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How a Negative Ion Bracelet Relieves Stress & Anxiety

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The Principle

An atom is the smallest, indivisible occurrence of an element. It consists of negatively charged electrons, positively charged protons, and neutral neutrons. The neutrons and the protons make up the central nucleus which the electrons revolve around. When an atom develops a charge, it becomes an ion. The charge of an ion is largely dependent on the amount of electrons present in relation to the amount of protons. Normally, in an atom, the electrons and the protons are equal; but when the electrons are more than the protons, it becomes negatively charged and when the electrons are less, it is said to be positively charged. This is why people refer to positive ions and negative ions. For the purpose of this article, negative ions referred to here are simply oxygen atoms charged with an extra electron.

Anxiety And Stress

The Bracelets Themselves

Just as oxygen is present in the air that we breathe, so are negative ions. Negative air ions occur naturally and have been proven to offer a lot of benefits including stress relief, cleaning the air of pathogens, treating depression, and for our general well-being. Negative ions are formed from the aerodynamic break up of water molecules. When the molecules collide, they become positively charged by the loss of electrons and the oxygen in the surrounding air gain these electrons and become negatively charged. This is why there is an abundance of negative ions around natural, flowing sources of water. Though, artificial source like showers can serve as a source of negative ions too.

That point established, negative ionized bracelets are simply bracelets with the added function of producing negative ions. Usually, they are made of silicon combined with special minerals, such as powdered tourmaline, germanium, titanium, or zeolite. They are known to produce negative ions by way of creating a weak electric charge and far infrared radiation when pressure or heat is applied. Living in overcrowded and polluted locations with the little or total absence of vegetation actually depletes the supply of negative ions in the air, as opposed to locations in the country side where there are a lot of plants to replenish oxygen in the air. But whichever the case, it is a plus to have a negative ion bracelet on your person at all times.

The bracelets have a lot of stress and anxiety relieving properties, and they do so by producing negative ions around the wearer. This can then be easily absorbed through the air being inhaled or through the skin pores.


Now, to the Benefits of Negative Ions

They actually help to clear the air of toxins and airborne allergens such as pollen, molds, spores, viruses, and any other such entity. This is done by binding and weighing the foreign agents down, causing them to stick to surfaces and taking away their airborne property. The direct result of this enhanced breathability since the air circulating the environment is always soft/fresh.

Benefits of Negative Ions

On the outside, negative ions help in wound-healing processes because of their rejuvenating effects on cells and cell membranes. They also help to promote digestion by stimulating the production of digestive enzymes and reducing tension in the intestines and digestive tracts. The negative ions additionally improve blood pH levels by ionizing circulation of sodium and calcium. Thus, they operate at an alkaline pH level which is actually optimal for proper cell function as well as neutralizing free radicals. That said, if blood falls to an acidic pH, it has a negative effect on the cells. This is because it would cause an increase of free radicals that adversely affect the cell membranes by thickening them. In turn, the whole process impairs the exchange of materials across the membranes.

Still, this is not all a negative ionized bracelet can offer. They also improve immunity of the body to fight against diseases. It does so in an array of ways which include strengthening and coordination of the cilia found in the respiratory tracts and promoting the production of antibodies produced by the immune system.

Nowadays, a lot of people tend to lead really busy lives, working one or more jobs, taking care of their families, and still trying to find a way to achieve their goals with little or no time to rest. All of this is done in polluted environments as well; so it all constitutes a sure recipe for stress and anxiety. Sometimes, even when they realize this, they find they can’t do so much to change it because of the setup of their lives and they figure: “Where’s the time to de-stress?”

Anxiety And Stress

On that, anxiety can be defined as a perpetual state of worry or nervousness while stress refers to the effects of strain on the body. Wherein, the strain could either be physical or mental. Anxiety and stress can take a toll on the sense of well-being of an individual and the results of an absence of negative ions are some of the end results. We mean, all of it is a cycle whic accumulates and forms a cumulative effect with two simple symptoms (i.e stress and anxiety).


However, sometimes stress may not even be easily detected until it is too late and a break-down occurs. Fortunately, this is where the presence of a negative ion bracelet comes into play. The bracelets help in the reduction of stress and anxiety levels. And with that, you’ll probably be wondering how this could be possible.

Well, negative ions (synonymous with the bracelet and negative ion bands), when absorbed by the body helps to raise serotonin levels in the blood by speeding up its oxidation. This makes it readily absorbable by cells of the body. But we still have to go in-depth. Serotonin is a chemical neurotransmitter produced by the brain with numerous functions. The chemical, obviously, is largely associated with elevated moods. Increased serotonin levels help to boost moods, alleviate stress, eliminate feelings of depression and in some cases, even improve sexual drive. Raised serotonin levels also has a very calming effect that would help to counteract anxiety. This likewise helps to improve sleeping habits and improve rest.


Summarily, when negative ions are absorbed by the body, they help to improve blood flow and elevate oxygen levels. This causes a sort of boost in energy levels, which is why negative ions are very crucial in providing fast, efficient, and powerful recovery from fatigue and stress.

In the totality of it, it is very beneficial to own a negative ion bracelet as part of the practices for alleviating stress and anxiety that is encountered every day. Products with Orgonium also release negative ions in their mode of working and could function just in the same way a negative ion bracelet does to give you the needed negative ions. We carry the Ener-Band (because the negatively charged ions produce energy as one of their many health benefits), which does wonders for the human body, inside and out.