Water Ionization Orgone Generator (Small Plate)

Water Ionization Orgone Generator (Small Plate)

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Thank you so much for arranging the pick up for me. I feel so much better with the Geoclense Harmonizer in place. Within 10 minutes I felt the energy change in the house, it 'lifted', cleared, got lighter. My partner said he felt better, he had been feeling down, and suddenly wasn't. Even the cat came out of hiding and played on the couch with us. She has been much more herself since then, too.
Kaytie Wood

Product Description

Water Ionization Orgone Generator (Small Plate)

Orgone Energy and Schumann Frequencies are natural present when we are out in nature which is what makes us feel great.  This amazing life force energy increases the etheric energy around us by generating healthy and beneficial Negative Ions, and makes a great water energizer

Expands Its Energy Field Even Further On A Really Hard Surface

The harder the surface, the greater the energy field of protection your Orgone Generator will create for total revitalization of you, your food, water, drinks, skin care products, shaving products, hair care products, crystals, jewellery and for protection of all forms of harmful energy in that energy field.

These Orgone Generator plates can be used as an Rainmaker.  

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Approximate Dimensions: 100 mm in diameter x 3 mm thick or 3.9 inches in diameter x 1/4 inch thick

Weight is approximately 20 grams

These Orgone Generator Plates provides a 10 to 50 cubic metre radius of Orgone Energy Generator depending on how hard the surface is that  it placed on.