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Blue Apatite Necklace

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Unlock your inner spirituality and boost self-confidence with our Blue Apatite Necklace. Crafted with stunning blue apatite, this statement necklace will help connect your mind to the spiritual world and inspire self acceptance. Elevate your look and mindset with this beautiful necklace.


  • Increases self-confidence and self-acceptance

  • Access your authentic soul

  • Help suppress hunger and increase metabolism 


Our Blue Apatite Necklace is 50 cm and is made with 4 mm faceted blue apatite beads.

Wear A Stylish Accessory That Is Unique to Your Personality!

Bring out the blue in your eyes or your favorite outfit with this beautiful Blue Apatite Necklace. Strung in an attractive stepped silhouette, this simple strand is easy to dress up or dress down.


This beautiful Blue Apatite Necklace is a one-of-a-kind, custom-made piece that celebrates your unique style. 


The organic shape of the crystal gives it a modern touch and a beautiful texture that will add sparkle to any outfit, whether you are a man or a woman. It is a great way to show off your style on a day trip, vacation, or night on the town.

Blue Apatite increases motivation. It draws off negativity about oneself and others while promoting intellect and creativity.


This gemstone eliminates frustration and confusion, reducing irritability and awakening your inner self.


Blue Apatite expands truth and knowledge and alleviates anger, apathy, and sadness.

Blue Apatite is a bright blue color that is said to encourage communication and self-expression. This necklace is made from a string of blue apatite beads, carefully selected for their color and quality.

The beads are strung on a delicate chain, making this necklace the ideal choice for those who want to add a touch of color to their outfit. These frosted round gemstone beads are machine-cut.

Whether you are dressing up for a special occasion or just adding a splash of color to your everyday wardrobe, this Blue Apatite Necklace is sure to impress.

Wear a single Blue Apatite Necklace or layer it for incredible energy. Elevate your style and spirits with this gorgeous Blue Apatite Necklace.

You Match This Blue Apatite Necklace If...

  • Your aura needs healing
  • You want a necklace that makes a statement
  • You love a necklace that encourages you to be healthy
  • You need a touch of color in your life
  • You work your spiritual chakras


Benefits Of Wearing a Blue Apatite Necklace

A necklace of rounded blue apatite (rondels or spheres) helps heal, strengthen, and nourish the joints, bones, and other structural elements of your body. It also works on your subtle bodies to help resolve mental, karmic, and emotional issues related to food. Consequently, you’re better able to choose and consume the foods that truly nourish you and support your health

The expression “take the inside out” can characterize the effect of blue apatite. The purpose of this internal-external flow is to strengthen and nourish the body and correct deficiencies in various ways.


The rounded blue apatite on the necklace improves the flow of atomic elements from the subtle or inner bodies to the bone marrow to nourish it.

It supports the flow of nutrients from the marrow to the bones to strengthen them and improves the movement of minerals from the bones to the tissues to balance their chemistry.

Blue apatite also brings certain information from your subtle bodies into your consciousness to speed up the healing process. All these processes occur naturally. Blue apatite speeds them up and strengthens them to the point where healing can take place.

Heal And Nourish the Skeleton

Not surprisingly, hydroxyapatite, the mineral that comprises the gem apatite, is also a vital component of the tooth and bone enamel. Therefore, apatite has both an energetic and physical connection to our bones.

When blue apatite is mined and cut, it retains a magnetic charge that you can feel when holding the gemstones in your hands. 

When you wear a Blue Apatite Necklace, its energy flows through your tissues and skin until it gets to the bones. It thereafter spreads throughout the skeletal system, accumulating in the bones and giving them their slight magnetic charge.

Simultaneously, the energy from the necklace radiates into your aura, where it builds around certain blockages. All structural and bone problems, whether caused by deformity, injury, porosity, or cancer, have corresponding blockages in the aura.

These blockages resemble nodes in their effect and appearance. These tangled accumulations of energy impede the flow of vital energy to diseased bones, leading to nutrient deficiencies.

As blue apatite energy gathers around these knots in your aura, they become magnetized. Magnetized knots and bones immediately recognize their relationship and begin to share information. This information includes the nutritional status of the marrow and bones; how the injuries, problems, or defects arose; and how to fix them.


This unties the knots and two very beneficial things begin to happen: life energy starts to flow as it should and the subtle bodies transport nutrients to the bone marrow. 


When the subtle bodies receive information about the needs of the marrow and bones, they transfer atomic elements such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium to the marrow.

Thereafter, the marrow converts these elements into molecules and transports them to the joints and bones when needed to nourish them, repair them, and help them develop properly.

