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Amethyst Healing Properties

Amethyst is known for its beauty but its benefits don't end there. Check out amethyst healing properties. 
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Amethyst is known for its beauty but its benefits don't end there. Check out amethyst healing properties. 

Have you ever felt like your emotions were all over the place and nothing seemed to make sense? Have you tried different types of meditation and alone time, and still feel out of balance? Maybe it’s time for you to explore the world of amethysts.

Healing crystals that have been used for centuries in traditional medicine due to their healing properties. From Taoist inner alchemy practices in 600 CE to rituals conducted by Celtics and Buddhist deities, this powerful gemstone is believed to be one of the most effective methods of self-healing.

Whether you’re already a fan of crystal healing or just curious about what these stones can do, this blog post will go through the amazing benefits associated with wearing an amethyst.

Amethyst Healing Properties


Amethyst Stone


The properties of Amethyst crystals are closely linked to the third eye chakra, the hub of intuition and spirituality, as well as the crown chakra, which oversees our link to the universe.


The purple Amethyst crystal meaning is intertwined with these vital energy centers. This helps explain why the Amethyst Crystal is such a powerful gemstone, balancing, opening, and activating the crown and third eye chakras.

As you work with the healing properties of Amethyst crystal to bring greater peace, calm, and spiritual insight into your life, you will come to appreciate why it holds its status as one of the sought-after crystals in the world. Discover the power of Amethyst’s healing properties.

Physical Healing Properties


Amethyst Crystal 

Physically, Amethyst is linked to fostering healthy cell regeneration, promoting restful sleep and calm, and maintaining hormonal balance.

Since Amethyst helps to balance metabolism and has a positive effect on the endocrine system, the body regains its inner harmony and does not falter with cortisol production, which significantly reduces tension and stress.

In addition, its purplish hue helps in the cleansing and detoxification of the body, soul, and mind.


For those who suffer from headaches or migraines, Amethyst offers clarity and relief.


For those who have difficulty reducing their alcohol consumption, Amethyst encourages the user to remain sober. It is a gemstone that reminds us that wise thoughts and common sense are necessary to make the right decisions in life and that a clouding of the mind can make it difficult to make sound life choices.

A vibrant purple energy to bolster the immune system, the amethyst gemstone is also known for its incredible ability to help the body better defend itself against ailments and illnesses that negatively impact a person’s well-being and health.


By cleansing the blood and reducing anxiety and stress levels, Amethyst empowers the immune system, benefitting everything from respiratory health to skin vitality.


For those struggling with sleep, the proximity of an Amethyst during rest periods can also ensure that the user does not stay awake all night. Amethyst, a stone known to help combat insomnia, surprises with its ability to provide peace and strength in abundance.


Emotional Healing Properties


Amethyst Tower 

At its core, Amethyst is known for instilling a sense of tranquility and clarity in our bustling world. Those who keep it close will feel soothed, grounded, and comforted in a truly inspiring way.


By centering emotions, Amethyst can be a valuable recovery aid for those suffering from the overwhelming emotions that accompany loss, grief, and various shades of sadness.


With its divine spirituality, it is a gemstone that reminds people not to shy away from the unknown.

Death can be seen as a change, a transition, and a shift into a higher realm, and although it is of course, painful to let go of someone you love, there is life to celebrate and memories to cherish as well.

Amethyst reminds us that there is a balance in spirituality too; it is not just about neglecting the negative and thinking that spiritual awakening only leads to positive thinking, but also about recognizing the darkness and honoring it, without keeping them in your heart forever.

It is also wonderful for those who tend to get angry easily, as it effectively diffuses growing anger and replaces it with an aura of calm that can be difficult to eliminate.


While Amethyst clears away the negativity that clouds the mind, it also appears to ignite a spark that reveals our deepest sources of inspiration.


With a calm and focused mind, we can access our creative spirit and reveal all the ideas and passions that were hidden behind the walls of inner turmoil.

By nurturing meditation, promoting restful sleep, sweeping away mental cobwebs, and helping us divine our deepest life paths, Amethyst promotes profound transformation within us. When we create space within ourselves for peaceful courage, we can follow the map we have created and pursue the things that serve us.


