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Ener-Yoga Mat – STANDARD 4.5mm

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Ensure your sacred Yoga space is EMF free.

Through body contact, the Ener-Yoga Mats may stimulate meridians and enhance a person’s energy levels whlie neutralizing the effects of EMF from Wi/Fi, electrical appliances, Earth Radiation (Geopathic Stress) and imprints from previous yoga classmates.

Ensure your sacred Yoga space is EMF free and free of other peoples’ imprints.  Body contact with the Ener-Yoga Mat may stimulate meridians and act as an insulator from earth currents during meditation.

The yoga mat has undergone an Ionic Infusion process, unique to Orgone Effects ® which enables Ener-Yoga Mats to act as an EMF neutralizer and space harmonizer, utilizing the same programming which the Geoclense ® and Space Clearing Dome contain.

Ener-Yoga Mats may not only enhance a person’s energy levels; it will also have a balancing effect like the Space Clearing Dome over an area the size of the average yoga classroomholding up to approximately 40 people.

The Ener-Yoga Mats will have a neutralizing effect on EMF from Wi-Fi, electrical appliances, Earth Radiation, imprints from previous yoga classmates and other Bioplasmic (Human Generated) energies.

This yoga mat is very popular as it’s a little bit thicker and much nicer to work on than the standard 3.5/4mm mat.  Lightweight and durable, they offer insulation from cool floors and can be rolled or folded for use in required poses.

The Economy Budget Ener-Yoga Mat provides a stable non-slip surface for beginners, home practice or studio and is suitable for traveling (weighs only 1.2kg).

Product Features:
Thickness: 4.5 mm
Material: PVC
Length: 173 x 61 cm
Colors: Purple & Aqua Blue