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5G Protection Clothing

5G Protection Clothing

5G Protective Clothing

5G network not only promises faster speeds than 4G but also reliable coverage. However, in delivering these benefits of speed and convenience, there is a significant risk of electromagnetic (EMF) radiation exposure, which has been found to have harmful health effects. All electronic devices from computers and phones to TVs and microwaves create EMF fields, with some being more hazardous than others. 4G has been the superior network in the past decade. Today, as the network of smart devices and cell phones increases, this network has become very crowded. Furthermore, the speeds of 4G seem not to keep up with the demands of new technologies like artificial intelligence and autonomous cars. Therefore, 5G network is introduced to offer faster speeds and more bandwidth.

To offer these speed improvements and bandwidths, 5G providers will require several small cell stations, positioned carefully to every house. There is the potential for more EMF radiation exposure when cell towers are located too close to users. Additionally, once 5G networks start to run at full capacity, the EMF radiation will be almost impossible to avoid. There are several reasons you need to be cautious about the dangers of 5G, but that doesn’t mean you must panic. 5G protection clothing can shield you from all kinds of EMF radiation. It guarantees a high screening attenuation as well as reduces high and low-frequency radiation. 

How Can I Protect my Home from 5G Radiation?

As 5G networks as well as other sources of electromagnetic radiation continue to rise, it is important for people to protect their homes. Here are some precautionary steps to minimize exposure to EMF radiation, protect your home from 5G, and thereby prevent or reduce any potential health risks. 

Invest in EMF Detectors

If you are concerned about the risks 5G radiation portends, then you should invest in a decent EMF monitor or detector. This meter will allow you to measure the radiation exposure within your home quickly. The EMF meter will most importantly let you know if the steps you have taken to minimize the EMF radiation are producing the appropriate results. There are many ways these EMF monitors can be beneficial, particularly in learning about EMF radiation exposure at home or within your neighborhood. Typically, EMF monitors are user-friendly and have useful information regarding the type and level of radiation you are exposed to. A high-quality monitor will let you measure the potential implementations of 5G networks in your area. 

Turn on Airplane Mode

Airplane mode is one of the most under utilized features of a cell phone. While turning this mode won’t entirely limit the radiation of your phone, it will significantly reduce it by preventing its connection to the cell tower. Cell phones emit radiation constantly even when you aren’t using your device. This is because it must maintain its connection to cell towers nearby. In addition, there are some apps that run in the background receiving texts and conducting updates. All those data use radiofrequency waves, which results in emissions of those dangerous EMF radiations. Therefore, switching your phone to airplane mode will be helpful in limiting the radiation with 5G phones. 

Avoid Sleeping Close to Your Phone

Many people sleep with their phones under the pillow or on the nightstand. Smartphones are however a major EMF radiation contributor. As 5G phones are introduced to the market, the smart thing to do is to make sure you keep your cell phones away from the body while sleeping. 

Try Grounding

Grounding or earthing is founded mainly on the principle that we should be in tune with the magnetic frequency of the Earth and doing so have immense health benefits. To ground yourself, all you have to do is walk barefoot outside your home. Doing this removes electrical charges the body may be carrying, and equalizes humans with the electrical frequency of the Earth. Thus, making it a great way to minimize radiation exposure, and to reduce free radicals accumulation in the body. This may not be the best way to manage 5G radiation exposure, but walking barefoot once in a while will hardly cause you any harm. 

Eat a Healthy Diet

This may seem like an abnormal approach to reducing 5G radiation exposure, but a healthy diet can make a huge difference in radiation exposure effects. Again, this is not meant to remove the radiation source. Instead, it is about combating the exposure effects. The reason EMF radiation is harmful is that it increases the free radicals level in the body, one main cause of cancer. Free radicals are known to cause the cells to become oxidized which can cause mutation, thereby causing cancer.

One of the easiest ways to combat EMF radiation and free radicals is to eat foods with a high ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity). Some major foods in this category include cinnamon, basil, pecans, rosemary, pomegranate, dates, walnuts, blueberries, asparagus, and more. 

Purchase EMF Protection Products

EMF protection products are crucial for at-the-surface protection from 5G radiation. There is a wide variety of products you can buy to neutralize or minimize 5G radiation emitted by your cell phone. While these products won’t totally remove 5G radiation risk, many of them can minimize its impact by about 92%. 

What Material Can Block EMF?

