Best Alternatives to Hard Wired Internet

Electromagnetic radiation (EMF) can be very deadly for you and your family, and if you have recently tried to reduce electromagnetic radiation in your home, an important step you could have taken would be to use the Wi-Fi router during different periods of time during the day.

Hard wired internet will help you achieve more encouraging results in terms of drastically reducing overall levels of electromagnetic radiation in your home.

Not only is hard wired Internet safe, but it is also secure since no one can sneak into your system during a hacking attack. When you choose hard wired Internet, you’re choosing security, incredible speed, and reliability in bad weather conditions. One way to go wired is to bring an expert home, assess what is required, and route your Ethernet cables for you. If you are financially capable and are unsure of your technical skills, this might be your best option. However, if you are looking for a more practical solution, you may want to consider investing in EMF protection products.

Is Wired Internet Safer than Wireless?

The Internet has traditionally been provided by cable since its inception. We started with phone cords but then switched to Cat-5 and Cat-6 cables to bring high-speed Internet from Internet Service Providers to PCs. Computers are typically fitted with modems that help modulate and demodulate the data transmitted over cables and allow them to operate smoothly. 90 percent of the Internet is still transmitted via wires today and just a small percentage of the area is wirelessly covered.

Hard-wired internet connections are more secure and stable than wireless connections.


In addition, they also enable higher data transfer speeds. Transatlantic connections, where cables are laid on the ocean floor to connect all countries to the Internet, are made using fiber optic cables. Wires are used because they are economical and offer the most practical solution.

Other than that, most security facilities and government buildings use wired connections as they are protected from hacking. A wireless network can be hacked into, but not a wired one.

On the other hand, wireless technology is growing in popularity, and more and more core places are offering wireless internet that people can connect and use. Most households with an internet connection would prefer a wireless connection as they can connect to the internet with the push of a button from any smart device. Public spaces are also becoming increasingly compatible with Wi-Fi.

Today, many libraries as well as other public areas offer free wireless connections that you can connect to and start surfing. Restaurants like McDonald’s and Starbucks also offer their customers free Wi-Fi. However, if we took a closer look at how wireless connectivity works, we would discover that these networks are activated by emitting high-energy radiofrequency (RF) radiation and encoding data on these frequencies. This radiation is very harmful to the human body and has been proven to be a direct cause of several health complications. So the question is what is the best option?

Hard wired Internet connections provide a much more stable and secure connection than wireless. Also, they have no risk of RF radiation emission. However, they can be a bit complicated due to cables and limits the movement of devices. In addition, you will not be able to connect to the Internet wirelessly from your smart devices if you are not using mobile Internet services.

On the other hand, wireless connections have no movement restrictions. Thanks to an effective range of up to 10 meters, wireless enables users to wirelessly connect several devices to the same network simultaneously. Additionally, there is no wires hassle when it comes to Wi-Fi. That said, there is a great risk of exposure to radiation. Regular exposure to this type of radiation can cause serious health problems, including chronic conditions like cancer and diabetes, so we need to be very careful about how much radiation we expose ourselves to.

Ultimately, the choice depends on our individual tolerance for risk. At Orgone Energy, we do not think compromising your health is worth it. However, people’s priorities differ and this must also be understood and respected. In this case, they may consider anti-radiation products that will help prevent all harmful radiation from reaching the body.

So Can Ethernet Cables Help Reduce Radiation Exposure?

Absolutely! Not only will they help lower EMF levels, but they will also stop them completely. When the Internet is transmitted by wires, there’s no emission of radiation. The wires transmit the message in an analog format that is converted to digital by the computer's modem. Generally, Ethernet cables are connected to computers using RJ 45 connectors, which serve as the interface between the computer and the wire.

This not only reduces RF radiation but also reduces EMFs because you no longer need a router in your home. You'll also save a ton of money on utility bills, as you won't have to run your router every day. Other than that, Internet service over Ethernet cables is generally more secure and stable. The stability comes from the fact that it is delivered over cable and no data packets are lost during transmission.

Therefore, wired connections are best for resource-intensive jobs, such as downloading or uploading large files. This is because they provide a stable and constant speed throughout the upload or download process, and the computers need not work as hard to get the job done. From a security perspective, it is almost impossible to hack into a wired connection, while wireless connections are a piece of cake. Now if you go to YouTube and research how to hack wireless connections, you will be inundated with videos that will show you how to do it step by step.