When faced with decision-making challenges, Amethyst aids in accessing inner strength to make suitable choices.


Life’s challenges can often leave us feeling stuck and unsure of which path to take. Amethyst gently reassures us that all is not lost and that we have the inner insight, wisdom, and knowledge we need to find a path forward.

For those inclined to be brash during arguments, Amethyst can also help the wearer return to a calm and serene state of mind.


It is an excellent gemstone to support relationship and family dynamics as it supports a clear mind and is rooted in love and understanding.


Metaphysical Healing Properties


Raw Amethyst 

For those looking to take a step further into their spiritual awakening, Amethyst is among the most important stones in the healing journey. It is closely related to the crown chakra and is even believed to bridge the gap between the spiritual and physical realms.

The third eye chakra is considered one of the most potent intuitive tools of all. While everyone possesses the gift of intuition, its potency depends on how you use it.


Amethyst awakens the third eye, allowing the sixth sense to flourish.


In Eastern philosophy, the third eye is said to be the spiritual center of human existence. It also influences how reality is perceived and how open one is to embrace spiritual enlightenment.

The third eye chakra is associated with the color indigo, echoing the hue of Amethyst. A blocked third eye chakra may lead to feelings of anxiety, depression, and the burden of cynicism.


Awakening the third eye revitalizes intuition, allows inner wisdom to flow, and reignites the spark of imagination.


The crown chakra, a sacred energy center, is closely related to the Amethyst stone. This is where cosmic consciousness resides and this is where we receive vital messages from the universe and connection to the cosmos.


When the power of the crown chakra remains untapped or there is a blockage, it may lead to a feeling of alienation or disconnection from the world.


They may feel like their ego is getting in their way too much. When open and receptive, the crown chakra brings well-being, balance, deeper connection, and functional confidence in one’s wisdom.

Given its long history as a protective amulet, it is not surprising that Amethyst neutralizes negative energies from the external environment. Amethyst can repel physical attacks; and protect against misfortune.

Spiritual Healing Properties


Amethyst Beads

The true power of the Amethyst Crystal lies in its spiritual healing. No other crystal is as linked to your spirituality as Amethyst.

Amethyst helps unlock your mind and connect with the spiritual world. People who feel less spiritual, cannot communicate with their spirit guides, or find it challenging to sense a connection to the spiritual world may benefit from Amethyst.

Amethyst facilitates your spiritual growth by:

  • Offering a gateway to the sacred realm. If you feel like you’re having a hard time transitioning from the ordinary to the sacred, Amethyst helps bridge the gap.


  • Establishing a clear and secure channel for the flow of spiritual energy within and around your aura.


  • Protecting from negative spiritual and emotional energies.


  • Assisting in the completion of spiritual work that was left partially undone. Sometimes, our spiritual journeys may stall due to weariness or perceived impasse. Amethyst steps in to soothe, elevate your spiritual energy and resonance, and set you back on course to fulfill your spiritual objectives.


You will enjoy keeping Amethyst crystal close to your spiritual rituals and ceremonies. Many users feel that they can attain a higher spiritual level by incorporating Amethyst into their practices.


Can Amethyst Bring Wealth?


Amethyst Necklace

Amethyst is a valuable crystal if you really want to build your wealth. This will help you grow your business or share your wealth with the people you love. This promotes creative expression, ingenious concepts, and committed work.

It is the perfect crystal to place on your office desk or work table so that your productivity is high.


A deep purple Amethyst is associated with wealth, prestige, and status.


Historically, purple is considered the color of royalty and nobility. In fact, purple was not an easy color to obtain in ancient times. The dyes needed to produce the color purple would command a much higher price range than shades of brown or green.

Of course, these types of dyes and clothing do not directly relate to the brilliance of Amethyst and its violet color. But the symbolic resonance endures in our collective consciousness to this day.



In essence, it might inspire you to seek happiness while promoting clear thinking. That’s why Amethyst can help you determine whether the career change you’re considering has long-term potential.

This type of financial intelligence and foresight can also help you identify a good deal. It can also help distinguish a good investment from a bad investment. Also, it helps you gain a clear perspective and a good sense of detail and fine print.


