safe?

UV light is often portrayed as harmful in the news and media, so you may be wondering whether or not UV flashlights are safe.

The short answer is that they are generally safe as long as you follow certain common-sense rules, which we discuss below.

UV rays from Orgone Energy 365nm UV Flashlight are not harmful to the eyes. Please refer to Section 21 of the FDA’s CFR 1040: PERFORMANCE STANDARDS FOR LIGHT-EMITTING PRODUCTS. The FDA classifies "dangerous" light emitters as medical UV equipment, UV mercury vapor lamps, laser emitters, and sunlamps (for tanning).

And that's scientifically correct because the dangerous types of UV are:

  1. UV-B and UV-C below 315 nm, also known as short-wave UV in the actinic range. Sunlight contains UV-B, which is why you will see "articles on the dangers of sun exposure," while the Earth's atmosphere filters UV-C rays from the sun, which is a good thing because it has DNA-modifying properties, which is why it is widely used as a germicide.
  2. VERY high-intensity sunlamps that darken the skin over several hours of exposure.

The Orgone Energy 365nm UV Flashlight emits UV-A (wavelength greater than 315 nm), which is not harmful to the eyes or skin, and the intensity does not correspond to that of sunlamps.

In addition, the UV emission has a wavelength of 365–395 nm, which is well above the dangerous UV-C range of “315 nm and below”.

However, it is not recommended to look directly into the Orgone Energy 365nm UV Flashlight as this will cause discomfort similar to intense light.


Which is Better: 365nm or 395nm?

UV flashlights work by producing light at specific wavelengths, just like any flashlight. However, the difference between ultraviolet and non-ultraviolet light is that ultraviolet light is generally not visible to the human eye: we can only see a portion of the light, which appears to our eyes as a fuzzy purple color.


The ultraviolet light waves excite the material they collide with, causing it to fluoresce and put out the light in a visible light spectrum. This gives materials examined with UV light that apparent shine.


Most UV flashlights contain LED bulbs that offer wavelengths of 365 or 395 nanometers (nm). Various wavelengths influence how UV light is absorbed by materials and how materials fluoresce under UV light.

They differ because they emit UV at different wavelengths. The filter doesn't cause the wavelength difference, the LEDs do.

Both models have different LEDs. So the actual difference is in the UV wavelength, and the 365nm filter acts to boost the 365nm UV wavelength. The 395nm model has "no" 365nm output from the start. (We say "no", but there is indeed some flux in this region, but it is not significant compared to the majority wavelength of 395 nm.)


In other words, if you simply put a filter on the 395nm flashlight, you will NOT get the same wavelength as the 365nm model and therefore it won’t offer the same results.


The difference between 365nm and 395nm UV flashlights is that you will get different results. Not necessarily better, but different because it depends on your use.


For forensic work, leak detection, cell staining, geology, professional stain detection, or any application requiring high fluorescence contrast, the 365 nm wavelength is a coveted option.


This is because less visible light is produced, allowing clearer viewing of the fluorescent material. Also, remember that some substances are only visible under 365nm UV, so this is also an important consideration.


The 395nm wavelength is often preferred for applications requiring higher intensity UV where the higher wavelength will also work.


Due to its wavelength, 395nm UV light emits more visible light. So if you prefer to have a wider, brighter beam of light and aren't necessarily trying to spot the smallest dots and specks, the 395nm flashlight will suit your needs.

For instance, engineers, miners, fossil hunters, fishermen, bone identification, and scorpion hunters, to name a few types of users, prefer the longer wavelength and relatively higher UV intensity for longer-range applications.

Honestly, if you need a UV flashlight, you probably want to focus on those that produce 365nm.


Material: Aluminum Alloy

Wavelength: 365nm

Lighting distance: >50meters

Life service time: 120,000hours

Battery type: 1*18650 batteries/3*AAA(not included)

Lighting time: >14Hrs

Lens: with anti-reflective coating Convex lens

IP rate: IP65 water-resistant


At Orgone Energy we want you to love your products and feel confident with your order. If you are unhappy with your order for any reason, simply send it back in sellable condition* for a full refund.

*Personal items must be unworn in order to maintain proper hygiene.


At Orgone Energy we want you to love your products and feel confident with your order. If you are unhappy with your order for any reason, simply send it back in sellable condition* for a full refund.

*Personal items must be unworn in order to maintain proper hygiene.

Fast Delivery

Our Orgone Energy line is shipped to our North American customers from our New York Warehouse and Worldwide directly from Australia.

Fast Delivery

Our Orgone Energy line is shipped to our North American customers from our New York Warehouse and Worldwide directly from Australia.

Customer Support

We love to hear from you. Simply reach out to support@orgoneenergy.org for fast and friendly support.

Customer Support

We love to hear from you. Simply reach out to support@orgoneenergy.org for fast and friendly support.