Bones play a much bigger role in the functioning of the body than many people realize. Bones and the marrow are the deepest bodily part, around which all other things rests. At the level of the whole body, they act as a gateway for the free exchange of energy and matter.

Recent research has even proven that bones act as endocrine systems, releasing a hormone important for metabolism. As chiropractors know, the vertebrae can hold information about a wide range of health issues.

Blue apatite enhances the bone’s inherent magnetic nature, improving its ability to attract nutrients. With the help of blue apatite, elemental nutrients are extracted not only from the atomic level, where the elements are unlimited but also from food. Therefore, you can use a Blue Apatite Necklace to mineralize and replenish your bone marrow and therefore your bones.

When needed, your bones can release these nutrients into your blood to nourish other tissues in your body.


Because blood cells are produced in the marrow, blue apatite also promotes blood health.


Wearing Blue Apatite Necklace ensures optimum health of the entire skeletal system, including bones, marrow, ligaments, and joints. By strengthening, repairing, and nourishing your skeletal system, you are taking an important step toward better health.

Solve Nutritional Problems

Wearing Blue Apatite Necklace emphasizes a different flow of energy between the physical and subtle bodies. This reaches the bone that protrudes from the gums, that is to say, the teeth. Unsurprisingly, this movement involves food and related issues.

Food and the art of preparing it have become an integral part of most societies. This is one reason why certain foods can remind us of good and bad experiences, both in this life and in past lives. These experiences can make you passionately love or hate certain types of food.


.When you consume food that has important memories associated with them, those memories are transmitted from the subtle bodies to the brain.


The brain responds to this information by triggering chemical changes in the body. If the experiences associated with it are good, positive changes will occur and you will get additional benefits from the food. If the experience or related problem is uncomfortable, the body chemistry will deteriorate.

To avoid these unwanted chemical changes, you may have a strong aversion to food or another negative reaction, such as an allergy. (Allergies can have many causes, but this phenomenon is often a contributing factor.) This is how your body naturally tells you to eat certain foods and avoid others.

Blue apatite’s energy imparts a subtle magnetism to your teeth, just like it does to the bones. When you wear a Blue Apatite Necklace and eat food associated with an unpleasant experience, your teeth are involved in the flow of information between the brain and the subtle bodies.

Blue apatite energy accentuates this information and initiates another flow of information, the one between the teeth and the area of the subtle body that relates to past experiences. 

Then the teeth and the subtle body begin to repel each other like two identical poles of a magnet. This helps the brain recognize how intolerable the food is.

Wearing a Blue Apatite Necklace makes the causes and effects of what you consume more apparent. The brain will tell you more clearly to avoid the food that causes negative changes in the body. Most likely, you will develop a more pronounced aversion to this food.

Blue apatite energy also helps to untangle any knots in the subtle body that are causing the negative chemical change. 

When the knot is completely untied and the problem resolved, the allergy may even go away. Similarly, foods that align with fond memories and create positive, nutritious, and healthy changes in the body will become more attractive to you.

Blue apatite can help you classify competing urges to eat healthy versus unhealthy food at any given time. For this reason, blue apatite is useful for people who are making dietary changes for health reasons, have difficulty eating, or are trying to avoid some foods. Also, it is useful when mental or emotional factors interfere with the ability to eat, as is the case with eating disorders.

Ultimately, wearing Blue Apatite Necklace can help one eat the healing foods that resolve one’s weaknesses and repair the knots in one’s subtle body. The ensuing clarity in your aura allows life-force light, including color rays, to shine more fully into and through you.

Blue Apatite and Indigo Ray

The indigo ray provides vital nourishment for the skeletal system, as well as the structural function of every part of the body. Blue apatite helps your entire being, including every cell in the body, to become more receptive to the indigo ray. Blue apatite does not carry the indigo ray; its energy simply activates the receptor sites in the body for this essential color ray.

Facilitate A Chiropractic Adjustment

Simply wearing a Blue Apatite Necklace can help facilitate chiropractic care by quickly resolving ostensible relationships between subtle body and vertebrae knots. Therefore, if the doctor performs a chiropractic adjustment, he can treat deeper conditions. Conversely, chiropractic care can facilitate Blue Apatite Necklace therapy. By adjusting the joints and bones, it allows the blue apatite energy to access the knots of the subtle body more directly.

Prevent Osteoporosis

You can use blue apatite to strengthen your bone system and prevent osteoporosis in old age. As a preventative measure, wear Blue Apatite Necklace continuously for a few weeks and then 1 or 2 days a week.

How To Use Blue Apatite Necklace

Wear It Around the Neck

One of the most effective and practical ways to wear a Blue Apatite Necklace is to wear it around the neck. There, the gemstones will silently work for you throughout the day. At night, while you sleep, you can hold it within a meter of your body to maintain your connection to the gems.

