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Amethyst Chakra

Amethyst is a beautiful gemstone that has been used for centuries to soothe, protect, and balance emotions - it's no wonder why it's so closely associated with the chakra system! 

Amethyst is a beautiful gemstone that has been used for centuries to soothe, protect, and balance emotions - it's no wonder why it's so closely associated with the chakra system! 

Chakras are powerful energy centers located in the human body that influence our overall well being. Tapping into these energies can help us heal and harmonize with ourselves, as well as our spirituality and environment.

Our Amethyst necklace, bracelet, and ring are stunning pieces of jewelry that not only enhance your style but also work to nourish your spiritual growth.


By wearing amethyst, you're inviting the powerful energy of amethyst into your aura, aligning with your third eye chakra, and connecting with your intuition.


Our Amethyst beads, spheres, tower, raw stones, and crystals also make excellent additions to your self-care regimen, as they can be placed in different areas of your home or office to create a sense of calm, peace, and serenity. 

In this blog post, we'll be exploring which chakra Amethyst is associated with (hint: it's not just one!), what this powerful stone can do for your spiritual growth journey, and how to incorporate it into your life. If you're looking for creative ways to work more deeply with your inner self and prime yourself for spiritual transformation - then read on!

Which Chakra is Amethyst Associated With?



Amethyst Crystal


Since amethyst is a spiritually attuned crystal, it is no surprise that it is closely linked to the Third Eye Chakra. It is believed that only when this chakra is clear and open can you truly begin your spiritual journey.


Amethyst helps open, clear, and cleanse the third eye chakra, facilitating the flow of spiritual energy between the human consciousness and the spiritual realm.


Using Amethyst bracelets during meditation or placing a crystal directly on the third eye can help in this process.

Additionally, the Amethyst crystal is also closely linked to the crown chakra, the center of spiritual awareness. Balancing this chakra helps users sustain their spiritual connection. When your crown chakra is clear and open, you can continually maintain contact with your spirit guides and your spirituality.

When the crown chakra experiences a disturbance, it not only impacts your spiritual path and connection with spiritual guides but also disrupts the functioning of the chakras situated below it. Wearing Amethyst crystal hair accessories can help keep the crown chakra clear, open, and free from any energetic interference.

When both the crown and third eye chakra are obstructed, physical discomfort can occur along with spiritual smog. The severity of these physical symptoms may vary, but neglecting the care of your chakras can exacerbate their manifestation over time.

What Does Amethyst Do for Your Chakra?


Raw Amethyst

We often suffer from physical illnesses when our chakras are out of balance or shut down. The health of your chakras is essential to staying strong and healthy mentally and physically.

Third Eye Chakra

Regarding the Third Eye Chakra, when it’s closed or clouded by negativity, the following physical manifestations can occur:

  • Mental fogginess, distraction, or difficulty thinking clearly;
  • Vision issues;
  • Dizziness; and
  • Insomnia.

Using Amethyst is an excellent way to restore equilibrium to your third eye chakra and prevent these conditions. Placing an Amethyst stone directly on the Third Eye Chakra while meditating in a supine position can be particularly effective.

The Crown Chakra

Physical illnesses related to an unbalanced crown chakra can lead to various physical discomforts. These may include:

  • Headache. This is the prevalent physical indication of an unbalanced or blocked crown chakra. When this crown chakra remains imbalanced, you may even develop migraines, which can be debilitating;
  • Hair problems, including hair loss;
  • Neuralgia.

Balancing your crown chakra can alleviate these problems.


Amethyst helps cleanse the crown chakra and keep it open so you can enjoy the health benefits of a balanced crown chakra.


Additionally, Amethyst is strongly linked to the endocrine system and can help balance hormones and promote mood stability. Many menstruating individuals prefer to have Amethyst close by during their monthly cycle to relieve the physical discomfort they feel due to fluctuating hormone levels.


Using Amethyst crystal to bolster the immune system is a popular practice among users seeking its healing effects.


Do you find yourself frequently catching illnesses? If so, the presence of amethyst can strengthen your immune system and help you stay better protected against the prevailing illnesses.

For those working in bustling environments like large offices or classrooms, having an Amethyst on your desk can be especially beneficial during cold and flu seasons as it aids in respiratory health.

Moreover, Amethyst has a soothing energy closely linked to tranquility and peace, which means it can help you sleep better at night.


Placing an Amethyst crystal next to your bed or beneath your pillow can help you sleep more soundly and avoid nightmares, especially if you suffer from frequent insomnia.


