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iPhone Affecting Hands With Phone Radiation Protector

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I have a Phone Radiation Harmonizer on my iPhone but after using the internet on the phone for a few minutes, my fingers have pins and needles and sometimes go numb, and my hands hurt. I shake my hands to get clear them. I have one of the plug in to the electricity socket Geoclense protectors in the house. Should this be happening if I have a protector on the phone?

These highly protective Phone Radiation Protectors totally neutralize all harmful EMF and radiation coming off your phone, as they remove the organ stress caused by the Radio Frequencies from all portable, cordless, hand, cell, mobile and iPhones.  

Your Phone Radiation Protector is definitely protecting you, however, there is most likely something else going on for you here, causing the pain in your hands. 

ystemic Health Issues May Cause Issues With Muscles In Your Hands

You may have Systemic Health issues such has Heavy Metals Toxicity, Candida out of balance in your body, bacterial or viral infections.  

If so, this would affect the Oppens Pollicus muscles in your hands (the large muscles below your thumbs) relate to your Spleen and Immune System in Chinese Medicine.  As a result of this, your may actually be experiencing a small amount of Repetitive Strain Injury or RSI. 

We therefore would highly recommend that you have these issues address these health issues.  If you would like further information read  Am I EMF Sensitive And Why Is This So?

Your Palm Chakras May Be Affected And So May Your Skin

Your Palm Chakras may also be affected by constantly sending of SMS text messages, or from using your iPhone for the internet, or to play games on constantly.  This is why using Phone Radiation Harmonizers are essential for protection.

Some people have skin that more sensitive to the static than others, which is not harmful even though you may feel this.