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Scrying Mirror
Scrying Mirror
Scrying Mirror
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Scrying Mirror

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Scrying is using a reflective surface to search for visions, images, and messages to give an answer in the paranormal world. Clairvoyants will use scrying to look for visions in a reflection to give them answers to prophecies, past lives, or future predictions. Scrying is not just for psychic readings and interpretations.

Scrying can also give us answers to questions about past events and experiences. It is not a demonic ritual, but instead a teaching tool to help us know if we are moving in the right direction or to answer questions about the past.

The Scrying Mirror

In the beginning, bodies of water would be used for scrying. There would be a scrying bowl with water and a crystal placed in it, and this is still a common method of scrying practiced among scryers. However, the method has now evolved into using mirrors for the reflection. The scrying mirror is also known as the “magic mirror” or “black magick mirror.”

A scrying mirror will need a dark surface and rounded edges, as circular or oval mirrors work best. An antique mirror with an ancient silver frame will also be the best for scrying. This is because the age of the mirror can help charge the energy of the area it is being used.

If you have an antique mirror with a silver frame, simply take the mirror out of the frame and paint it black. This will give you the dark surface you need to successfully scry.

If you don’t have a scrying mirror to scry, don’t worry. You can use polished obsidian for scrying using the same technique if you were using a mirror. Obsidian is a dark volcanic glass made from igneous rock. This type of rock is extremely dark, usually black or blackish green, that can be easily polished to create a smooth, reflective surface perfect for scrying!

Visions in a Scrying Mirror: Revelations of The Second Sight

Scrying is also known as the “second sight” or a sixth sense. Second sight is the ability to see things that the remainder of our five senses can’t ascertain, and a scrying mirror is the best tool to use for the job.

The scrying mirror will provide images, visions, or messages to the clairvoyant who is using it. These images will typically be symbolic and represent an answer to a question being asked or a connection to someone you are trying to communicate with.

Scrying is a learned method of searching for symbols and images to interpret their meaning. To successfully scry, you will need to be in a physical state where you are open to see images and interpret their meanings. A successful scryer may be one who has always been able to scry, even before they knew that’s what they were doing.

For example, if you walk past a puddle in the road and immediately see a clear symbol within that puddle, a symbol that no one else around you sees. This may mean you have the right energy to receive and interpret images from your unconscious state of mind, as the second sight is our unconscious sense.

Interpreting What You See from the Scrying Mirror

You will need to continuously practice mirror scrying to be able to interpret the images you see. The more you practice, the more you will be able to identify and interpret the images.

Each image will have a meaning, and each clairvoyant will interpret the images differently. What one symbol may mean to you may have a completely different meaning for another clairvoyant. It is common for colors to appear in the mirror, and the colors presented usually have a similar meaning among clairvoyants.

Colors in the Mirror

Colors that appear when mirror scrying may have the following connections:

  • Blue: career, business, profession
  • Gold: money, wealth, prosperity, new relationship
  • Grey/Black: sadness, disappointment, bad luck
  • Green: good health, happiness
  • Red: warning or danger to come, awareness
  • Orange: suppressed anger, grudge, unresolved emotional business, aggression
  • Silver: trouble followed by good times
  • White: good fortune
  • Yellow: be prepared for difficulty

How to Use a Scrying Mirror

Before you use the scrying mirror, you need to be prepared and know what to expect. Scrying is a practice that requires preparation both in items needed as well as in spirit.

You will need one or two candles to light the room and the scrying mirror. The best color of candle to use is either white or purple. White candles offer a circle of protection, and purple candles invoke spiritual powers, both of which will help you during your scrying.

You will need a dark room with only the light of the candles lighting the room. The candles will need to be behind you so that they don’t affect the reflection of the mirror, yet provide an amount of light to the room.

You will need to place your scrying mirror on a table so that you view the reflective surface of the mirror without seeing your own personal reflection. The point of this type of mirror is not to view your own reflection, but instead, the images or symbols that are presented on the reflective surface. Placing your scrying mirror on a table will provide the right angle for scrying when you are ready.

Once you have gathered your mirror and candles, you will need to dim the lights, light the candles, and begin meditating. Meditation is perhaps the most important step to mirror scrying.

To meditate, you will want to be in your dark room with the candles lit and close your eyes. You will want to be as comfortable as possible so that you have no distracting thoughts. With your eyes closed, you need to focus on the energy around you. You need to feel the energy as another sense.

The energy will help you see and receive the images in the mirror clearly as a second sight. A dark, quiet room is the best room to allow your mind to completely focus on the energy surrounding you.

Once you have completed your ritual and entered your altered state of consciousness, open your eyes. Look into the reflective surface of the scrying mirror and keep your eyes relaxed and comfortable. Don’t feel like you can’t blink or have to focus too hard. The goal here is to connect with the energy around you while you look at the reflection in the mirror for an image or symbol.

Keep your eyes relaxed and allow yourself to see and feel the scrying mirror. You may see colors, images, patterns, shapes, or even words. Thoughts may also suddenly enter your mind without being prompted. When you allow yourself to receive the energy surrounding you, you will see, hear, and even feel answers related to the questions you are asking or the guidance you are seeking.

Try not to look for a specific picture in the reflection, but rather individual symbols. Let your eyes see what naturally appears, and try to perceive what the symbol is.

When you begin to see images in the reflection or have thoughts enter your mind, you can try to communicate with the spirits that are guiding you. Ask them questions and see if images form in the mirror to answer the questions. You can continue this process until you feel the energy has left the room or until you can’t focus anymore.

Document your Sessions

Once you have had a session with your scrying mirror, you should immediately write down what you saw, felt, and heard. This should include all the colors, symbols, words, sounds, and feelings you experienced during the ritual.

You should do this after every session so that you can compare each experience for similarities. The more sessions you practice, the more you will be able to interpret what you see, hear, and feel.

Additionally, knowing what these symbols and images are may foreshadow something that has yet to happen. Sometimes scrying isn’t an answer to the past but instead a predictor of the future.

How to Get a Scrying Mirror!

Now that you know what a scrying mirror is and how to use one, it’s time to order one or make your own!

Round Black Obsidian Plate Mirror

round black obsidian plate mirror

This black polished obsidian plate mirror is 115-120mm in diameter and 8-10mm thick. The minimum quantity of this scrying mirror is 50, but you can order a sample or trial order from the supplier. The supplier is a Gold Supplier and has a 93.8% response rate, offering customers quality customer service if needed.

How to Make Your Own Scrying Mirror

If you choose to make your own scrying mirror, the process is simple! You can use a hand mirror or a larger 11 x 14 mirror. You will want to make sure you paint the glass of the mirror with black enamel paint, and the frame of the mirror silver. Black paint allows you to communicate with higher realms while completely accessing your subconscious.

Cleaning Your Scrying Mirror

The last component to mirror scrying is keeping your mirror clean. You will want to make sure that your mirror stays clean and free from fingerprints. The best way to clean your scrying mirror is to use a soft cloth with a little rubbing alcohol to polish and clean the mirror from dust and fingerprints.