Use it for Targeted Treatments

Besides wearing a Blue Apatite Necklace around the neck, you can also use it for more targeted treatments. The easiest treatment is to place your necklace on a specific area of your body to focus its healing energies there. For instance, you can wrap the necklace and place it over an injured, diseased, or painful area to speed the area's recovery.

Restoration of Communication in The Body

Moving a Blue Apatite Necklace from one area of your body to another creates communication bridges that allow healing energy to move between treated areas. This therapy also restores harmony and coordination between organs or other parts of the body that are traumatized or diseased.

Blue Apatite Necklace Therapy for Localized Areas

A Blue Apatite Necklace is placed over a weak, diseased, or injured area to make the area more receptive to the body’s physical and subtle healing resources, including required frequencies, essential minerals, and information flows.

Timing Guidelines

  • To nourish and heal your skeleton and bones or solve dietary problems, wear a Blue Apatite Necklace around your neck for at least a few hours daily. For best results, wear the necklace touching the skin.
  • To prevent osteoporosis, use Blue Apatite Necklace continuously for a few weeks, then 1 or 2 days a week.
  • To make a chiropractic adjustment simpler and easier, wear a Blue Apatite Necklace during treatment, or ideally 30 minutes before and during the adjustment.

Necklace Length and Sphere Size

 Rounded blue apatite is therapeutic in rondel and spherical form. A beaded necklace between 4 and 6 millimeters is ideal. Larger blue apatite beads may cause undue stress for some users, as energy currents and atoms may move faster than what is balanced for the body. Necklaces can hold graduated bead sizes.

Care and Cleansing of Blue Apatite Necklace

Because blue apatite is a soft and brittle gemstone, it can break easily without special care. Always handle your Blue Apatite Necklace with care and avoid placing it on hard surfaces. Do not store or wear blue apatite in direct contact with other gemstone jewelry or necklaces.

If you store apatite between uses, cover it with fleece to prevent the gems from rolling or rubbing against anything. Even with exceptional care, some beads can break with daily use. If more than one bead in your necklace cracks or breaks, it must be replaced or removed.

Due to the softness of this particular gemstone, its polished finish tends to lose its luster with time and use. While minor tarnishes have a minimal effect on the therapeutic value of gemstones, severe tarnishes reduce their therapeutic effectiveness.


Wear Blue Apatite Necklace against your skin to minimize micro-abrasion caused by the gemstones rubbing against clothing. 


If possible, avoid wearing it with other crystal necklaces unless the other necklaces are worn over your clothes so they don’t touch the blue apatite.

To cleanse blue apatite, wash the gemstones with slightly warm water and soap. To prevent the breakage of this fragile gem, avoid temperature fluctuations or extremes in the water. Thereafter, allow the blue apatite to air-dry on a hand towel. To avoid diminishing the luster of the gems, don’t pat or rub them with your cloth.

If you put on your Blue Apatite Necklace daily, cleanse it more thoroughly with sunlight every 2 to 4 weeks. When the sun is warm and bright, place it on a soft cotton cloth directly on the grass or earth for 10-20 minutes.

If the weather is rainy or cold, place it behind a window for about 30 minutes. Because of blue apatite’s fragility, avoid exposing it to freezing temperatures or heavy rain, as this may damage the gemstone.

You can also use the methods below to cleanse your blue apatite necklace:

  • Plant Rejuvenation – Wrap your necklace around the base of a healthy houseplant 2 to 3 times per week.
  • Salt Bed – Apply half an inch of salt 2 or 3 times a week for at least one hour or overnight. Ensure you place a thin, natural micro-fiber cloth between the gemstones and the salt.

When Your Necklace First Arrives

When you put on a new necklace or a necklace you have not worn in a while, bring it into your aura consciously and with clear intention. This is what we call “exercising presence”. By opening to the energies of the gems and consciously cooperating with the process of change, you can greatly increase the effectiveness of the gems.


At Orgone Energy we want you to love your products and feel confident with your order. If you are unhappy with your order for any reason, simply send it back in sellable condition* for a full refund.

*Personal items must be unworn in order to maintain proper hygiene.


At Orgone Energy we want you to love your products and feel confident with your order. If you are unhappy with your order for any reason, simply send it back in sellable condition* for a full refund.

*Personal items must be unworn in order to maintain proper hygiene.

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Our Orgone Energy line is shipped to our North American customers from our New York Warehouse and Worldwide directly from Australia.

Fast Delivery

Our Orgone Energy line is shipped to our North American customers from our New York Warehouse and Worldwide directly from Australia.

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