What Zodiac Signs Use Amethyst Crystals?


Amethyst Tower

Purple Amethyst establishes its connection with the zodiac sign of Pisces and finds its resonance in February, a time marked by love and the coolness of winter’s end.


The Amethyst crystal brings light, love, and a serene presence, accompanying its wearer until the advent of spring’s first rituals.


Its gentle violet energy harmonizes perfectly with the Piscean disposition. Those with imaginative minds, profound empathy, and a predilection for spiritual journeys find a kindred spirit in Amethyst. Its healing properties resonate deeply with these traits and more. But sometimes a person’s greatest strength is also their Achilles’ heel.

With heightened levels of empathy, Pisceans may occasionally take on too much, leaving themselves sad and exhausted in the process. Keeping this gemstone by your side ensures they maintain a compassionate ear without losing themselves in the challenges of others, staying spiritually anchored in their path.

Pisces are guided by the planet Uranus, a planet known for its progressivism and forward-thinking energy. Uranus, the god of the heavens and skies, is about welcoming the spark of intuition, embracing enlightenment, and advancing individual freedom.


Keeping an Amethyst at your side serves to protect and uplift the spirit and reminds us that while change is essential, it should be approached with a clear vision and the gift of insight.


Amethyst crystal is the birthstone of Aquarius, the composed and introspective water-bearers who possess a visionary nature. Known for their profound intellect and assertive disposition, Aquarians may at times lean towards analytical and cool tendencies.

Amethyst steps in as a harmonizing companion, offering its serene communication skills and encouraging Aquarians to embrace the best of their innate qualities.

How to Use Your Amethyst Crystals


Amethyst Beads

Use Your Amethyst Crystal to Find Peace

Our most cherished way to harness the properties of the Amethyst crystal to find inner peace is to create a personal crystal program. This involves wearing Amethyst jewelry, keeping the stone close, and incorporating it into your surroundings. This cultivates an atmosphere of peace and serenity, regardless of your location or activities.


Wearing Amethyst jewelry, such as bracelets, necklaces, or rings, establishes a continual connection with the crystal’s energy throughout the day. These pieces of jewelry serve as a gentle reminder to nurture your inner peace so as not to be vulnerable to external stress or distractions.


Besides wearing the gemstone, carrying an Amethyst crystal in your pocket or purse allows you to access its energy when needed the most. Holding the crystal and taking a few deep breaths can swiftly guide you back to a state of tranquility, reestablishing that inner sense of calm.


The final step in your peace crystal program is to introduce the gemstone into your space. Place it next to your bed, at your workplace, or anywhere else. You’ll see it every day to remind you that rest is available when you need it. The stone also radiates calming energy to foster a more serene environment.

Amethyst Crystal Intention to Find Peace

When working with Amethyst Crystal to find peace, focus on the following crystal intention: I’m at peace.

How to Use Your Amethyst Crystal to Harness Your Intuition

To amplify your intuition, establish a personalized Amethyst crystal program that encompasses wearing, carrying, and placing it in your surroundings. These varied approaches work in tandem to support your overarching intention.


By wearing Amethyst jewelry, you can maintain a constant flow of energy from this crystal into your energy field. This connection serves as a reminder to heed your intuition when it beckons.


To further augment your intuition practice, ensure you have a piece of Amethyst in your pocket or purse. Whenever you seek to harness your intuition, bring the stone closer to your third eye chakra to open and activate this vital energy center.


To complement your crystal practice, position an Amethyst gemstone in your desired space. For enhancing intuition, consider placing it in your sacred area or a spot where you’ll encounter it daily.

Amethyst Crystal Intention to Harness Your Intuition

When working with the Amethyst crystal to harness your intuition, focus on the following crystal intention: I have trust in both myself and my intuition.

Final Thoughts


It is clear that the Amethyst crystal is a powerful ally in the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment. It helps open the third eye and crown chakras so that you can establish and maintain contact with your spiritual guides. Our collection of Amethyst products can help you to channel this energy for any healing process. We have necklaces, bracelets, rings, beads, towers, spheres, raw stones and crystals – all of them made with Amethyst to amplify their power. 

You can trust in their energies no matter your religious or cultural background, as Amethyst has been used for centuries by many different cultures for spiritual healing purposes. Now is your chance to tap into its great properties and take control of where it will take you! So, purchase our Amethyst products today and begin your own journey towards greater spiritual awareness!