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How to Reduce or Block Smart Meter EMF

Smart sounds great, doesn’t it? We have smart cellphones that hardly leave our hands and smart meters in our homes that send data to utility companies. We have smart speakers that can always listen, play music on demand, or place a dinner delivery order. We are surrounded by amazing technology that makes our lives easier.

These devices can be smart, but how often should we use them? They constantly communicate through radio frequency waves and electromagnetic fields that circulate around us.

However, just as you want to use clean body products, eat organic foods, breathe clean air, and drink clean water, you also want to maintain a clean “electronic” environment. Let’s take a closer look at what a smart meter really is, how they affect your health, and how to reduce or block the EMF emit.

Do Smart Meters Emit EMF?

Smart meters are devices that monitor the consumption of electricity in the home. They transmit this information to utility companies for more accurate energy bills and a more efficient system.

With a smart meter, you can monitor your consumption. It can, therefore, be a helpful device for reducing electricity and minimizing the amount of radiation you are exposed to. The problem with smart meters is that it also uses a fair amount of electricity and relies on wireless data transmission and emits so many harmful radioactive waves.

You find that there are antennas on the smart meter and all the others around your neighborhood transmit radio frequencies continuously throughout the day. Energy companies claim there’s nothing to worry about since the radiation is non-ionizing, but we know we shouldn’t trust them. There are many known dangers of non-ionizing radiation that can be harmful to your health. You might be using it to monitor your household’s consumption without knowing that it could be part of the problem.

Dirty Electricity and Smart Meters

Most wireless and electronic devices operate on approximately 12 volts of DC (direct current). However, modern circuits use AC (alternating current) at 120 or 240 volts. Electronic devices need to convert alternating current into direct current. This conversion tends to create dirty electricity in the form of unpredictable electromagnetic interference (EMI), which is a type of ionizing radiation like radiofrequency.

This dirty electricity flows through your home’s electrical system and is emitted into the environment through electrical outlets, multiple sockets, wireless devices, and electronics, adding “electrical pollution” to your surroundings. Smart meters make this problem worse by adding significantly to dirty electricity levels in a home.

This is because of the repeated surges and spikes of higher electrical frequencies that run through all circuits in homes with a smart meter. Electrical pollution can travel through the air at high frequencies and pollute every room in your home. The good news, however, is that just as we filter our air, we can filter electrical pollution and protect ourselves from the dangers of smart meters.

Is Smart Meter Radiation Dangerous?

If you ask your energy company if a smart meter will affect your health, they will possibly tell you that there is no risk to your health. However, we do not live in an ideal world and the evidence behind the dangers of smart meters shows just the opposite. A growing body of scientific evidence, not just speculation, links dirty electricity to a variety of cognitive, emotional, and physical health problems.

According to the BioInitiative working group, over 6,000 studies show the relationship between electromagnetic energy with ailments, chronic diseases, and other harmful effects.

According to a report released by the state of Vermont in 2012 on health problems with smart meters, it was discovered that RFR measurements during transmission ranged from 50 - 140 uW/cm2 upon contact with the smart meter near its transmitting antenna. Measurements at a distance of 12 inches from the smart meter during transmission were between 10 and 50 uW/cm2. Measurements at a distance of one meter or more from the smart meter were at or near the bottom level.

As the adoption of smart meters rapidly advances, often without residents being aware of new technology, many people report new health problems ranging from heart problems and sleep issues to skin rashes. Patients with electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome (EHS) may react more strongly to smart meters because these people are already susceptible to the symptoms and illnesses of electromagnetic fields. Proximity to measuring devices, especially over a long period, can lead to health problems.

Also, there is some evidence that electrical pollution triggers an immune system response. This is because the body protects electrical fields from foreign invaders, such as viruses and bacteria. As evident in thousands of patients in functional medicine, chronic inflammation leads to memory loss, fatigue, anxiety, cognitive problems, irritability, and cognitive problems. It is the primary cause of autoimmune diseases. In fact, chronic electrical stress triggers symptoms comparable to several autoimmune diseases.

