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Do You Need EMF Protection Products?

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Do you need EMF protection? Today’s modern technological conveniences may make your life easier, but they come with a price. EMF is radiated by many of your favorite tech items, but is there a way to still enjoy these conveniences without sacrificing your health? Check out EMF protection products. 

What is EMF?



Understanding electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation is becoming increasingly important in today's technology-driven world. EMF radiation is a form of energy that emanates from electronic devices. These waves consist of particles of energy called photons, which travel at the speed of light.


Various sources, both natural and man-made, generate EMF radiation.


Natural sources include the sun, lightning, and the Earth's magnetic field, while man-made sources comprise power lines, electronic devices, and household appliances.

Wireless networks, such as WIFI, Bluetooth, and the latest generation, 5G, also emit EMF radiation. As these networks operate using radiofrequency waves, they emit low levels of radiation.


The increased use of wireless technologies has raised concerns about cumulative exposure and its potential long-term effects on human health.


The upcoming 5G technology utilizes higher frequency electromagnetic waves to transmit data at faster speeds. Although 5G radiation is still a topic of ongoing research, there are concerns regarding its potential impact on human health.


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Some experts worry that the increased densification of 5G infrastructure and the higher frequency electromagnetic waves may lead to greater EMF radiation exposure, potentially resulting in adverse health effects.

While these technological devices have greatly improved our lives and brought convenience, there is growing concern about the potential health risks associated with prolonged exposure to EMF radiation.

In order to make informed decisions and protect our well-being, it is vital to possess a clear understanding of what EMF radiation is, how it affects us, and what measures can be taken to minimize its impact.

How Does EMF Exposure Affect The Body?



With the advancement of technology, the presence of electromagnetic fields (EMF) radiation has become more prevalent in our daily lives. It is crucial to protect oneself from the harmful effects of this radiation, especially with the upcoming deployment of 5G networks. Exposure to EMF radiation has been linked to various health risks that cannot be overlooked.

Cell Damage



One significant concern is the potential damage it can cause to our cells. EMF radiation has been found to interfere with the natural processes of our cells. One study found EMF exposure increased the production of free radicals in a cellular environment. Free radicals play a role in the production of many diseases, leading to an increased risk of developing several health conditions. 

Elevated Blood Sugar



While EMF exposure has not been found to cause diabetes, exposure to transient electromagnetic fields (dirty electricity) has  been shown to elevate blood sugar levels in people with diabetes or pre-diabetes. 


Increased Risk of Cancer



A meta analysis of 18 studies on EMF exposure showed evidence of a link between EMF exposure and an increase in male breast cancer. A review of several studies on EMF exposure and cancer cited concerns over increased rates of leukemia from both professional and personal exposure.

Studies have shown an increase in brain and auditory cancer in heavy cellphone users. The cancer would appear on the same side of the head as the phones were most often held against.

It was the findings of these studies, among other concerns, that led to the World Health Organization (WHO) to classify EMF as ‘possibly carcinogenic in 2011.


More than 10 years later many scientists are asking for EMF ‘safe limits’ to be examined again, especially for children and pregnant women. 


Impact on Fetal Development 



A review of studies dedicated to examining the impact of EMF exposure on fetal development found ‘change in gene expression, oxidant parameters, antioxidant parameters, and DNA damage parameters in the umbilical cord blood of the fetus and fetal developmental disorders, cancers, and childhood development disorders’.

Further studies have shown EMF exposure has a negative impact on the growth and health of the fetus and also increases the risk of miscarriage and reduces the volume of amniotic fluid. 

The Baby Safe Project is an initiative that offers expecting mothers tips to reduce their EMF exposure to protect their developing babies. 

Neurodegenerative Disorders



Children who live near power lines are more likely to develop acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) and neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. In addition, a link has been found between EMF exposure in utero and an increased risk of ADHD in children. 

Many studies have also found that decreasing EMF exposure can help improve children’s functionality, particularly those who have ADHD, autism and other neurological disorders. 

Fertility Issues



The impact of EMF exposure on fertility has been studied immensely. A review of such studies published in the Journal of Health and Biometrics and Informatics determined EMF exposure was found to alter the reproductive endocrine hormones, gonadal function, embryonic development, pregnancy, and fetal development’

In addition a further study found RF-EMF may induce oxidative stress, which leads to an increase in ROS (reactive oxygen species) which can lead to infertility. 

Mental Health



Mental health can also be impacted by EMF exposure. A 2018 study of power plant workers found that increased ELF-EMF exposure increased levels of depression, anxiety and stress. 


‘Increased exposure to ELF-EMF had a direct and significant relation with increased stress, depression, and anxiety.’


Another important aspect of mental health is sleep. EMF exposure has been linked with a decrease in the production of melatonin, which is the natural hormone responsible for sleep. 

Melatonin is usually linked with sleep, however it is also an anticarcinogen as well as responsible for the removal of free radicals

Types of EMF Protection Products


Phone Computer Bluetooth WiFi Radiation Protection - Orgone Energy Australia


With a constantly increased use and adaptability of technology, avoiding EMF exposure is nearly impossible. Instead, it is important to look for ways to minimize exposure. This is especially important for those most vulnerable to EMF: children and pregnant women. 

Firstly, it is important to limit the time spent near sources of EMF radiation. This can be achieved by keeping distance from devices that emit high levels of EMFs, such as smartphones, laptops, and power lines.


Creating a safe distance between oneself and these sources of EMF can significantly reduce exposure.


Furthermore, it is advisable to switch off wireless networks when not in use. This includes Wi-Fi routers, Bluetooth connections, and other wireless devices. By turning off these sources of EMF radiation when they are not needed, exposure levels can be greatly reduced.



Another effective measure is to use EMF protection products. Our Orgone Energy line is designed to neutralize the harmful positive ions emitted by EMF with healthy negative ions. This creates a safe and healthy environment without eliminating your favorite technology. There are many different products offered to suit every lifestyle.




Protect your home from EMF radiation and Earth Radiation with up to an 85% effect reduction. Energize and revitalize your water and remove dirty electricity from up to 200 feet away. Say hello to a healthier home, all while protecting against 5G.


Dome Schumann Resonance Orgone Generators


Upgrade your home with the top-quality EMF protection of Dome Schumann Resonance Orgone Generators. These generators are designed to shield your entire household from harmful EMF radiation, promoting wellness and safety. Add style and effectiveness to your living space with this one-of-a-kind EMF protection tool.


Phone Computer Bluetooth WiFi Radiation Protection

Keep yourself safe with the Phone Computer Bluetooth WiFi Radiation Protection. This EMF protection sticker offers all-in-one protection against the radiation emitted by electronic devices, blocking up to 95% of harmful radiation. Use your beloved electronics without the worry of radiation exposure.



Shungite For EMF Protection

Shungite has the unique ability to actively interact with various types of EMFs, including radiofrequency, solar, and even those generated by human or natural sources.

Not only does it protect against artificial radiation, but shungite also neutralizes geopathic stress caused by electromagnetic fields from natural sources. Scientific research attributes these beneficial properties to shungite's remarkable ability to convert harmful energies into a more biologically friendly form.



In addition to these measures, it is important to create EMF-free zones in living and sleeping areas. By keeping bedrooms free from electronic devices and reducing the use of wireless technology in these spaces, exposure can be minimized, especially during sleep when our bodies are most vulnerable to EMFs.