Black Tourmaline Ring - Orgone Energy Australia
Black Tourmaline Ring - Orgone Energy Australia
Black Tourmaline Ring - Orgone Energy Australia
Black Tourmaline Ring - Orgone Energy Australia
Orgone Energy Australia

Black Tourmaline Ring

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Float through life with a regal air and shielded energy. This deluxe Black Tourmaline ring will make you the talk of the cocktail party, the reunion, and the town. Black Tourmaline commands an intriguing presence and gives you a protective shine. The stone is cut with facets to enrich its natural beauty and enhance the color. It will help to pull out lower stagnant and stressful energy from your system while also purifying and clearing your energy.

  • Comfortable to wear throughout the day; easy to put on and off.
  • The unisex design is suitable for everyone and is also an ideal gift.
  • It is available in a variety of sizes for a perfect fit.

This exclusive Black Tourmaline ring will capture people’s attention with its touch of timeless and simplistic elegance.

What is Black Tourmaline Good for?

Black Tourmaline is a protective stone that blocks and repels the psychic attacks and negative energies. Black Tourmaline also helps to remove negative energies from a person or room. 

Black Tourmaline, a popular metaphysical stone, is also ideal for grounding. It balances all the chakras, harmonizes them, and protects them. Use Black Tourmaline to protect yourself from electromagnetic smog (eg, computers, cell phones, etc.), noise sensitivity, radiation, and other interference. Black Tourmaline can be used as an aid to eradicate anxiety and build confidence.

Black Tourmaline is believed to have a calming effect and anchors scattered or flighty energies into the earth. Those who suffer from frequent worrying, negativity, and/or obsessive-compulsive disorder use Black Tourmaline to resolve these issues. Carrying a piece of this stone in your pocket can increase your physical vitality throughout the day. Black Tourmaline meditation can improve the integration of ideas and visions into everyday life.

Black Tourmaline physically strengthens the immune system, balances the left and right brain, and detoxifies the body. Black Tourmaline is extremely beneficial in the treatment of lung diseases such as pleurisy, pneumonia, emphysema, and bronchitis. 

Does Black Tourmaline Really Work?

Many people question if Black Tourmaline really works? Yes, it does! Black Tourmaline is a very effective stone if you want to avoid negativity or bad luck. Also, it has been used since ancient times to provide protection and safety. Black Tourmaline is known as one of the most powerful and effective stones that can protect and heal you spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Also, it protects you from negative energies by absorbing psychic attacks, and negative energies directed at you. This stone can create an energy barrier between you and other people so that you don’t collect their negative energy. Black Tourmaline is also an excellent stone because it can ground the body. Not only is it strongly connected to your root chakra, but it can help you open and balance all of your chakras.

Is Black Tourmaline Expensive?

Black Tourmaline is readily available, which keeps its prices reasonable. It isn’t until you get into extremely rare colors or large sizes that prices go over $100 per carat. Black Tourmaline per carat typically ranges from $3 per carat to $6 per carat. Price depends on:

  • Clarity: The quality of Black Tourmaline and the general appearance determine its value. If it is clean to the eyes and has no defects, it will be more appreciated. As a rule, a Black Tourmaline crystal with visible defects is sold at a much cheaper price.
  • Cut: The Black Tourmaline available on the market is mainly rectangular and narrow. This is due to its roughness. To reduce waste, it is mainly cut this way. However, it can be cut and styled in different ways. A clean longitudinal cut is sometimes sold at higher prices.
  • Carat: The price of Black Tourmaline is generally moderate. However, prices increase considerably once the stone’s weight exceeds 5 carats.
  • Color: A deep, untreated, intense, and anthracite color is the ideal choice when purchasing a Black Tourmaline stone. Black Tourmaline treated chemically or thermally is easy to see, but not as valuable as natural stones.

Crystals work with the body’s energy centers to remove energy blockages and heal the mind, body, and soul. It renews your energy and increases your vibrations and, which changes your well-being. Wearing Black Tourmaline bracelets on different sides of the body affects you in different ways. When you wear this gemstone on your left wrist, you can make internal changes. Also, when this crystal is worn on your right wrist, you can control the energy that you bring into your outside environment.

The left side of the body, which is considered the feminine side, is related to your inner being. It receives energy from the outside of the body and helps you make positive “changes” by channeling healing energies through your body. Your right side, seen as the male side of the body, is the “action” side. It controls the energy you put into your outer environment and how you behave in the outside world.