According to David O. Carpenter,exposure to radiofrequency at high levels for a prolonged period causes sensitivity, damages the nervous system, and increases the risk of cancer.

It also has negative effects on the health of the reproductive system as well as other organ systems. It also increases levels of peroxynitrite (a toxin produced by the body), which has been linked to more than 60 chronic ailments.

How to Reduce or Block Smart Meter EMF?

If a smart meter is already installed in your house, don’t panic! There are numerous steps you can take to keep your family safe from the waves of these smart meters. No need to get rid of your meter. Simply follow these steps and you are on your way to a safe home that is well protected from radiation hazards. These are the methods that work to reduce or block the radiation from smart meters.

Purchase a Bamboo Orgone Blanket

Your bed is where you’ll spend most of the day, so it’s important to protect your bedroom just as well, if not more than other parts of your home. One way to do this is to purchase a Bamboo Orgone Blanket to cover yourself. This blanket not only looks great but also absorbs and blocks harmful EMF radiation while you sleep. This is very important because at night your body regenerates cells and revitalizes your health.

Radiation can ruin that plan, causing fatigue and more serious health issues. Bamboo Orgone Blanket is perfect for keeping you safe from the EMFs given off by a smart meter. Even though it’s at the far end of the house, those EMFs can still travel a great distance to your room. The blanket also protects you from other microwave frequencies and radiation in the house, such as cell phones or Wi-Fi routers. Using this blanket allows you to kill two birds with one stone. This type of blanket can deflect over 90% of the radiofrequency, so you are absolutely safe while sleeping, even if your smart meter is running all night.

Request a Standard Meter

If the city or utility company installed your smart meter for you, you can ask them to swap it out for a standard meter. Simply inform them that you are worried about the radiation and there is a high likelihood they will give you a new meter. The only change that will occur is that the energy will need to send someone regularly to get the readings. In fact, it’s not a big deal considering you are protecting your family. If they refuse to change your meter, you can always buy a new standard device and install it yourself. Simply follow the directions and let your utility company know what you’re doing.

Use EMF Blocking Paint

This strategy is quite similar to the idea of ​​the poster frame, except that it is a more permanent and ubiquitous solution. EMF blocking paint is a highly waterproof paint that is over 99 percent effective at attenuating RF radiation and protecting high-frequency EMFs. In most instances, EMF blocking paint is black and is applied as a primer, which can then be coated with any color from facade paint, silicone resin paint, or water-based emulsion paint. It is effective against any form of radiation, whether it comes from smart meters or Wi-Fi signals, exterior power lines, etc.

Use an EMF Protection Device

If you can’t decide against a smart meter, you can use an EMF protection device like the Dome Schumann Resonance Orgone Generators. These highly protective Orgone accumulators are beneficial for neutralizing and harmonizing smart meters and Geopathic stress, as well as other forms of electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetic fields, and electro-pollution.


Distance is essential to protect yourself from radiation, as your exposure drops dramatically the further you go from the source. Rearranging your home based on distance from the smart meter may take a bit of creativity and planning, but it’s worth it. For example, if your smart meter is installed outside of your bedroom, ensure the head of your bed is not against that wall. It’s smart to move your bed to the opposite side. The same strategy applies to positioning your sofas in the living room. Sofas should not be against the wall where a smart meter is installed.

Final Thoughts

A smart meter can be beneficial in your home as it will help you control your electricity use and even lower your energy bills. Also, it makes it easier for the utility company to see how much it needs to charge. However, the EMF radiation it gives off can be very harmful to you and your loved ones. Therefore, you must do your due diligence to protect your family from these electromagnetic and radiofrequency waves. Above, we describe some ways to reduce or block smart meter EMF to protect yourself and your loved ones from radiation.