Shungite for EMF protection - Orgone Energy Australia
Shungite for EMF protection - Orgone Energy Australia
Shungite for EMF protection - Orgone Energy Australia
Orgone Energy Australia

Shungite for EMF protection

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Length: 70-80mm

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In today's world, it’s impossible to avoid the potentially harmful electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Smartphones, computers, tablets, and other modern devices are the main sources of EMF radiation. The danger with EMF is that it is a silent killer. You won't notice the negative effects on your body until it's too late. By the age of 35, its influence can develop minor health disorders that, with age, can lead to serious illnesses such as cancer. It is therefore necessary to protect yourself from EMFs.

With our polished shungite stones, you will get all the protection you need against electromagnetic radiation. The unique structure of our shungite stones allows it to effectively protect its user from the harmful effects of EMF. However, this does not affect the operation of your device in any way. Mobile and Wi-Fi signals operate at different frequencies and our shungite targets only the ones where EMF is present. 

The great advantage of shungite stones is that they are very convenient to use and can be placed near all electronic devices and gadgets to neutralize any EMFs. Placing our shungite stone in your bedroom or your working space will contribute a lot to your overall health and well-being. It is an ideal way to protect yourself from harmful EMF radiation and negative energies and to bring balance and harmony to your home and body.

What is Shungite?

Shungite is a natural Precambrian carbonaceous rock of organic origin. Because of its powerful protective and healing properties, it is often referred to as the "healing stone". Shungite is around 2 billion years old and formed long before life on our planet existed. Hence, it has been absorbing energy from Earth and space for eons. These powerful energies together with its physical properties and chemical composition make shungite truly unique.

Types of Shungite

Shungite can be divided into three (3) types based on the amount of carbon they contain. Type III shungite stone is often referred to as normal shungite stone and contains between 30 and 50 percent carbon. All of the molded products that you can find, such as pyramids, balls, bracelets, etc., are made from regular shungite as they make up most of the shungite found in Karelia and can be molded and polished easily.

Type II shungite was named after the Russian Emperor, Peter the Great, and is known as Petrovsky shungite. This type of shungite contains around 75% carbon and is quite rare. It can also be cut and polished easily like regular shungite. However, in terms of crystal energy and properties, Petrovsky shungite is closer to the Type I shungite.

Type I shungite is known as elite or noble shungite and contains between 90 and 98% carbon.  Noble shungite has a shiny silver surface and a fascinating energetic potential owing to the high carbon content. Noble shungite deposits are extremely rare and they make up less than one percent of all shungite found in the world.

Shungite for EMF Protection

The vulnerability to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and 5G radiation seems to be an extremely pressing problem today, and most people are exposed to the harmful effects of EMFs as they are surrounded by various electronic devices and gadgets. Today, most people are severely affected by EMF and 5G radiation, and shungite has been shown to be an effective countermeasure. Many scientific studies have shown that shungite is effective at reducing the negative effects of such devices. Most of these studies were carried out at the Karelian Academy of Sciences.

It’s important to remember that the protective power of shungite depends on its girth, which in turn is based on the size of the shungite. This means that the larger the shungite item, the more protection it offers. For instance, a 10 cm (3.93 inch) shungite item can cover approximately 10m of space. 

How to Verify the Authenticity?

You should make sure that the shungite you order is genuine. The genuineness of shungite items can be verified by an easy test. One vivid property of genuine shungite stone is that it conducts electricity. So you can take a light bulb, two (2) wires, and an electric battery, and create a simple electrical network that connects the battery to the light bulb with a wire and connects the light bulb to a shungite stone. If the shungite is genuine, you’ll see that the light bulb will become brighter due to the high carbon percentage of the shungite, which is quite rare in stones.

How to Charge and Cleanse?

You can use your shungite stones repeatedly if you recharge and cleanse the crystals regularly. To clean shungite items, wash the shungite pieces under hot running water for a few minutes or expose the shungite to direct sunlight throughout the day. You can repeat the same with moonlight throughout the night. Also, you can clean it with incense and candlelight smoke. Another vital aspect of crystal cleansing is harnessing the power of other crystals with cleansing properties.