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Star Tetrahedron

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The star tetrahedron is one of five shapes in sacred geometry, and it is the first and most simple. Sacred geometry is found all around us. It is believed that each shape of sacred geometry has a divine connection, and each shape produces a specific individual energy.

A tetrahedron has four sides, making the energy of the tetrahedron fire, and a star tetrahedron is called a double tetrahedron or a Merkaba, a term derived from the ancient Egyptians.

A double tetrahedron is two tetrahedrons combined into one balanced star tetrahedron or Merkaba. Merkaba is broken down into three individual Egyptian terms. “Mer” means light, “ka” means spirit, and “ba” means body.

The star tetrahedron represents equilibrium, reproduction, and the connection shared between two identical halves. The star tetrahedron is the sacred geometrical shape that is most representative of the human body, male and female, and heaven and earth.

Humans are the only lifeform that are able to completely embody both body and spirit, which is what makes the star tetrahedron useful in meditation and clairvoyance.

The star tetrahedron is often found in nature, such as the spherical tetrahedron that is formed when an egg is fertilized and divides. In addition to nature, the tetrahedron is found in architecture and arts. The Egyptian pyramids are designed after a tetrahedron. In Christianity, the Star of David is represented by the star tetrahedron.

The Metaphysical Star Tetrahedron and the Human Body

Meditating with a star tetrahedron will connect you with your higher self to allow yourself to understand each area of your life better so that they may live in harmony. You have a physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional body that you must connect with in order to live fully and harmoniously.

The star tetrahedron will allow you to deeply connect with all of those bodies, as the star tetrahedron will connect you with your higher self in an upper dimension that you would otherwise not be able to reach.

How to Use a Star Tetrahedron

In meditation, you will want to hold the star tetrahedron in your hand. You will want to completely enclose your hand around the star so that you are able to connect with all realms of your higher self: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

You can also place the star tetrahedron on your body during a meditation or healing session. If you are looking to cleanse your environment of negative energy and focus on the bodies of your higher self, you can hang a star tetrahedron from the ceiling of the space you are trying to cleanse and meditate. This will not only cleanse your environment, but it will also give you a sacred space to meditate under.

Other Shapes in Sacred Geometry


As mentioned in the beginning, the tetrahedron is one of five total sacred geometry shapes. The tetrahedron has four sides and represents the element of fire. It is a perfect balance of the physical and spiritual world and represents stability and equality. The tetrahedron represents the Solar Plexus Chakra. The tetrahedron is found naturally in the citrine, agates, and hematite crystals.

The star tetrahedron, also known as the Merkaba, represents two tetrahedrons combined into one. One tetrahedron is pointing up towards the heavens while the other tetrahedron is pointing down towards the earth. This symbolizes the balance and connection of the heavens and earth.


The hexahedron is also known as a cube. It represents the element of earth and is a symbol that represents grounding energy and focus. The hexahedron sits flat no matter what side it is on. This represents the connection to the earth through the Root Chakra.


The octahedron is a self-reflecting shape that represents the element of air. The octahedron represents love and compassion which makes it connected to the Heart Chakra. The octahedron helps us connect to our spiritual side, the side that longs to connect with others.


The icosahedron is a water element that represents the act of flowing naturally. This is applicable to both everyday life as well as creativity and expression. The icosahedron is useful when trying to break through a creative block to be able to express yourself. The icosahedron is connected to the Sacral Chakra.


The last three-dimensional shape found in sacred geometry is the dodecahedron. This shape is connected to the element of spirit. It is used for discovering who our true self is in regard to a spiritual being rather than the physical being. The dodecahedron is connected to the Higher Chakras, as it is a spirit shape of sacred geometry and relates to a person’s higher spiritual self.

The Flower of Life

Unlike the three-dimensional shapes mentioned above, the flower of life is made up of perfectly placed overlapping circles. These circles are perfectly spaced apart. The flower of life represents our life force energy and the blood that flows through us. The circles represent the universe, the earth, and our energy as all intertwined and living together. The flower of life is found worldwide in architectural structures in Egypt, China, Spain, Israel, India, and Japan.


The last shape found in sacred geometry is the sphere. The simplicity of the sphere represents unity, completeness, and equality. The sphere is considered to be the most sacred symbol in the universe, even though it is the most simple. This is because everything fits within the sphere. The sphere represents various aspects of life. For example, Gaia, also known as Mother Earth, is a sphere. The planets, moons, and sun are all spheres, as well as atoms and cells.

How to Make a Star Tetrahedron

You can use this pattern to make your own star tetrahedron.

how to make star tetrahedron

You will need to print 4 copies of this image to represent the 4 total sections of the Mekabra.

Then, you will follow the lines to cut the pattern out. The dashed lines are the inside folds, and the solid lines are the outside folds. Once you make your folds, you will glue them and secure them. Last, you will glue each of the tetrahedrons together, making the star tetrahedron.

Making a star tetrahedron out of paper does not have the same effect as a natural star tetrahedron, so here is where you can purchase one instead of making one.

Purchase a Star Tetrahedron

natural small rose quartz crystal merkaba star tetrahedron

This star tetrahedron comes in different quantities. You can choose 1-29 pieces, 30-99 pieces, 100-499 pieces, or 500+ pieces. The more you order, the lower the price per piece, but you can easily purchase only one star tetrahedron if you want.

The size of the star tetrahedron is approximately 3.5cm in diameter, making it easy for holding, wearing, or hanging; all applications in which you can use a star tetrahedron.

You can choose pink quartz or yellow quartz, and each color has a specific meaning.

Pink quartz is related to determination, commitment, and compassion. It is a color of energy that you would want to use if you were trying to rid yourself of anger, aggression, or resentment. Pink quartz has a calming effect and would be used if you were going to have a meditation session related to cleansing your spiritual body and forgiving those who you harbor resentment towards.

Yellow quartz is related to the Solar Plexus Chakra represents wisdom and joy. Yellow quartz would be used if you were trying to learn from past experiences. Yellow quartz is also used if you were attempting to gain self-confidence.

If there was a past situation in your life that involved an injury to your personal growth and self-confidence, you would want to use yellow quartz to take the negative experience and turn it into positive energy by learning from the experience and growing self-confidence.

The Bottom Line

The star tetrahedron is a great piece of sacred geometry to carry with you daily or to use during meditation sessions.

The star tetrahedron will connect you to your higher self in all embodiments: physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional. The star tetrahedron represents the perfect balance and connection between male and female, heaven and earth, and the human body.

You will want to hold the star tetrahedron in your hand or keep it close to your body during a healing session. You will want to think of how to grow in each of these areas while you are in a session. The star tetrahedron will help connect your physical side to your spiritual side, as this is what the Mekabra represents.

You can also wear the star tetrahedron on your body. This will keep the negative energy out and away from entering your aura. If you prefer to make a sacred space in your home, you can hang the star tetrahedron from the ceiling over your meditating area.

The star tetrahedron is a great tool to use when practicing meditation as it will help your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self connect with one another to live harmoniously.