It shows you how insecure these Wi-Fi networks are and how easy it’s for anyone to steal your confidential information like passwords and bank details. It’s our opinion that Ethernet cables have some significant advantages over wireless connections. If you neglect the convenience of mobility and the wire situation, wired connections make a lot of sense. They do not present any radiation risk, offer a more stable connection and overall greater security.

So What’s The Way Forward?

We always advise people to ditch their wireless setups and use hard wired internet instead. It would definitely take some getting used to, but once it's installed, you can see the benefits. However, we also understand that this is not the most practical solution for everyone. So, what can be done? Is there any middle ground here? Yes, there are. If you still can't get rid of your Wi-Fi connection, invest in quality EMF protection products. They are amazing products that will keep the body safe from EMF radiation exposure.

If you need a place to start, we've compiled a list of products that we personally use and recommend. All products on our list are scientifically tested and we individually verify their effectiveness.

Our Favorite EMF Protection Products

Geoclense Orgone Negative Ion Generator 

The Geoclense Orgone Negative Ion Generator consistently generates healthy beneficial Negative ions that work by harmoniously neutralizing your entire property and home all the way to its boundaries, counteracting each one of these destructive energies such as radiation and electromagnetic frequencies.

The Geoclense is a healthy, negative charge resonance field generator designed to balance the noxious, unhealthy positive charge resonance created by Wi-Fi, 5G and all forms of EMR, RF, Earth Radiation, and Bioplasmic Radiation.

Phone Computer Bluetooth WiFi Radiation Protection

This highly effective EMF Radiation Protection product provides you and your loved ones with maximum radiation protection, while at the same time preventing the ill effects of DNA damage and the formulation of brain tumors, and works in a far superior way to any shield can.

These powerful EMF Protectors are designed to eliminate radiation emissions by harmonizing and neutralizing the effects of this harmful energy, rather than shielding or blocking them, these create a healthy life-force chi by constantly generating beneficial healthy Negative Ions.

Harmony Wear Personal Protection Jewelry

Harmony Wear personal protection jewelry is a beautiful option for EMF protection when you are on the go. Protect yourself with our line of beautiful Harmony Wear Personal Protection Jewelry. The elegant Harmony wear collection creates a harmonizing field of negative charge around your body. These fields may support and balance the human energy fields and meridians, neutralizing the depleting positive charge energy influences from all sources of electromagnetic radiation.

Quantum Orgone Pendants

These incredible Quantum Orgone Pendants provide you with powerful protection from hazardous Positive Ions coming from radiation, radio waves, microwave frequencies, and electromagnetic fields (EMF) created by wireless connections and electronic devices.

All Quantum Orgone Energy Pendants are individually handmade making each one unique. These beautiful Quantum Orgone Pendants provide a ten-meter energy healing bubble of protection and security around you protecting everyone with healing Negative Ions, also known as scalar waves or scalar energy.

Bamboo Orgone Blankets

Wrap yourself in protection with our Bamboo Orgone Blankets! Do you ever find yourself tossing and turning, wishing for sleep but too anxious to rest? You wake up irritable and exhausted suffering from the effects of too little sleep. There are many things that could be causing your insomnia, including exposure to EMF radiation from wireless devices. 

Now imagine wrapping yourself in calm, in a room filled with lightness and rest. That is what our Bamboo Orgone Blankets are designed to provide. These environmentally friendly bamboo Orgone Blankets are infused with octaves of frequencies which create and bring into being a powerful Negative Ion resonance used for energy healing or Orgone Therapy, making them the best in natural sleep aids.

Dome Orgone Energy Generators

These highly protective Dome Schumann Resonance Orgone Generators are powerful Orgone accumulators. They are beneficial for harmonizing and neutralizing all forms of electro-pollution, electromagnetic fields, and electromagnetic radiation.

The Orgone Energy and Schumann Resonance Dome balance the unhealthy positive charge resonance created by Wi-Fi, 5G and all forms of EMR, RF, Earth Radiation, and human-generated Bioplasmic Radiation.

Orgone Generator domes raise the vibrational healing energy of the magnetic grids and fault zones to a life-giving status, reducing the physical stress and mental health problems in the home, school, and work environment.