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Raw Amethyst - Orgone Energy Australia
Raw Amethyst - Orgone Energy Australia
Raw Amethyst - Orgone Energy Australia

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Raw Amethyst

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Experience the beauty and power of Raw Amethyst! This natural stone makes a perfect gift or addition to any home. Its stunning appearance will captivate you and its energy will enhance your space. Indulge in the unique and powerful benefits of Raw Amethyst.


  • Beautiful purple hues and mesmerizing formations

  • Promotes peace, reduces stress, and increases intuition

  • Boost your immune system, reduce tension and headaches


Each unique stone, weighing approximately between 70 and 120 grams, boasts a captivating display of deep purple hues and mesmerizing formations.

A Stone Steeped in History and Legend: Amethyst, revered for millennia for its stunning beauty and potential energetic properties, is a must-have for any crystal enthusiast or collector.

Embrace Tranquility and Inner Strength: Known as the "Stone of Spirituality and Contentment," amethyst is believed to promote peace, reduce stress, and enhance intuition.

A Versatile Gem for Every Need:

  • Display: Showcase its natural beauty on your desk, bookshelf, or meditation space.
  • Meditation: Hold the crystal during meditation to enhance focus and spiritual connection.
  • Crystal Grids: Utilize its energy in crystal grids to amplify its properties and intentions.
  • Jewelry Making: Wrap it in wire or set it in a bezel for a unique, handcrafted pendant.

Each Raw Amethyst Crystal is unique, just like you. Embrace the variations in color, size, and formations, making your stone a one-of-a-kind treasure.


Amethyst Raw Stone is your steadfast guardian against stress and anxiety, offering a tranquil touch of spirituality right in your hand.


Unpolished and in its raw state, raw crystals are believed to hold more exceptional power. Amethyst is a formidable force among healing stones and it is revered for its multifaceted benefits. Every time you feel a wave of negative energy, take out this stone to bask in its serene radiance.

A global stress buster, Amethyst Raw illuminates, bringing clarity and sharpening focus, allowing your creative energies to flow freely. It is also invaluable in moments of emotional turmoil, whether anger, sadness, or overwhelming emotions. Through meditation, feel the gentle vibrations of Amethyst coursing through you.


Aligned with the crown chakra, Amethyst is an incredible companion for those seeking higher purpose and introspection.


We recommend that you always carry your Amethyst Raw Stone with you, whether nestled in your purse or pocket. Just knowing it’s there can instantly calm your nerves and give you a feeling of calm and purpose.

What Is Amethyst Raw Stone Good For?

Raw Amethyst is considered one of the pinnacle crystals in the realm of spirituality. It is a powerful protective stone that creates a bubble around the bearer, protecting them from psychic attacks and negative energies.

On a physical level, Amethyst increases hormone production and regulates metabolism and the endocrine system.


It strengthens the immune system as well as the cleansing and excretory organs and is a remarkable blood purifier.


Amethyst alleviates emotional, physical, and psychological distress or tension. This is an invaluable healing crystal for people suffering from or recovering from cancer. It offers a harmonious blend of healing and soothing properties.

It is also considered a grounding stone, particularly effective in combating various forms of addiction, spanning from alcoholism to anorexia. If you or a loved one grapple with these challenges, placing a piece of Amethyst Raw beneath the bed at the headboard can offer solace while you sleep. However, it’s worth noting that it may also temper libido, so keep this in mind.

In this sense, it is also considered a potent remedy for headaches or hangovers. Simply take a stone and gently rub it over your temples for a few minutes to clear the fog of discomfort. This gem is tailor-made for meditation. It is also the ideal tranquil antidote for moments of anger and rage.


Amethyst envelops its bearer in a protective energy shield that transmutes negativity within and protects against external negative energies.


Raw Amethyst helps promote our growth toward our highest potential and spiritual evolution. Also, it brings peace, insight, and a sense of serenity, offering respite to those plagued by insomnia, and facilitating easier, more restful sleep.

What Color Is Amethyst Raw?

Raw Amethyst embodies the harmonious blend of the red-violet ray that connects color and time, beginnings and endings, as the old year draws to a close and the new year approaches.


It balances the fiery intensity of red with the intuitive essence of violet, bringing together imagination and passion, logic, and emotion.


This gem is particularly beneficial in artistic pursuits as it stimulates creativity.

The gentle glow of Light Raw Amethyst allows you to gaze into your soul, offering a mirror to how others perceive you. It emanates the rays of self-esteem and self-awareness.

In contrast, Dark Raw Amethyst gives us the profound insight we need to look into the future. This gives us meaningful insights and improves our perception of the potential impact of our choices.

Is My Amethyst Raw Stone Real?

Amethyst, a beloved gemstone in jewelry, has gained popularity. However, with the increasing prevalence of fake and synthetic gemstones, it is important to know how to tell if your raw Amethyst is real or not. Here are key indicators to determine if your Amethyst is real:

  • Color: Raw Amethysts are easily recognizable by their rich purple tone. Real Amethysts should have a uniform, consistent shade ranging from pale purple to deep purple; If the shade seems too vibrant or there are spots of different colors, it may not be real.


  • Clarity: Raw Amethysts are generally translucent or transparent, especially high-quality ones that boast exceptional clarity. If your Amethyst has visible flaws or inclusions, it may not be real. But be careful, some Amethysts may have visible inclusions; this doesn’t necessarily indicate a fake!


  • Hardness: Amethyst Raw is a relatively hard stone with a Mohs scale rating of 7. It should be able to scratch glass but can also be scratched by harder materials like diamonds. If your Raw Amethyst scratches or chips easily, it may not be real.


