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10 EMF Protection Crystals

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10 EMF Protection Crystals

Whether you like it or not, if you live in the modern world, you are exposed to all kinds of (EMFs) electromagnetic frequencies. The good news is that there are many ways to reduce or remove EMFs around you, and while it is impossible to remove all sources all the time, there are incredibly effective steps you can take. Crystals are one of the ways to protect yourself against EMF.

Crystals are wonderful for increasing cleansing your body and home as well as your vibrational energy. Some crystals are especially helpful in neutralizing the effects of EMFs. Just carry them in your purse or wallet, wear them (Quantum Orgone Pendants), and place them near or on your computer (Phone, Computer, Wi-Fi Shield). A crystal grid can be created by simply placing some crystals in the corners of your house to protect them from electromagnetic interference.

What Crystals Help with EMF?

Black Tourmaline

Tourmaline and particularly black tourmaline is known as an extremely protective crystal. This includes physical and psychological protection, as well as protection against electromagnetic frequencies. The best thing about black tourmaline (often called Black Schorl) is that it repels harsh frequencies and negativity instead of absorbing them. So it doesn’t matter if you forget to cleanse the crystal. Black tourmaline is probably the best crystal to protect against harmful electromagnetic fields. It is a great crystal to wear, place on your computer, place near your WiFi router, or even grid your home with. It really is a good crystal to have around.

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Although technically made of volcanic glass, obsidian is very similar to quartz energetically. Also, it combines powerful volcanic fire energy with its immense absorption capacity. This combination makes it very effective to protect not only against harmful EMFs but also against all harmful energies. Obsidian can act as a black hole for damaging and harmful frequencies and is highly programmable, making it a perfect choice for EMF protection. This crystal is NOT self-cleaning, so you need to regularly clean it from the damaging energies it absorbs, otherwise, its effectiveness will be greatly reduced.

Indigo Gabbro

Indigo Gabbro is a relatively recently discovered mineral and a truly phenomenal volcanic crystal that has been found in Madagascar. What makes Indigo Gabbro so special is that it can absorb and transmute harmful EMFs (and really almost any harmful energy). Besides its transmutation and protective properties, it is incredibly focused while promoting superior spiritual activations and connections. Although sometimes difficult to find, it is a crystal we highly recommend. We recommend that you keep at least one piece by your WiFi router. You may also want to sleep with it by your bed.


Also, Shungite provides incredibly powerful protection. It creates a kind of energetic protective shield and helps eliminate all negative frequencies. In fact, it is rumored the Russian army covered the walls of hospitals with Shungite and was very successful in helping soldiers heal from radiation exposure. In general, Shungite neutralizes, cleanses, eliminates, and repels negativity and dangerous energies for living beings. Carry it in your pocket, place a piece close to your WiFi router, or stick it to every corner of your house if you can.


This strong purple crystal is ideal for reducing negative vibrations and the electromagnetic frequencies of others. Also, it protects against electromagnetic spectrum harmful frequencies on the astral level. Furthermore, Charoite is very healing and makes it a great crystal to keep near or on you. Consider carrying it with you during the day (crystal jewelry is an excellent choice) or/and keep a crystal next to your bedside at night.


Sodalite is known for its ability to break the fog of mental confusion so that you can find yourself in a state of peace and balance in the present. This crystal also has grounding and protective properties. It is great to keep at your desk at work or near your bedside at night.


Yes, salt is also a crystal. This includes the sea, Celtic, or Himalayan, Celtic salt. All unrefined salt offers earthing protection. You can use these salts in your bathroom so the trace elements can penetrate your skin. This produces a biochemically calming and therefore immunological effect. Also, you can add salt to your home (especially doors and windows) to minimize negative energy in your home.


Place this crystal near your WiFi router or smart meter to absorb the electromagnetic fields being emitted. Additionally, you can wear this crystal to help you similarly. If you use it, you will probably notice an appreciable increase in your energy. It is important to note that there is a lot of fake hematite floating around. Any magnetic hematite is probably artificial and therefore ineffective.

Pyrite, Magnetite, Lodestone

These crystals, as well as hematite and others, are ferromagnetic, meaning they contain iron. Iron is a strong radiation absorber. Be careful with these crystals on your computer as they can be very magnetic. And if you don’t know yet ... magnets can damage a laptop. We recommend using our Phone, Computer, Wi-Fi shield to protect against EMF radiations from your computers.


Moonstones are among the most visually appealing crystals that are available in a variety of colors, especially in dazzling rainbow colors, namely blue, green, yellow, orange, red, violet, and indigo. Moonstones are believed to have a healing effect on people hypersensitive to electromagnets.


Not only do the subtle vibrations of Amazonite protect against electromagnetic pollution, but they also filter stress and trauma and bring calming energy into your room.


Fluorite forms an effective psychic shield around its carrier (or wearer). This includes protection against EMFs as well as other chaotic energies.

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Can Crystals Absorb Radiation?

Crystal therapy practice dates back to many centuries. The ancient Sumerians considered them an important ingredient for magic formulas. Many modern crystal healing philosophies originate from Asian traditions that relate to the concept that everyone has a vital energy allocation or chakras that connect the spiritual and physical elements of their form. Although there is currently no conclusive scientific evidence for the effectiveness of crystals against electromagnetic radiation, anecdotal evidence suggests that some crystals such as GeoClense EMR Harmoniser may provide effective protection against radiation.

