Water Ionization Orgone Generator (Small Plate)
Water Ionization Orgone Generator (Small Plate) - Orgone Energy Australia
Water Ionization Orgone Generator (Small Plate) - Orgone Energy Australia
Water Ionization Orgone Generator (Small Plate) - Orgone Energy Australia
Water Ionization Orgone Generator (Small Plate) - Orgone Energy Australia
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Orgone Energy Australia

Water Ionization Orgone Generator (Small Plate)

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Water Ionization Small Plate Orgone Generator 

Improve nutritional absorption by energizing your food with the Orgone Generator Water Ionizer. 


Good nutrition is a building block of good health. However, feeding yourself and your family is a challenge. Even when you buy and prepare all the right foods, there can be invisible threats to your good intentions. 

Even the healthiest produce options can still be grown in less than ideal conditions.


Even organic fruits and vegetables are often grown in radioactive geological matter or earth radiation such as uranium or coal.


Unfortunately, even when we buy organic produce, either or both of these elements can be present in the soil. 


Water Rejuvenation Plate Research and Testing

Easily Improve the Quality of your Food and Water 


water and food rejuventation plate


While it may seem impossible to overcome these obstacles to healthy produce, there is an easy option to improve the frequency, taste, and hydration of your food and water at home. 


The Orgone Energy Water and Food Rejuvenation Plates have been specially treated with Orgone Effects®' unique Ionic Infusion technology.


This technology has infused a negative charge to energize liquids and food to improve their frequency, taste, and hydration qualities. 


It is not only liquids that can benefit from these Rejuvenation Plates. The plates are also able to dissolve residual energy from fruit and vegetables grown in a radioactive geological matter such as uranium and coal. 


In addition to safeguarding your food and drink, your Rejuvenation Plates can also offer protection from EMF in your kitchen. 


The best place to store your Food and Water Ionizer rejuvenation disk plate is in your refrigerator to harmonize the harmful electromagnetic energy from its motor. 





How Does the Water Ionizer Plate Work? 



The surface tension of a liquid placed on an Orgone Energy Rejuvenation Plate is lowered and thus may enable better hydration qualities for the human body and improve cell hydration. 


Orgone-infused water may leave a noticeable energized feeling in your stomach and taste softer and slightly sweeter.  The water has energetic qualities similar to pure mountain spring water straight from the stream.


Energize Personal Care Items Around the Home


It is not only the kitchen that will benefit from your Revuvenation Plates! You can use your Water Ionizer rejuvenation disk or plate to energize and rejuvenate your vitamins, supplements, skincare, haircare, and shaving products.

They can also be used for cleaning jewelry and crystals, as well as producing ionized water




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Approximate Dimensions: 100 mm in diameter x 3 mm thick or 3.9 inches in diameter x 1/4 inch thick

Weight is approximately 20 grams

These Orgone Generator Plates provides a 10 to 50 cubic metre radius of Orgone Energy Generator depending on how hard the surface is that  it placed on.