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7 Negative Ion Benefits To Your Home

Ions are things we learned about in school; you probably remember from your chemistry class that ions are similar to atoms but with a charge. The type and magnitude of the charge are largely dependent on the number of electrons it possesses when compared with the number of protons present. If the electrons present are higher than the protons, it is said to be negatively charged but if the electrons are less, then it has a positive charge. Though, of course, if they are both equals then it’s not an ion anymore but just a plain old atom.


That said, a whole lot of elements can form negatively charged ions, and when we refer to negative ions, we are essentially referring to oxygen atoms charged with an extra electron. These occur naturally in air from the interaction of the oxygen present with water, this is why a high concentration of negative ions occur mostly around fresh, flowing water sources such as streams, rivers, waterfalls or the sea. As a matter of fact, even after a rainstorm, the air becomes extra charged with these negative ions.

Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Philip Anton Lennard came up with the “Lennard effect” that illustrates how negative ions are formed from the aerodynamic breakup of water drops. Basically, he explained that when water molecules collide with each other, they (the water molecules) become positively charged from the removal of electrons. This, in turn negatively charges the surrounding oxygen molecules in the air as they (molecules of oxygen) gain the lost electrons. This is why negative ions are in abundance around flowing water sources and not so much around stagnant or unmoving water. Nonetheless, we’re not saying that negative ions can’t be found elsewhere; they are, in fact, present in our bodies and also occur freely in fresh air but are more concentrated around these natural water sources.

From the sound of it, negative ionizers seem like they could be potentially harmful things but actually, that’s the opposite, they are wonderful for the body, and negative ion treatment has numerous benefits. Their functions are as opposed to positive ions that are actually a bit harmful. We can all testify to the tranquility that the freshness and clarity of the air at the beach or after a rainstorm brings, and that’s really because of the effect of negative ions.

7 Negative Ion Benefits To Your Home

That said, most people don’t realize that negative ions contribute to our overall well-being as humans. And sometimes when we don’t get enough of it, we tend to experience the effects such as weakness, unexplained headaches or nausea in crowded areas. All of this happens without us even realizing what is missing from our lives. Living in locations with high levels of pollutions and inadequate supply of fresh air helps to ensure that you’re not getting enough negative ions. Now, with all this said, imagine being able to increase the number of negative ions present in the air in our homes. Additionally, imagine the tremendous effects it would have on our daily lives and well-being. This is really the foundation for the existence of commercial ionizers, and in fact, many offices and hospitals in Europe today make it mandatory that the air be ionized continuously.

Hence, whether you live in a countryside or in the city, having a surplus number of negative ions in your home is actually beneficial and here’s why:

Negative ion generators help to clear the air of airborne allergens such as pollen, molds, spores, pet dander, bacteria, cigarette smoke, and viruses. Also, they even prevent the buildup of dust. This is because of their ability to cling and bond with these airborne allergens and dangerous particles in large numbers. Eventually, they weigh them down so much that they can’t stay airborne anymore. This effectively reduces the number of these allergens or toxins that are present in the breathable air.

Negative ion therapy can help you sleep better. This is because of their ability to increase serotonin levels in the body. Serotonin is really just a chemical present in the body, produced by the brain and has a whole lot of functions it performs. Nonetheless, reduced levels of it can affect mood and sleeping patterns which, as mentioned, is what negative ion fixes.

Negative ions improve moods, seasonal affective disorder, and sense of well-being. This is again as a result of its link to serotonin levels in the human body and also because of its ability to neutralize positive ions in the surroundings.

Negative ions help relieve feelings of fatigue and promote digestion. Negative ions can easily be absorbed into the body and when it is, it increases oxygen levels in the blood. This helps in recovery from fatigue and creates a sense of relaxation and calm. Additionally, it promotes the production of digestive enzymes directly improving digestion.

Negative ions neutralize free radicals. Positive ions are known to oxidize free radicals in the body which is a bad thing because, free radicals are highly reactive. When they are in excess of anti-oxidants and can’t be controlled by the body they can lead to a chain of reactions that cause oxidative stress. Obviously, this brings about adverse effects. Negative ions reverse this effect of positive ions by neutralizing the free radicals and thus preventing damages caused by oxidative stress.

Negative ions help cells to function properly. When the body becomes too acidic because of the presence of excess positive ions, the positive ions cause an increase in the number of free radicals. These free radicals oxidize cell membranes, causing them to thicken and making it hard for waste to move out of the cell. Additionally, it makes it likewise hard for nutrients and water to enter. This, in effect, eventually leads to cell death or mutations. When negative ions are present in abundance, it keeps the body at a balanced level and prevents cells from having to go through all that stress.

Negative ions purify blood and maintain optimum blood pH level. When negative ions are absorbed into the bloodstream, they ionize sodium and calcium that are in circulation. As a result of this, they put blood pH in an alkaline state thus purifying the blood, which is essential for all of our well-being.

For the same benefits of negative ions for your home and living spaces, you can try the GeoClense: EMF and Earth Radiation Harmonizer as negative ions are released as a by-product of its function.