Typical materials used for EMF radiation blocking include metal foam, metal screen, and sheet metal. Any holes in the mesh or shield must be considerably smaller than the EMF radiation’s wavelength that’s being kept out, or the enclosure won’t approximate an unbroken surface effectively. Another frequently used EMF shielding method, particularly with electronic appliances housed in plastic cases, is coating the interior of the cases with metallic ink. The ink comprises a carrier loaded with matching metal, usually nickel or copper, in the form of tiny particles. It’s sprayed on the cases and once dry gives off a successive conductive layer which can be connected electrically to the equipment’s chassis ground, thereby offering effective EMF radiation blocking.

EMF blocking is the process of reducing the EMF radiation field in an area by surrounding it with a magnetic or conductive material. Copper is usually used for RF (radio frequency) shielding because it can absorb radio as well as other EMF radiation waves. Properly constructed and designed copper RF blocking casings satisfy many RF blocking needs, from electrical switching rooms and computers to MRI facilities and CAT-scan. 

What Clothing Protects from Radiation?

Here is some EMF protection clothing that protects from EMF radiation to reduce exposure significantly. 

Ripstop Silver Fabric

The Ripstop silver fabric is a popular EMF protection clothing in industries and homes alike. Initially, it was developed as an antibacterial material for odor control and wound healing but subsequently improved to resist a wide range of EMF interferences and radiations. This highly effective and conductive EMF shielding fabric can be used as an electric field shield, Wi-Fi routers shield, faraday enclosure, application cover, window drapes, microwave shield, static control, and garment liners. 

Swiss Shield EMF Shielding Fabric

The Swiss Shield Electromagnetic Shielding Fabric offers protection against electromagnetic radiation from Wi-Fi, DECT, and mobile phone masts in your neighborhood. Also, it can be used as canopies, curtains, and room dividers. This transparent radiation protective polyester/metal is equipped with an electromagnetic shielding of 30 decibels at 1 gigahertz, offering 99.9 percent effectiveness. 

High-Performance Silver Mesh Fabric

This silver-plated EMF shielding fabric offers maximum EMF radiation shielding of 50 decibels at 30 megahertz to 3 gigahertz. It covers a wide range of applications and temperatures (-30°C to 90°C). The High-Performance Silver Mesh Fabric can be used to make mobile phone shields, draperies, garments, tents, electronic components, and even medical applications. 

Cotton Grid Fabric

This shielding fabric is a very low-cost conductive electromagnetic shielding fabric used as wraps, drapes, and bedding. The anti-static properties of this non-toxic fabric allow it to discharge anything it encounters. It can also be used to minimize RF signals if you don’t want to completely kill the signal. It’s made of cotton and pure silver fibres and very safe and comfortable for your skin. 

Silverell Fabric

This type of electromagnetic shielding clothing is made of silver and knitted rayon. The knitting provides it with a stretchy and soft feel like a regular cotton T-shirt. The silver metal in silverell fabric is responsible for its EMF shielding efficiency and high conductivity. Also, it is a great choice for odor and static control. This EMF shielding fabric is safe and comfortable for the skin, thus an ideal choice for making bedding and garments. 

Do EMF Shields Really Work?

Over the years, the market has been flooded with EMF shields which claim to block EMF radiation. But are they really effective? The truth is, some EMF shields really work while some are a waste of your money. Although you can reduce your exposure to EMF radiation by limiting your use of the electronic devices or keeping your distance, these are not always possible. One way to limit your exposure to harmful EMF radiation is to use an EMF shield like the Orgone Iron On EMF Clothing Protection. When this shield is placed on the inside of any garment, swimwear, or sports clothing, high protection is guaranteed.

Iron On EMF Clothing Protector gently energizes your garment or sports clothing with beneficial scalar waves or negative ions, which in turn raises the harmonic vibration of your chakra systems, meridians, energy fields, and aura. This reduces the stress placed on your heart and nervous system, which is created by Positive Ions or energy fields. By energizing your garments, swimwear, and sports clothing with this very effective Iron On EMF Protectors, you are less affected by harmful energies such as:

  • Electromagnetic Radiation, Electromagnetic fields, and very low Electromagnetic Frequencies
  • Mobile Phones, Cell Phones, iPhones, Portable Phones, and Electronic Devices
  • Wireless technology and WiFi devices
  • Radio Frequency Fields and Earth Magnetic Radiation
  • Geopathic Stress, Fault Lines and Water Veins