The Purpose of an Orgone Generator


An Orgone generator is a physical object that is used to attract unbalanced Orgone energy, balance it and then send it back out into the world.

An Orgone generator (or orgone accumulator) can be an object you keep on your person at all times, such as a piece of jewelry or can be an object used in your home to help keep balanced levels of Orgone energy.

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Orgone generators are made from a mixture of metal shavings, such as copper or aluminum, polyester resin, and crystals, the base crystal most commonly used being quartz. Some people also like to include a little herb-infused water. Orgone generators are usually quite beautiful and will cleanse and balance the energy in their vicinity.

The concept behind how Orgone generators work is that the organic matters absorb and attracts the Deadly Orgone energy and then the inorganic metals change its polarization. Once the polarization is changed, like a magnet, the inorganic metals reflect it back out in all directions, like light shining through a prism. This process reorganizes and balances the structure of the energy, which is where the healing properties and protection that an Orgone energy accumulator or generator can offer come into play producing life-force energy.

Orgone energy was first identified by Wilhelm Reich in the 1930s. There is positive, life-force energy which is a power booster and negative or Deadly Orgone energy. The concept exists in many other cultures but may take different forms. Tai Chi is a good example of this as is Reiki and Chakras healing. Deadly orgone energy is usually identified in geopathic stress regions or in areas where people are exposed to large amounts of electromagnetic radiation, which can be anywhere as its sources are Wi-Fi connectivity and electronic devices.

The protective benefits of wearing an Orgone Energy Pendant

Geopathic stress regions are places on earth that possess either manmade or natural sources of deadly Orgone energy. Natural sources of deadly Orgone energy are things like underwater streams or fault lines. You can usually tell if you live in a geographic stress region by the presence of bees, wasps, and ants that thrive in these regions. Most mammals will avoid these regions and plants that grow in these areas are more often than not diseased. An Orgone generator will help draw in the dangerous energy and balance it, rendering it harmless and even healthy.

Electromagnetic radiation is a big problem in our modern world. Sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation causes sleep disruptions and blockages in life flow energy. Sources of this radiation are electronics and exposure to wireless Internet waves. Long-term effects of this type of radiation include various types of cancer.

The original orgone generator was called a Cloud Buster, created by Wilhelm Reich himself. This device was made of aluminum pipes and crystals in water. Reich claimed that this device could help release Orgone that had become trapped in the clouds, becoming a stagnant, deadly Orgone. He said the proof of this would be that the device would create rain. By many accounts, this device was indeed functional.

An Orgone generator will draw in and transform deadly Orgone energy in positive Orgone energy. This can have amazing effects on your mood, energy levels, and quality of sleep. An Orgone imbalance can cause anxiety attacks, insomnia, and night terrors, as well as lethargy and moodiness. All of these are plagues of our modern society.

It can also help protect you from dangerous diseases causes by blockage or shortage of positive, life source Orgone energy. These diseases include cancers and psychological diseases. Reich believed that blockages in positive Orgone energy were actually the cause of all neurosis.

In your home, you can place an Orgone generator can be placed in your bedroom or in your child’s room to help with sleep disorders or problems. It will balance negative energy in the space and help prevent nightmares or disturbances while you sleep. You can also place an Orgone generator by your television or computer to help neutralize the electromagnetic energy and harmful radiation in the space.

Having an Orgone generator in your home will also help your houseplants grow and thrive, as they will benefit from healthy balance. This can be wonderful if you live in a basement apartment and are using plants as air purifiers or to absorb excess moisture.  You can also place an Orgone generator in your garden to help yield a more fruitful harvest.

You can also carry a small Orgone generator on your person with you to help maintain balanced life energy all day long. It will also serve to protect you from the electromagnetic radiation that is almost impossible to avoid in our modern world.

An Orgone generator at the office can help keep your workspace clear of negative energy. It can help create a more positive work environment by reducing competitive attitudes from co-workers. It can also improve your workday by keeping you free of stress and negative emotion.

Orgone generators can also help keep food fresher longer and provide maximum absorption of vitamins and minerals. Additionally, orgone generators will help cells absorb water better and balance the energy in cosmetics, allowing them to stay effective longer.

Orgone generators can also help you on a spiritual level. Orgone generators help neutralize stress and sources of negative energy. You can achieve a higher level of consciousness and self-awareness when unburdened by negative energies. An Orgone generator can also help achieve a higher level of inner peace and realize a more profound state of meditation.

An Orgone energy accumulator can benefit you and your family in many ways. From simply improving your mood positive energy levels to controlling the energy field by protecting you from devastating, life-changing and deadly diseases, keeping an Orgone device in your energy field is one of the easiest ways to maintain a happy, healthy, and spiritually sound home.

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