Zen Buddha Incense Burner
Zen Buddha Incense Burner
Zen Buddha Incense Burner
Zen Buddha Incense Burner
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Zen Buddha Incense Burner

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This inspiring Buddha Incense Burner creates the illusion of a smoldering waterfall to soothe the soul. 


In this work of art, Lord Buddha sits and meditates at the waterfall. This incense burner is the perfect calming presence to bring peace and harmony to the home.


With its healing scent, it makes any room peaceful. Simply place an incense cone on the waterfall and, thanks to the special properties of the cone, the smoke will begin to circulate in the opposite direction, creating a beautiful smoky waterfall.


Incense burners are perfect for burning your favorite incense while adding a decorative touch to any room. It is suitable for the yoga studio, bedroom, and study. Place the Buddha Incense Burner on an altar stand, table, or desk.


These beautiful ceramic incense burners will be in use for years to come and are a simple way to add a pleasant scent to your space. Of all the Buddha gifts you can purchase online, this Buddha incense burner is indeed one of a kind.


How Does an Incense Burner Work?

Backflow incense is exactly as its name suggests: an incense in which the smoke of the incense flows in the opposite direction to the "normal" incense, that is to say, down rather than up.

Most often, incense is made in the form of a cone with a hollow and small tunnel in the middle that ends with a hole in the bottom center. Also, backflow incense can be made in the form of a stick that is completely hollow in the middle, that is, a long and thin tube.

Backflow incense works by the variation in density of air and smoke.  Incense smoke is actually denser than normal air at room temperature as it contains tiny particles.

However, when an ordinary incense is lit, the smoke will flow upward as the effect of heat compensates for the weight of the tiny particles, as hot air is lighter than air at room temperature.


In contrast, with a backflow incense, the smoke passes through the hollow central tunnel when burned, where it cools as it moves along the way.


As the smoke cools it becomes thicker, so when it comes out of the incense from the bottom, it gently flows downwards.

Different types of incense cones modify the effect of the smoke, making it lighter or heavier. Waterfalls and mountains are very popular incense burners because they create a beautiful water effect as the smoke passes through the burner.


How Many Incense Should I Burn?

If your room is smaller, it is recommended that you burn significantly fewer sticks than someone with a larger room. If you are just burning incense in your space, a stick a day is fine. Now if you have a bigger room, maybe a house, 2 or 3 sticks a day should be enough. However, if you have a big studio, maybe a yoga studio, you will have to burn 4 or 5 sticks to get your space immersed in the essence of incense.


How Do You Use a Buddha Incense Burner?

Place and light the incense cone at the incense burner’s base and watch the beautiful smoke gases come out of the Buddha's head as if Lord Buddha's meditation allowed it. The incense burner gives a very comfortable feeling and leads to a very calm mood. Below is a description of how to use a Buddha incense burner.


  • Hold the incense cone in place with one hand or tweezers
  • Light the pointed end of the incense cone with a lighter or match. Make sure the incense is submerged in the flame until it is lit with a small flame
  • Ventilate or carefully extinguish the flame or any remaining flame
  • Check the tip of the incense where the flame was. If you notice a tiny glowing cinder and fume is coming out from below, it means that the incense is lit properly. If you are unsure, leave the incense lit for about a minute and then check again. If you don’t see burning embers and no smoke is coming from the base, you have accidentally extinguished the incense completely and should repeat steps 1 to 3 above
  • Put it in the incense holder. Make sure the hole in the base of the incense lines up with the hole in the incense holder’s seat or it will block the incense column


How to Put Out Incense Cones

Once lit, it’s difficult to extinguish an incense cone and save it for later use (as we sometimes do with our incense stick).

While we don't recommend using water to put out stick incense, we recommend it for backflow incense. The best way to extinguish a cone that hasn’t been completely burned is to submerge it in a cup of water. However, please note that once you have done this, you will have to throw away the cone as it will no longer be usable.

Is Incense Burning Harmful?

Using backflow Buddha incense burners has numerous benefits, but are they safe? Incense smoke is inhaled during use. It’s made with natural aromatic materials such as sage, oils, woods, and resins.

The smoke from burning incense is pleasant and sweet, but it can irritate asthmatics. 

Some of the health problems believed to be related to reflux incense burning in humans include:


Inflammation of the Lungs

If you are in a smoky place, you’ll probably have a cough and chest pain. Burning incense tends to irritate the lungs.

Backflow incense includes chemicals such as sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide. These chemicals are thought to have harmful effects on the lungs when inhaled.

However, this has not been fully tested and appears to be suitable for anyone who has not had lung problems before.



Incense smoke contains not only carcinogens but irritants as well. This can lead to respiratory infections such as asthma.

A study in schoolchildren on asthma, its symptoms, and burning incense found a link between asthma, burning incense, and its symptoms, such as shortness of breath.

Backflow incense is not advisable if you have pets in the room, as it can cause problems for them. However, it’s generally considered safe for humans.