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Earth Magnetic Grid Lines Or 400 Metre Crossings

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What Are 400 Metre Grid Crossings or Earth Magnetic Grid Lines?

The 400 Metre Grid Crossing or Earth Magnetic Grid Lines are one of the worst forms of harmful energy that can affect your home and property. These 400 Metre Grid Crossing run from north to south, and from east to west.  They are 200 cm wide and are one of the most harmful of all earth magnetic grid lines.

When you have these affecting you, we highly recommend placing a Geoclense in your home, as well as a Dome Orgone Schumann Generator on the actual 400 Metre Grid Crossing actually, as these may have a harmful affect your health and wellness.

Sleeping Over A Earth Magnetic Grid Lines Or 400 Metre Grid Crossings

Recently, I was staying with friends. I did not know (until I got a reading done on their property the next day), there was a 400 Metre Grid Crossing running through their home.

As I am more energy sensitive than most, and not having personally experienced this energy before, I did not sleep well at their house.  My friend who lived there slept badly too when she was home, but not when she was staying elsewhere.

I was also sleeping between two large refrigerators (these have large electromagnetic fields), and I got up the night to place my Aircraft Travel  EMF Protector on the floor beside the largest refrigerator, so I could finally get back to sleep.

Had I of known that there was a 400 Metre Grid Crossing on their property, I would have taken an Orgone Schumann Generators Dome with me.  Although I did have a Geoclense plugged in, in which my friend consequently slept very well. 

The next day I had one shipped to them the next day via Express Post, and she now continues to sleep very well at home!

Land Curses And Death Imprints

If you have Land Curses on your property, these can be caused from Death Imprints, or created by Indigenous people who were very angry at the unnecessary destruction caused by white settlers or other tribes in the area.  If you look into the local history of the area, you may find out what occurred there. Have a Psychic, Medium or similar to look into what happened if you require to have further knowledge of this.

The best way to clear this energy is with a Geoclense, which is also a powerful Air Purifier and Ionizer as well as a Negative Ion Resonance Generator, proven to even harmonize radiation from microwaves and Nuclear Radiation.

Karen Winter, Dip.HSc.Kin,