Better Call Saul Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity - Is It Real?

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Better Call Saul is one of the better ones we've seen when it comes to spin-offs from fan-favorite TV series (specifically, a Breaking Bad prequel). The series opens up the innards of the criminal lawyer, Saul Goodman, who was featured heavily in Breaking Bad. A mastermind whose early years as James McGill shouldn't be forgotten as it's a clash of ambition and morals.

For now though, let's focus on McGill’s brother, role model, and buddy, Charles "Chuck" McGill, who claims to have electromagnetic hypersensitivity (or EHS if you want to be short).

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A Little Backstory on Charles "Chuck" McGill

Charles "Chuck" McGill is a James McGill’s older brother who is a successful attorney with his private firm. Apparently, Chuck believes that he suffers from EHS: known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity or electromagnetic sensitivity. Ever since then, he has become semi-reclusive to avoid as much EMF as he can.

What is EHS?

According to Wikipedia, Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) is a claimed sensitivity to electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation. From which, the victims report a variety of negative symptoms. Like Chuck in the series, he is known to hate anything that can run electricity. That is, the guy becomes physically ill whenever he's in the presence of devices, gadgets, or machines that are powered by electricity. Chuck’s EHS is terrible enough to put him on leave from work for extended periods.
That said, the strangest thing about the occurrence isn't the fact that it's speculated, it's the fact that victims experience side effects at levels of EMF that are well below the maximum laid down by the organizations in charge of radiation.

What are the Symptoms Experienced by People with EHS?

The thing about EHS and hence, EMF is that the EHS symptoms reported are incredibly random. Each’s side effects most often than not, are different from the other person. Out of the ones people have listed, stress, heart palpitations, mental illness, spinal tap, problem sleeping, headache, fatigue, skin prickling, burning sensations and rashes, pain and ache in muscles, dizziness, racing heart or irregular heartbeats, loss of focus, anxiety, and chest pain are some of the most popular.  With these symptoms, it is clear that this is a debilitating condition with many physical symptoms as well as psychological, depending on the man or woman.
Still, despite all of these symptoms, the major one is the sensitivity of people with EHS. There have been various reports by people all over that they immediately notice when there are changes in EMF levels in their surrounding. Each person, when tested are usually sensitive to different frequencies of electric fields, magnetic fields, and electromagnetic fields. This phenomenon is certainly odd and not much research has been done on it. Still, the one fact that we can't ignore is that the other side effects follow soon after.

What are the Sources that Trigger EHS in People?

The first you must know about EHS is that it is caused by electromagnetic fields (EMF). And EMF is all around us. EMF comes from two sources. The first one is the natural source which includes the Earth’s magnetic field (shown in a compass where the arrow points North), while the second one is due to humanmade, and they're the electronic devices that we have around us. Wi-Fi routers, smartphones, electrical meters, refrigerators, computers, microwave radiation, and others belong to this list. According to the series, Chuck usually avoided any devices that look like this.
Note: In 2001, a survey found out that people with EHS relate their problems to electrical devices around them. 74% said mobile phone base stations were the cause of their symptoms; 36% said mobile phones are the source of the symptoms; while 29% and 27% said cordless phones and power lines are the cause of the symptoms.

Prevalence of EHS Around the World

Generally, around the world, the amount of people with EHS is always more women than men. Apply the same principle to the two surveys that we’ll go through below.
1. In 2010, a European survey involved 26,602 people wherein the aim was to see what the people’s opinion of the dangers of exposure to EMF was. At the end of the test, the researchers reported that 70% of the Europeans beloved that EMF radiation from mass towers was unhealthy.
2. In 2007, a UK survey was done on a group of individuals that numbered in the 20,000. Each in the group was randomly selected until the count was reached so that the outcome would be more accurate. At the end of the study, the result said 4% of the people surveyed said they experienced symptoms attributed to EHS.
In the case of the second survey, people (out of the 800) with challenging circumstances also reported that like Chuck, the symptoms can ruin one's life. They said you'll suddenly lack the ability to work in environments that you flourished before. Offices with fluorescent lights or computers can make it to disorienting to work, so they take leaves frequently. In the most severe of cases (rare too) though, we've heard reports that people withdraw from modern life due to the ‘noise.’ They retire to isolated communities or places where they’re not affected too much.

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How to Suppress EHS

There are a couple of EMF blockers available online for this kind of work. We'll be going through 2 of them below.

EMF Shielding Fabrics

EMF shielding fabrics are made from magnetic or conductive materials that can resist EMF radiation. They can be used to make caps, hoodies, bedroom canopies, pouches for both Wi-Fi routers and mobile phones, and many others.

OrgoneEnergy Products

OrgoneEnergy products are a variety of items that use Orgonium to negate EMF in a particular zone. Orgonium is a product that vibrates at a frequency in sync with the Earth’s ley lines or Synchronic lines. The product can come in the form of a wristband, a pendant, travel protector, water purifier, Buddha-style generators, etc.

EMF Shielding Products

These are the types of products that act as shields against EMF. They can come in the form of paints, small Faraday cages for specific devices, and even covers that are cut to fit. Keyboard covers, monitor protectors, and others are examples.

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