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Agate Stone for Orgone Energy

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Though found in other rocks, the beautiful agate stone is often discovered along with volcanic rock. With often numerous varieties of colors, patterns and clarity, this stone—dating as far back as ancient Greece—have been long known to have healing properties. The agate stone, sometimes comprises opal, jasper, and crystalline quartz, vibrates at a lower frequency, making its lower intensity ideal for stabilizing energy. Stability can range from improving one’s physical level by strengthening the physical body's balance to redefining one’s emotional composure with mental clarity. Though its patterns can appear delicate, the agate stone is highly durable and resistant to chemicals. When paired with Orgonite energy technology, the agate stone delivers warmth and gentle vibration to its user.

Orgonite energy is a type of life energy, first discovered by Wilhelm Reich in the 1930s. Reich believed that inability to access or blockages in this source of energy were responsible for many illnesses, both mental and physical. As everything in this world has its polar opposite, Reich also believed that there was a dangerous version of Orgone energy called Deadly Orgone. He believed that radio towers and devices that put out wireless signals created Deadly Orgone, as did geopathic stress regions.

To counteract Deadly Orgoneand improve the energy field, a device called and Orgone generator can be created. This substance is also called Orgonite. Made out of some kind of clear casings, metal shavings, crystals, and sometimes healing water, the layering of organic and inorganic substance is said to attract, change the polarization of and subsequently repel Deadly Orgone, sending it back into the world as healthy Orgone energy.

Orgonite can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. It can be worn as jewelry for constant protection, turned into pucks or even shaped into beautiful and decorative Orgonite pyramids to improve th energy field. Polyester resin is the most common casing used as it is clear, inexpensive and easy to shape. Metal shavings should be as small as possible and most often comprise of aluminum or copper. Finally, the base is clear quartz crystal, with the option addition of other crystals of gemstones. Agate stone can be used as a base quartz crystal, as it is in the quartz family. It can also be used as an optional add-in for a wide range of additional beneficial properties.

It is said that when cooled and placed to the forehead, agate stone may ease a fever. Claimants also agree that by holding the stone a child may find balance, particularly in the early stages of walking. Agate is the yin/yang stone and it represents true balance. Those seeking parallel intellect and creativity may benefit from agate. Those seeking emotional strength following post-partum or other emotionally-depleting events may find solace. Willfulness may be replaced by willingness; fear by courage. When energy is needed, agate may boost its user and alternatively, when energy is needed to be stored, the agate stone may aid in repurposing energy and conserving until needed at a later date. Whether placed in the hand, near the heart or in the home, the agate stone can restore a connection with the earth and wanton desires for material things may subside. Agate is the perfect companion for Orgone because they both promote restorative values and seek to balance the unbalanced.

The ancient Greeks knew that agate stone in the armor of its soldiers could help protect them, as well as give them courage. Neolithic people knew that the agate stone could be worn as amulets or consumed for medicinal purposes. Today, contemporary people know that the agate stone has the ability to cleanse and stabilize the aura by removing negative energy.

Agate stone is found all over the world. There exist so many variations as far as color, design and opacity are concerned. Certain colors mean certain things. For instance, white agate is said to be a symbol of hope, black agate is for protection, green is for improving the health of the eyes and brown agate is for victory or success. In gemstone therapy, however, all agates can remove blockages from any chakra. Though not a replacement for prescriptions or medical care, crystals may aid to relieve ailments in some of its users. For the physical, agate can be helpful in relieving gum and tooth issues, sleeplessness, gastro-intestinal issues, and stamina. For the emotional, agate can alleviate resentment or bitterness or provide courage emotional strength and self-confidence. Plume agates, which contain some fossilized material and are quite rare, are said to help with anxiety and stress relief. 

Much like layered materials used in Orgone Energy technology, alternating between organic and inorganic materials, the agate stone arrives at its final form in a similar fashion. While some agates appear more solid in color, the most identifiable agate, with its zigzag pattern, is formed in layers. Some bands are represented by iron-rich substances like celadonite, while others are crystalized water containing silica. And because many are found hollow, the center can often be found to be filled with quartz or other crystals.

Agate has been used for centuries in art, decoration, jewelry, and various other adornments. Aside from its beauty, it is highly durable, resistant to degradation, and emits a high level of sheen when polished. Perhaps the most notable use of agate is found in The Holy Grail of Valencia. This chalice is believed to have been used at the Last Supper of Christ. Though adorned with gold, pearls, and other jewels the cup itself is carved from a piece of agate.

Though crystals or stones are not required as part of the function or Orgone energy technologies, through the process of containing the stones in resin along with the alternating organic and inorganic materials, the stones become electronically polarized, thus making them stronger tools for combatting positive ion resonance.