  • Weight: Real Raw Amethysts have a substantial weight relative to their size due to their density. If your Amethyst Raw feels unusually light, it might be an imitation.


  • Conductivity: Real Raw Amethysts are non-conductive, meaning they do not produce an electrical charge when touched. If your Raw Amethyst gives off a static charge when you touch it, it may be fake or synthetic.


  • UV Light Test: An additional method to determine the authenticity of your Raw Amethyst is to use UV light. Real Raw Amethysts have robust violet-red fluorescence, while fake Amethysts typically display minimal or no fluorescence.

If you have any doubts about its authenticity, consult a certified gemologist or trusted jeweler for further confirmation.

Charging, Cleansing, and Activating Amethyst Raw Crystals

Raw Amethyst crystals require periodic charging, cleansing, and activation to maintain their ability to channel spiritual energy and regulate emotions effectively. With prolonged use, they can accumulate negative spiritual residue from both your aura and others.


To optimize your Amethyst’s performance, it’s important to schedule regular cleansing and recharging sessions.


Before initiating the cleansing process, focus on setting a clear intention. A straightforward intention to cleanse your Raw Amethyst stone of any negative energy that does not serve your highest good or the greater good can be highly effective in clearing away spiritual clutter from your amethyst crystal.

These are some widely favored and effective methods for cleansing your Raw Amethyst crystals.

A Splash of Warm Water

Using water for crystal cleansing is a widely practiced ritual. This is a simple way to cleanse single gemstones, and Amethyst responds positively to water-based cleansing because it is among the water-safe crystals.

Hold your Raw Amethyst crystal firmly under a gentle stream of warm water while you concentrate or express your cleansing intention out loud. Let the water flow over the crystal for a few minutes, then allow it to air dry or pat it dry. The continuous flow of water from your faucet can cleanse your raw crystal.

Alternative Salt Cleansing Methods

If you prefer the purifying effects of salt but want to avoid immersing your Amethyst in saltwater, you can soak it in a bowl of salt. Salt naturally removes negativity or impurities from your gemstone. You should let the Amethyst sit in the salt for about 2 to 4 hours, depending on how often you use the crystal.

To cleanse your Raw Amethyst with salt without direct contact, fill a larger container with salt and place a smaller, shallower container inside. Place the Amethyst in the small container and cover both containers with a towel. Salt can still remove impurities from Amethyst even if it does not touch the crystal. You can leave the amethyst in a cleansing container without contact with salt overnight.


Amethyst thrives on lunar energy, making recharging it in the moonlight an excellent choice. To cleanse your Raw Amethyst using moonlight, place it outdoors when the moon is at its fullest and brightest. As Amethyst is a grounding gemstone, positioning it on the earth aids in absorbing the cleansing lunar energy and releasing any negative energy back to the earth. If your Raw Amethyst crystal is physically dirty, a gentle rinse and pat dry will suffice.

With Clear Quartz

For a thorough recharge, pair your Amethyst with Clear Quartz for a duration of two hours. These two crystals will synergize and charge each other, resulting in a clean, fully effective stone. Remember to keep your cleansing intention in mind or say it out loud during sound cleansing.


Smudging offers an efficient way to cleanse multiple stones at once, but it is equally effective for cleansing a single stone or crystal.

To smudge Raw Amethyst, light a bundle of fresh sage and hold it firmly in one hand. When cleansing a single stone, keep your intention in mind or say it out loud while passing your Amethyst through the smoke many times.

For multiple stones, gently wave the sage bundle over them to ensure that the cleansing smoke reaches each crystal effectively.

Geode Cleansing

Placing your Raw Amethyst inside a geode offers cleansing and recharging in the presence of other grounding stones. If a geode isn’t available, simply placing the Raw Amethyst among other stones works effectively.

However, if employing this method or using other crystals for cleansing, ensure they are clean and recharged. The best option is to use crystals that you have not used recently in your rituals and ceremonies.

Unleash Inner Strength with Amethyst's Raw Tranquil Touch!

In the raw and unpolished beauty of Amethyst Raw Stone, you hold a powerful ally against the storms of stress and anxiety. Its tranquil touch of spirituality is a steadfast guardian, offering you clarity and focus when you need it most.

This multifaceted gem is not just a stone—it's a beacon of serenity in your hand. Let it illuminate your path, sharpen your creative energies, and bring a sense of purpose to your every moment. Allow its gentle vibrations to soothe emotional turmoil and guide you towards introspection and higher purpose.

Carry your Amethyst Raw Stone with you, close to your heart, and let its presence be a source of comfort and calm. As you navigate through life's challenges, let it be a reminder of your inner strength and resilience.

Make Amethyst Raw an integral part of your daily routine. Whether it's in your pocket, purse, or by your bedside, keep it close. Let it be a touchstone for your well-being and a beacon of light in your journey towards inner peace.

Embrace the transformative power of Amethyst Raw and experience the serenity it brings. Elevate your vibrations and step into a world of balance and clarity. Order yours now and let the journey begin!


At Orgone Energy we want you to love your products and feel confident with your order. If you are unhappy with your order for any reason, simply send it back in sellable condition* for a full refund.

*Personal items must be unworn in order to maintain proper hygiene.


At Orgone Energy we want you to love your products and feel confident with your order. If you are unhappy with your order for any reason, simply send it back in sellable condition* for a full refund.

*Personal items must be unworn in order to maintain proper hygiene.

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Fast Delivery

Our Orgone Energy line is shipped to our North American customers from our New York Warehouse and Worldwide directly from Australia.

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Customer Support

We love to hear from you. Simply reach out to support@orgoneenergy.org for fast and friendly support.

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