Beating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome And Candida eBook - Part I

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Beating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome And Candida eBook - Part I

Recently I had afternoon tea with a friend.  In the car on the way, she did not realise I was a qualified Complementary Medicine Practitioner.  She had been unwell, dealing with Chronic Fatigue and Candida, and had been consulting "Dr Google"!

She had purchased and read some of the eBooks online written by people with no training, who had somehow gotten themselves well and provided poor information, poor Candida diets and much confusing information.

Our afternoon tea together was spent ironing out all the confusion she was experience from these people who were NOT qualified to provide this information.  I explained I had 25 years of clinical experience and much success, not only in getting myself well, but in treating so many people with these conditions and getting them well.

I see the requirement for this book (and my consequent one on How to Recover From Lyme Disease), are so much needed in the market place, with proven ways to address these issues and fast!

You will learn what the underlying causes of Candida and Chronic Fatigue are and how to address them easily and quickly; and:

  • What causes Candida imbalances in the body
  • What is the underlying cause of Candida
  • What is the cause of Chronic Fatigue
  • How to get well the fastest way possible
  • Why you have these conditions and what is really going on
  • Find out what Medical Research won't know for find out for 20 to 30 years
  • Why these conditions are not  understood
  • Learn about mystery illness and why the are given labels

This book is written by a qualified Health Professional who has personally addressed her own battle with having to deal with these disorders had to over come them.  Karen has successfully treat many people since 1991 (25+ years) bringing them back to good health.

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