Dowsing And Divining Rods

Dowsing And Divining Rods

Divining rods are employed in dowsing, which is a type of divination that is capable of finding all sorts of things such as ground water, drinking water, oil, gold, and minerals as well as other resources of non-scientific means such as electromagnetic frequencies and radiation.

Professional dowsers are capable of dowsing for specific depth measurements of water veins, find out where gold and metals with the divining rods, as well as test for Geopathic stress, where electrical currents are and all forms of harmful energy, which a Radio Frequency Meter or an EMF Meter cannot find, as they are only testing from these two frequencies and not all the other forms of harmful energy.

People who use dowsing are able to measure things such as blood toxicity, white cells and sugar levels, detecting human health issues such as Lyme Disease, bacteria, viruses, parasites and general overall health and fitness.

Find Out All Sorts Of Things Using Dowsing And Diving

The experts who perform dowsing using dowsing rods technique are not limited to any specific time and space which gives them the ability to dowse any materials, content, substance or product at any given time from any location anywhere or any time.  The divining rods and dowser are actually a conduit employed in searching for anything that they may be seeking.

This form of dowsing or divining continues to be in widespread use in many parts of the world, and is even recognized by Councils and Shires in most countries.

Dowsing with divining rods is actually a purely natural and integral instrument of any person who chooses to use it. Its historical background is as aged as humanity itself. The phenomenon of dowsing continues to be accessible throughout the ages to any individuals who chose to pursue it and to develop their innate aspect of self.