An Amethyst crystal invites harmony into your professional relationships and paves the way for prosperity in your financial endeavors.


How Do You Use Amethyst Healing Stone?



Amethyst crystals are usually one of the first gemstones people are drawn to when embarking on their journey into crystal healing. This isn’t much of a surprise as Amethyst’s healing properties have an enduring value.

Dating back to 25,000 B.C., Neolithic communities in Europe and ancient Egyptians held it in high regard for its legendary energies and beauty. Roman and Greek societies also placed great value on the healing powers of amethyst.


Amethyst has been considered a royal gemstone and is used in scepters, crowns, and bishop’s rings for thousands of years.


Amethyst is believed to have been the 9th gemstone in the breastplate of the High Priest of Israel and among the 10 stones engraved with the names of the tribes of Israel. With such a rich history, there must be profound reasons why various ancient civilizations harnessed Amethyst’s healing properties.

For Healers


Amethyst Sphere

If you are a healer, Amethyst is an essential tool in your practice. Not only do you want to use Amethyst during client sessions, but you also want to keep Amethyst close to you to promote grounding and balance in your life.

Healers know how important it is to cleanse and balance the chakras, but they also grapple with the challenge of absorbing negative energy from clients, which can sometimes be unavoidable. Distinguishing their clients’ experiences and past traumas from their own can also prove to be a complex task.


Amethyst helps maintain the channel of your spiritual energy, ensuring your connection stays strong.


This helps users stay centered, grounded, and spiritually “on their path,” allowing you to better focus on your clients’ needs without confusing them with your own.

Meditate with Amethyst


Beautiful amethyst stone necklace

Amethyst Crystal Necklace 

Amethyst crystals provide exceptional spiritual protection, mental clarity, and inner strength, making them a revered choice for meditation practice.


Meditating with these stones can enhance your emotional awareness, leading to a deeper self-discovery.


Additionally, it enlivens the crown chakra and instills a sense of tranquility, making it a powerful meditation aid.

Reduce Stress and Foster Relaxation


Amethyst Ring 

Amethyst’s healing properties also include its effect as a natural form of stress relief.


This gemstone draws in positive energy and frees your body from all negative emotions such as stress, fear, anxiety, depression, and much more.


Amethyst’s healing properties help cleanse the body’s energy field of all detrimental influences and energies, enveloping you in a cocoon of spiritual light.

Incorporate Amethyst into Your Living Space

Raw Amethyst 

Beyond their benefits for the body, Amethyst crystals are among the most beneficial gemstones you can have in your environment. That’s why many people integrate them into their homes: in bedrooms, living areas, bathrooms, cars, offices, meditation spaces, etc. – so that the healing properties of Amethyst constantly envelop and protect them.


These gemstones cleanse any room of negative vibes and radiate ideal energy for your well-being.


They help declutter the mind of unnecessary thoughts. Physically, having Amethyst gemstones in your living space is thought to help strengthen the immune system and address bodily imbalances.


Amethyst geodes and clusters have the strongest power to remove negative energy from your home and are therefore the best to fill your home with it.


These crystals can be placed on the mantel or altar, somewhere in the middle of the home, allowing Amethyst’s healing properties to permeate every room. Because of their gentle, calming energy, they are also a wonderful addition to your child’s room. Amethyst crystals are even believed to help those struggling with insomnia. Placing an Amethyst crystal in your business is believed to attract abundance and open up new opportunities.

Final Thoughts

While Amethyst has long been a symbol of beauty, wisdom, and power, it is more than just a pretty gem. The energy and protective properties of amethyst may offer the user enhanced mental abilities, healing from physical and mental health issues, stabilization of home and work life, emotional balance, intuition enhancement, and spiritual guidance.

If you’re looking to connect with these ancient spiritual dividends associated with amethyst; come take advantage of our wide variety of products! From necklaces to bracelets to rings to beads to the raw stone itself- we have something perfect for everyone. Hurry while supplies last for the ultimate ‘spirited’ experience. Don’t wait any longer– buy now and feel the power of Amethyst in your life!