Based on anecdotal evidence, the crystals can form subtle energy networks that can protect your body from radiation contamination. The theory of how crystals can protect against radiation contamination states that certain crystals, such as shungite, fulgurite, and shieldite can absorb and retain contaminants due to their unique molecular structure. This theory postulates that these crystals can absorb both substance-based and energy-based pollutants, and it is the ability of the crystals to absorb and retain these pollutants that protects us and electromagnetic radiation.

Another argument for using these crystals to protect against EMF radiation is that crystals can compensate for the harmful effects of radiation contamination on the body by rebalancing and harmonizing the energy field of the body. According to this theory, carrying or wearing crystals can make a big difference in how your body can deal with and respond to electromagnetic radiation.

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What Materials Can Block EMF?

The most common forms of electromagnetic shielding are metal sheets that are formed into gaskets. Gasketry is widely used for communications, military, and aerospace applications. Also, there are metal screens, cables, and foams. In microwaves, for example, metal screens are built into the front window to allow light in and prevent electromagnetic interference.

An armored copper mesh can be used to make a Faraday cage around an electric wire, or a protective tape or laminate can be attached. Also, plastic housing that contains an electronic device can be covered with metallic ink to protect it from electromagnetic interference.

Popular Materials for EMF Blocking

Pre-coated Steel

Pre-coated steel is an ideal low-cost solution that works well from low frequencies in the kHz range to frequencies in the lower GHz range. Carbon steel tends to have a permeability value in the lower range of hundreds, which offers the property of a low-frequency magnetic shield that is missing in aluminum, copper, or alloy 770.


The tin plating provides corrosion protection for steel to prevent rust and a large weldable area for gluing the shield with markings on the surface plate during assembly.


Copper is the most trusted material when it comes to protection from radio frequency because it can absorb radio and magnetic waves. Also, it is very effective in damping electrical and magnetic waves.

Among the materials used for blocking EMF, aluminum and galvanized steel is the most commonly used and most economical. Aluminum is mostly used because of its non-ferrous properties, high conductivity, and strength-to-weight ratio. Nickel silver, zinc, pre-tin plated carbon steel, and copper are also used for certain purposes.

What Crystal Protects you From 5G?

5G brings a new level of concern, as compared to 4G, it’s not just a step up. It overlaps 4G with completely new technology so that it not only continues to emit microwaves but also millimeter waves. While 4G was not absorbed through the skin, 5G millimeter wave technology can be absorbed through the eyes and skin. We have already seen the negative health effects of 4G, so imagine what will happen if the radiation is absorbed by our body. It will increase the temperature of your skin, just like a microwave.

Crystals are among the best ways to protect yourself from the harmful effects of 5G. They create subtle energy networks that act as protective shields against them. The molecular structure of some crystals is such that they can absorb electromagnetic fields, reducing what hits our energy fields. They also harmonize the energy in and around the body and help our immune system to avoid electromagnetic radiation. In general, any crystal that works for earthing is good for reducing EMF. However, here are our favorite crystals for 5G protection.


As a ferromagnetic crystal, pyrite contains iron that can absorb radiation. Pyrite is an extremely grounding and protective crystal that deflects dangerous and harmful energies. It can protect the physical body from infections, EMFs, toxins, and pollutants.

NOTE: Do not place Pyrite near a computer as its magnetic nature can damage the hard drive.

Tourmaline Quartz

Tourmaline Quartz is a powerful combination of clear quartz and black tourmaline. Black tourmaline contains iron, which can neutralize the radiation. Clear Quartz on the other hand is an amplifier that improves the cleaning capacity of black tourmaline. It transmutes and absorbs negative energy both in the environment and in the body, and neutralizes RFRs and toxins.


Shungite contains virtually all minerals from the periodic table, which gives it unique protective energy and strong antioxidant properties. It is among the unique healing crystals because one of its main constituents is fullerene, a crystalline form of carbon that can filter many toxins from EMFs, radioactive particles, viruses, bacteria, and others. Besides wearing and carrying Shungite, you can also put this crystal in your water to filter it and give it healing properties.

Obsidian Snowflake

The Snowflake Obsidian removes and cleanses negative energy from our environment and our bodies, including EMFs. It is a protective and grounding crystal that protects us from damaging, dangerous, and harmful energies.


Bloodstone is a type of jasper that characterizes protection, strength, and vitality. It is a root chakra stone that grounds us. One of the best things about Bloodstone is its ability to flush toxins out of the body and optimize body function so we can combat the effects of the dangers of 5G naturally. For instance, it has proven beneficial for fertility, promotes healthy bone marrow, and strengthens the immune system.

The wonderful thing about using crystals to protect against electromagnetic frequencies is that they all have so many other incredible benefits. Almost every one that we have recommended here has powerful grounding effects. Each of the crystals has been used for generations to cleanse the body and promote mental growth. Using these crystals to protect against EMF is a win/win. Just ensure you clean your crystals thoroughly on a regular basis so they remain charged and continue to work effectively for you.